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[Music] from their small slice of basque country albaya have been pushing innovation in bike design and technology since 1930 and so i think it's safe to say that they've had plenty of time to reflect and also refine so when or bear called me asking me if i'd like to try something new i jumped at the opportunity like a kid at christmas might not look like it but this is actually an e-bike hence why i'm taking the first look as opposed to another presenter neatly packed inside this bike is both a battery and also a motor this ladies and gentlemen is the new orbee game m20i [Music] the e-bike market is currently a little bit like my kitchen after the kids forgot to turn the bath taps off upstairs it's flooded slightly dramatic i know but it's true we are seeing more innovation new technology and improvements in e-bikes than ever before and more so with e-bikes than any other genre of bike and ultimately that is brilliant news for us as consumers because with so many companies adopting and adapting technology it means e-bikes are affordable now in a way we could only have dreamt of just a few years ago in fact they're so good i'd rarely ride anything else and that is entirely down to the technology and nothing to do with a very extended off-season and a creaky right knee and what i particularly love about this bike is the fact that all bear have used a minimalist design they say it has a distraction free design which means it's free from bulky components or other eyesores and it's built around all bears enough power concept which means that everything just works without being over complicated or over the top now the interface is super minimal and that means you can just concentrate on riding as far or as fast as you can without the need to be distracted by loads of settings or adjustments the powerful motor is located here at the rear hub and what that means is that there's not the same bulk around the bottom bracket area which you would get on a lot of other e-bikes and there's just one button located at the front of the top tube there tempting you to just press it and see what happens which i think is what i'm going to do right now [Music] and that one single button powers up your e-bike motion x35 plus motor it's a catchy name i know and that motor will offer you up to 40 newton meters of extra torque and an assisted speed of up to 25 or 35 kilometers per hour depending on where you live and what your local laws are and orbeez concept of enough power which i mentioned earlier means that you get a very smooth and reliable power on top of your own efforts so no jerkiness when it comes to this particular e-bike also the fact that the motor is located down there at the rear hub means that when the motor isn't engaged you don't get any drag how i hear you ask well the rear cassette lock ring is no ordinary rear cassette lock ring it's got some very smart sensors on it constantly monitoring your pedaling and adjusting the motor accordingly but where does that power come from i mean if you took one glance at this bike you probably wouldn't realize it wasn't just a standard high-end carbon road bike if somebody overtook you out on the road on this bike you might be forgiven for not realizing it was an e-bike although if i passed you on it you might realize that this is not a normal bike although actually i think we should redefine what normal bikes are but i'm going to digress too far if i go down that avenue but the profiles of the tubes and in particular the downtube really aren't much different to a wide profile carbon top end frame but packed into that downtube is 250 watt hours of batteries and albeit have told me that they've saw some of the lightest batteries in the world so the weight distribution feels great when you're out riding and if 250 watt hours is not enough for you and you want more power or bear can supply with a range extender which slots neatly into your bottle cage and that's going to give you an extra 208 watt hours of battery giving you a total overall of over 450 watt hours of batteries which is enough even for me now of course we have come to expect quite a lot of integration with most top end bikes these days and this new orbee game is no different you have integrated cables making it look very neat whether you opt for mechanical or electronic shifting but that's not the only thing that's integrated into this frame they've also got integrated front and rear lights and i absolutely love this new integration because if you're anything like me you'll either forget to put them on your bike or they won't be charged or your route will take you a lot longer than you expected to because you got slower so that is a great improvement for me you have two choices daytime running or full beam so you can either be seen or light up the road in front of you and then finally the seat post clamp is also integrated just there which makes it look nice and neat and it's probably very aero too onto the frame and this is the carbon omr model which is pretty high-end stuff it uses bladder molding and and other high-tech processes which are slightly over my head but ensures that you have compliance and stiffness where you want it and that the carbon tubes are as thin as they can and should be also apparently the thin seats days and minimal bulk here on the top tube make a noticeable difference when it comes to the comfort of your long rides there is of course an aluminium counterpart to this bike which uses hydroformed butted tubing to increase strength and remove any unwanted flex and albaya are very keen to stress that their aluminium bikes are very close in terms of both weights and riding characteristics to their carbon ones which is brilliant news because it means more people can afford this technology and keep riding their bikes right we're going to move on now to my favorite subject which is geometry not the high school kind but albert claimed that this sits in their endurance geometry spec and therefore is more suited to longer days in the saddle with comfort in mind beyond that we have some good old industry standards on this new bike from the bb386 evo bottom bracket on the carbon model here to integrated headset bearings to clearance for up to 40 millimeter tyres to flat mount disc brake compatibility so basically it's future-proof and also has the ability to become a do-it-all bike which i know a lot of you are after at the moment now those of you familiar with orbear will be familiar with their customization program which they call myo if you're not it allows you to design your own look when it comes to the frame colors etc at no extra cost as you can see i have opted for black and grey firstly that's because i've got zero imagination but also because i'm very smart and sophisticated and i don't like to shout about myself unlike connor dunn with his design but it is really great and you can spend hours on their website designing your perfect look you can change anything from the color of the forks to the seat stays to the logos the list goes on and on and on so it's brilliant if you've got an eye for design or if you normally struggle to choose a color off the peg right i think that brings us to the end of our first look of this brand new or bear game if you've enjoyed it do me a favor and click on the thumbs up icon just below this video got a little bit of competition going with hank at the moment i'm currently losing so please

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