New & Improved! Gigabyke Groove V2 eBike

what's up guys Ben here from authentech
and today we're checking out the new and improved gigabyte groove v2 now I
reviewed the old gigabyte gen one back in April 2016
that was two years ago but this new model has been updated with some great
new features and specs so we'll be doing a low comparison as well now first off
all pricing links are down below the gigabyte groove v2 is an all electric
moped style ebike kind of like a Tesla bike it's powerful super comfortable to
ride and crazy fun to cruise all around best part it's classified as a bicycle
due to the pedals so no gas no license and no registration the max speed is
rated to go up to 20 miles per hour that's fast and max distance on a single
charge depending on the battery pack you get can take you upwards of 25 to 30
miles let's jump in and check it out first off this bike comes in a massive
box but I'm very impressed and thankful they currently offer free shipping
additionally they've made multiple iterations to packaging to prevent
shipping damaged assembly takes a little while but instructions are included for
the most part the bike comes preassembled but there's about 10 to 20
things you need to attach there's many bike colors available I went with the
hot blue and it shines nice one design improvement they made from v12 to is the
switch from lots of chrome to mats black looks way cooler in my opinion the
biggest improvement is the upgraded motor it now has a larger magnets in
that rear 750 watt hub motor which improves torque pulling power and faster
acceleration and man this scooter definitely feels much faster and more
responsive over the previous model another big feature they offer a new
lithium-ion battery it's an optional upgrade that costs 300 bucks more but in
return you get some major benefits it weighs half the weight of the old
battery thus a lighter battery carrying less weight equals better efficiency
while the old silicon battery is then good enough which has an
approximate range around 20 to 25 miles this new lithium will take you around 30
to 33 miles on a single charge also very cool it charges about eighty percent
faster now the standard battery is still good but it's nice to have the upgrade
option I was fortunate enough to test this new lithium battery and between
this new battery and the new motor the torque on this baby is awesome such a
massive difference and way more fun to ride now for the features the Gigabyte
group still has there's large sixteen inch wheels front and rear headlights
brake lights and blinkers a bright speedometer with battery life indicator
a much stronger and better designed kickstand foot pegs in the back for
carrying a passenger nice and springy shock system front and rear one reason I
love to ride my Giga bike all around and I've been riding for years now is the
comfortable and cushy seat it's super plush and padded so whether I'm going
for long trips or even flying off-road it's very comfortable to ride on there's
also a rack mount in the rear which you could tie things down or purchase
they're optional luggage trunk that fits right on with just a few nuts and bolts
I got mine installed and these are nice to have if you're carrying around school
books or groceries the Lord whatever plus there's keys to lock in your
valuables one last thing I want to highlight on their website there's a
vast list of replacement parts and pieces just in case you ever need a
replacement part this sort of future proofs your
investment which I always like to see now this is the new and improved
gigabyte groovy 2 she's got power under the hood and a blast to cruise all
around whether you're a daily commuter or student on campus or weekend rider
you'll definitely enjoy this one all product and pricing links are down below
huge thanks to gigabyte for sponsoring this video and thank you guys for
watching if you like this sort of content hit subscribe and ring the bell
to stay tuned for more videos every week until next time let's live authentic

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