¡OCURRIÓ! ¡Elon Musk FINALMENTE revela NUEVA Tesla E-Bike 2022!

When it comes to battery mobility, Tesla tries to be everything to everyone. Gradually, it was introduced in all vehicle categories, from sedan to SUV, station wagon, performance car and even a battery-powered class eight truck. However, Tesla is focusing on another class of electric vehicles, the Ebike. The e-bike is a fast growing category and Tesla is poised to dominate the space with its new Tesla Ebike. What does the Tesla Ebike offer and how does it crush the competition? Welcome to a new video where we will tell you all about the new Tesla Ebike that Elon Musk has just launched for 2022. If you like this type of content, subscribe to our channel, it's Free! Elon Musk wants everyone to drive zero-emission vehicles. It has a well-formulated master plan to help take internal combustion engine vehicles off the road and replace them with electric cars. His company, Tesla, has reached an advanced stage in the master plan and the effects are already being felt. With a massive expansion of production facilities, Musk is pushing Tesla to produce 1.5 million electric cars by 2022, after making nearly a million in 2021. One of the problems with Musk's plan in his current application is the cost of electric cars.

Tesla's cheapest car costs nearly $47,000. This puts all Tesla cars beyond the reach of most workers around the world. The company attempted to build a $25,000 car to accommodate more people in the EV life, but failed. However, there is a much cheaper way to bring electric mobility to low-income people or buyers who just don't want to spend a lot of money on an electric car. And Tesla is actively working on this method with an electric bicycle. This category of transport vehicles is growing in popularity. The market will undoubtedly benefit from the experience that Tesla will bring to the table with its unique vision of the electric bicycle. While there are high-end e-bikes that cost several thousand dollars, there are plenty of high-performance versions that cost less than $1,000, making them the perfect option for people who don't want to spend that much. for a device to move. Electric bikes are expected to outsell gasoline and electric cars this decade. Sales are expected to top $40 billion by 2030, so Tesla made a smart move by entering that phase and launching its electric motorcycle. Tesla is known for the very sleek designs of its vehicles.

The Model S has won many critics for its elegant and well thought out look. However, Tesla isn't afraid to be different when it comes to design, as evidenced by the sci-fi-inspired Cybertruck and Semitruck. The design team managed to combine these two elements in the design of the new electric motorcycle, standing out in a sea of battery-powered electric bikes Tesla's design is sleek and simply stunning. Look at it and you'll be proud to own one. The clean lines and white color give it an upscale look. However, Tesla didn't design just for looks, as the bike is highly functional and easy to ride.

For example, the handlebar does not turn. They are not even mechanically connected to the front wheel. So unlike other traditional bikes, where you turn the crank in the direction you want the front wheel to go, you simply put pressure on the handlebars on the side you want to turn, and the bike takes care of the rest. . The more pressure you apply, the faster the wheel will spin. It's true that this type of control takes a little getting used to, but reviewers were quick to point out that the learning curve isn't very steep, and that within the first few hours of getting started, you get used to it. and spin like a pro. Criticizing Tesla's management methods is nothing new. People have criticized the yoke Tesla has put inside the new Model S, but owners aren't complaining. As a Tesla product, you'd expect a new e-bike to be packed with technology. And this bike doesn't disappoint, with discreet displays built into the frame that read information about your route, riding speed, battery capacity and more.

Ultrasonic radar sensors and cameras installed around the bike should ensure that you do not put yourself in danger during your rides. In critical situations, the Ebike will take control for you and guide itself via autopilot. You'll recall that Autopilot is big business for Tesla, which wants to operate a fleet of ride-hailing cars that operate autonomously. The company is simply importing cutting-edge technology into the bike, just like it does with the humanized robot Tesla bot. This is one of the advantages of Tesla. You just need to transfer your already perfected technology from one product to another. This is how Autopilot works with the Tesla Model B E bike. Front, side and rear radar cameras and ultrasonic sensors detect bikes , cars, potholes, bumps and more.

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objects. It has an independently driven fork. This means that it is the fixed handles that detect the forks coming into yield. The new Tesla bike is a real beast. Thanks to an electric motor mounted on each wheel, the bike reaches speeds that other electric bikes only dream of. Of course, you still have to pedal, but you don't have to do much with the help of the electric motors. For many people, the real thrill of riding a bike is the physical exercise, which you'll still get enough of. In Tesla's bike, however, the company uses a modified form of its new electric motor. Tesla's new breakthrough with its carbon sleeve motor has taken the Model S to a new level of speed and performance.

It will also be present in the next generation of the Roadster. Thanks to advancements in design, motors are faster, but lighter. Now Tesla has modified the new motor to work on the e-bike. The lower weight allows the bike not to be as heavy as one would expect from a motorcycle with these same characteristics. The increase in performance allows it to be applicable in many different applications. For example, the Tesla bike is extremely capable of off-roading, meaning you can take it on your nature walks or mountain climbs. The extra power allows you to easily overcome obstacles without your legs getting tired or working too hard. Tesla also designed the e-bike to be very easy to store.

It can be folded very well, which makes it very portable. This is very practical if you need to transport the bike in the trunk of your car or on the public bus or train. In addition, you can easily store the bike because it does not take up much space. It is convenient for users who live in high-rise buildings, because the bike, due to its light weight, can be easily dragged into an apartment that is not on the ground floor. If you want to store it inside your apartment, a corner of your room or the lower part of your drawer can easily accommodate the folded bike. Speaking of lightness , one of the reasons Tesla managed to reduce weight is the battery. As the king of battery design and production, Tesla is once again transferring its expertise from one product line to another. While the rest of the e-bike industry still uses the older 18,650 cell batteries; Tesla powers its own bike with its new 46.80 battery.

With all of Tesla's upgrades, the battery is less than half the size of what you'll find in other bikes, but it does allow Tesla to double the range. This means you can ride longer before the battery runs out and you have to use muscle power for the rest of the ride. And even when you have to rely entirely on your pedaling strength, you won't sweat as much because the battery isn't that heavy. The battery's size and weight also allow Tesla to hide it inside the bike's frame, while maintaining a sleek and attractive design. On other e-bikes , the battery is an eyesore because it's usually exposed, with cables running all over the place. Also, the charging time is short. You can even use a home charging station to charge the battery. And not only that, the battery will outlast the competition, reducing the amount you'll potentially spend on maintenance.

Tesla is an expert in mass manufacturing. It is currently the company that produces the most electric cars in the world, so mass-producing the new motorcycle is child's play. Moreover, it has an extensive supply chain to rely on. Let us know your thoughts in the comments box about the new Tesla e-bike. That's all for today. If you liked the video, put a like and don't forget to activate the bell so you don't miss future videos like this. See you next time!.

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