Pedego Boomerang Review – $3k

Tubular Airborne Wind Turbine Aerostats – Challenges in Engineering

Not long ago, a gentleman approached me to discuss airborne wind turbines after reading one of my articles on aerostats used in surveillance along the US-Mexican Border. You see there is a real problem with these units during high-wind conditions. Thus, they have to bring in these small surveillance blimps during the annual “Santa Ana Winds” known to that region – these are fierce winds with 60-80 mph hour gusts at times.

Stealthy Hexagon Tube Shaped Kite – Flying Wind Tunnel Concept

Not long ago, I was looking at an interesting concept, something which looked as if it was lifted from a 1930’s Popular Science Issue – it was a flying tubular shaped wind generator tethered like a kite. In fact, now that I think about it, I am certain the graduate students, kids from MIT, borrowed the idea from there, or from someone who copied a copy of that somewhere along the line. In any case, after considering this concept again, as I had decades ago, I got to thinking about the need for stealth or radar proofing the contraption.

Hexagon Shaped Kite Wind Turbine and Vertical Takeoff

In the future it is quite possible there may be cylindrical wind turbine kits generating energy. Well, at least on small start-up believes this to be the case. Indeed, I find such an aerodynamic design a solid platform, but prefer the Hexagon shape with fins, skags, or stall fences a better design over all.

“Cool It” Offers Insight on How To Go Green

How to go green in a rational way is one of the themes emphasized in the new movie “Cool It”. Lomborg’s central focus is not that the world will fail to take action to deal with global warming, but rather that it will take the wrong action. “Cool It” is an important movie to view regardless of your position on global warming. You will come away with a better understanding of the facts about climate change and a renewed sense of both the importance of going green and a better understanding of how to think about going green.

Solar Thermal: Hot Water – The Other Solar Solution Business Opportunity Knocking

A great technology that is out there is Solar Hot Water (Solar Thermal) while not new, it has not gotten the press of the more advertised PV (electric) panels. By hooking up with a reputable company that sells OEM equipment a great business opportunity presents itself. A Solar Hot water installer. Try United Solar Supply LLC or ATS (Advanced Thermal Solar) in New York.

Carbon Offsets Are a Waste of Money

Carbon offsets has become a common part of the green vernacular. Almost everyone has come across the term, but fewer know what a carbon offset is, and for good reason. A carbon offset can actually be a number of different things, depending on the company offering it, and that is the problem. Since there is no agreed standard for methods to monitor and measure a carbon offset activity, claims made by the sellers of carbon offsets are hard to validate. Verification is typically non-existent as a result. What should you do?

Pavement Marking Paint, Lines That Last a Lifetime

Pavement marking paint is a liquid superior marking substance used in traffic and safety marking system that are commonly used on roads and highways as well as warehouses, aircraft maintenance hangars and parking lots. One top of the line pavement marking paint is the Liquid Superior Mark. This pavement marking paint is an improvement, which derives from Nano Lithium formulation and technology.

Green Living Wisdom: Don’t Get Bamboozled by Bamboo

For building applications, bamboo is an excellent renewable raw material. But be careful about letting clever marketers oversell you on the benefits of bamboo as a green raw material. Here’s why.

Geothermal Power and Its Uses

The heat within the earth’s unique molten core could be converted into electricity. This particular core consists primarily of extremely warm fluid rock called magma. This “geothermal” heat circulates around the rock or is transferred to underground reservoirs of water, which also circulate within the earth’s crust. Because of the close to unlimited capability of the earth to generate magma, and the continuous transfer of heat between subsurface rock and water, geothermal energy is considered a renewable resource.

The Invention Lag

The hang glider is a pretty simply gadget. It is basically a giant kite in which a person can use the wind currents to, in relative safety, soar high above the earth. And yet it is only recently, ‘after’ the invention of the airplane in fact, that hobbyists in large numbers have taken to the sky in their hang gliders and paragliders.

Green Chemistry: Enzymes Are Playing A Larger Role in Green Chemistry

Chemical manufacturing has seen large advances in so-called green chemistry in recent years. One technology that has become a central part of green chemistry is biocatalysis. Using enzymes, which are proteins that accelerate chemical reactions, has immediate advantages in turning a chemical process green.

Green Product Claims: What Does It Really Mean To Be “Eco-Friendly”?

Consumers are increasingly interested in taking steps toward a greener lifestyle, and going green includes buying products that are consistent with greener living. Businesses have responded to this demand from customers with claims of a wide range of environmental benefits. Products now boast a wide range of sometimes mystifying claims about being eco-friendly, biodegradable, natural, or organic. But what do the words “environmentally-friendly” on a household cleaner really mean?

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