NIU KQi3 electric scooter review: It’s better, here’s why

Green Renewable Energy Basics

The most common green energy sources we hear about today are wind, solar, geothermal, hydro, and to some extent nuclear. All of which have inherent benefits.

Say Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish Through Recycling

With these simple tips, you can easily start recycling in your own home. The waste you cannot recycle in your own backyard can be put into a mini skip and the mini skip hire company will recycle at least eighty percent of it for you. Before you know it, you’ll be saying good riddance to bad rubbish and you’ll have a cleaner home and a cleaner world.

Scientists Believe That Ice Core Samples Will Prove Global Warming Theory to Be Wrong – Maybe?

Global Warming Theory by definition is not merely the theory that the Earth is slowly warming and that we are experiencing climate change, rather it is the theory that mankind’s emissions, specifically CO2 is what’s causing the planet to heat up. Most of the media, and a good number of scientists would like you to believe that global warming theory has been proven, and “has been decided,” as one French newspaper put it right before a major meeting of world climate leaders and scientists. This simply is not the case.

How to Safely Recycle Your Computer

When you are ready to recycle your computer, make the right choice. Be sure to ask the disposer where your unit is being sent and how it is being recycled. Also do not hand over a computer to someone for recycling without first eradicating the data on the unit. There are several ways to get rid of information on a hard drive.

Help Save Our Eco-System by Using Geothermal Power As a Renewable Source of Electricity & Make Money

As more and more states deregulate their large utility companies because of their monopoly on the utilities markets, huge opportunities are being created for internet marketers. Several companies have emerged that provide electricity and gas to customers at much lower prices.

Global Warming – Separating the Facts From the Fiction

Working to halt the effects of global warming should be a simple matter. That is, unless you begin to really delve into the subject and your first exposure to the debate are groups denying the validity of the science of ascertaining global temperatures from the outset.

About Eco Carrier Bags

Every purchase you make today, in whatever shop, store or market you will be given a plastic carrier bag. Whenever you make a trip to supermarket, you would have seen for yourself the amount of bags you are saddled with.

Why Recycling is So Important For the Environment

Want to help save the planet? Want to save money? Want to use less energy?

The Awesome Benefits of Recycling – A Coffee Can Trash Can

I was in the store the other day and passed by the trash can shelf. I was shocked some of the prices. Some of them were expensive!

The Negative Effects of Global Warming

Global warming is already changing the world around us in ways that researchers can measure and quantify. Such changes will become more and more evident with each passing decade.

Global Warming – 5 Easy Ways You Can Make a Real Difference

This article describes simple ways you can take action to help counteract global warming. Instead of feeling hopeless, you’ll know you are doing something to help solve the problem.

Get Rid of E-Waste by Reusing, Donating, Or Recycling Computers

Have you ever been to the basement of your office building and seen hundreds of obsolete or broken computers sitting in the hallway? What do you do with those CRT monitors you have at home after you replace them with flat screens? What do you do with all of that e-waste? Previously, many people would just toss the computer or monitor in the trash. Thankfully, recycling computers is now easy even for the home user.

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