New Electric Bike! Turbo Como SL!

– Hey guys, it's Justine and today we are checking out this brand new bike by Specialized, I'm such a huge fan of their bikes and this is the new Turbo Como SL. This thing is so awesome, I'm so excited about this. It has integrated gear hub, it's got a freaking basket and you can go about 61 miles
on a single battery charge. Did I mentioned it's electric. I know it kinda looks like a
simple normal everyday bike that is not electric,
pedal assist but it is. There's three different modes depending upon how lazy you wanna be. It's been great because I love actually riding a bike for exercise so I can completely turn
off the pedal assist.

And what's really great about this is this can actually carry up to double its weight. There's little side bags you
can get, but check this out. Look at this, look at this basket. It's built into the frame so when you're out and
you're riding your bike, this will stay still. So all of the stuff that you
have in here, won't spill out. Look at this, super steady. Much like most other Specialized bikes if you guys are familiar with them there's a Mission Control app which you can link to your bikes so you can track all sorts of data. I did do a video previously
on this Vado SL 5.0 and I absolutely love this bike. This was kind of my first kind of jump into Specialized bikes
and it was so amazing being able to ride this for the past year.

So this is more of a cruiser, whereas the seat on this one,
I have a little bit higher. So this is something that I
use more for longer range. You can tell the tires are
much thinner on this one. These are way more industrial. We're ready for some off-roading, but like not too far off the road, just maybe like, you know, like a little, a little bit off the road. This is the first bike I've ever ridden with an integrated gear hub. So it was kind of a small learning curve. One of the things that I like so much about it is there's no
grease, there's no mess and there's way less
maintenance than geared bikes.

I love these thick tires, I feel a little more confident when I'm going off-road. After I've riding both of these bikes you can definitely tell a big difference with the Como SL being
more of a cruiser bike and this is more of a long
distance speed exercise bike mostly because of the weight, like this thing is so incredibly light, like honestly, it's unbelievable. This one is actually, well,
it's heavier, but it's still, it's pretty light considering
it's an electric bike and how far range you can get with this.

pexels photo 4045750

So this definitely more of a cruiser. So let's cruise. I have an order that I need
to pick up at Lululemon and I'm thinking maybe we can
stop at the farmer's market or maybe like, you know, the coffee shop and put some stuff in my basket. (upbeat music) This ride down here was awesome. Having these gears switch
so seamless is incredible. The ride is amazing, we
were cruising, I love it. I just wish that there
were less people here. Anyway, let's carry on.

We've got some beach cruising to do. (upbeat music) All right. Time to pick up the goods
to really test this out. The most Santa Monica, basic girl needs, be right back. All right, we have a dilemma. I'm so basic I forgot
that I bought a yoga mat because it was sold out online so I had to do in-store pickup. So this is gonna be a real test. (upbeat music) Oh, I think that worked.

Oh and I might need to put this in here. Look at that, so much, I have so much room. Let's see if it makes it home. (upbeat music) Back from the ride and guess what? Everything's survived in the basket. I can't believe it. I mean this actually
stayed in there quite well. The girl at Lululemon she's like, "If you need to come back,
I can hold it for you." I said, I think I got this.

And guess what, I do. Thank you guys so much for watching, I had so much fun checking out this bike and a huge thank you to
Specialized for sending me this so I can make a video for you guys. If you want more
information about this bike and all of the other bikes that they have in their entire lineup I'll
put a link in the description, check it out and I'm gonna go do some yoga with my new mat. It's really cool, it has like these 3D little features, uh, marketing. It said that that it has
like 3D little things on it so it'll help you with your practice. God I'm so pathetic I fell for it. (upbeat music).

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