Pedelec, E-bike-Tuning Testfahrt und Programmation (Chip Tuning, wie geht das?)

Hello today I will show you how
my unbridled electric bike takes off. For this, I selected a route with a
very slight slope. The installation of the Asa Speed chips I showed in a previous video. You can find the link in the description below. First we do a
little test drive with the tuning chip deactivated. There are two ways to disable the chip. For the simplest, you need to turn off the e-bike in OFF mode.
If you switch on the e-bike again you no longer have any
support from 25 km/h, even if you are in turbo mode. I control the speed with my mobile phone.

A small difference can be seen, this can be reduced by changing the circumference of the wheel. The procedure to be followed will be indicated later.
By switching from turbo mode to sport mode
and back to turbo mode, the chip is activated again, The tuning only manifests itself if you drive over 25 km / h. It does not increase engine power. So when driving up a steep mountain, you get no help from the tuning. However, if you go down the mountain you get a really good pace. When the bike only has seven translations like mine, then you get the problem of a very high cadence.

pexels photo 7264036

So at some point the legs can no longer keep up. If the wheel circumference is set incorrectly, you have an inaccurate gear display. It may also be that the tuning only works from 30 kilometers per hour. So you have a hole without support
between 25 and 30 kilometers per hour. You can change the circumference of the wheel by programming the inch, or easier by changing the on-board computer settings. To access the basic settings menu, simply press and hold the reset button and
the "i" key until "Settings" appears in the text display. You can scroll through the basic settings with the "i" key. with plus/minus you change the settings. To exit the function and save a changed setting
you press the reset button for three seconds. The chip can only be programmed after the eBike has been switched on. Now I will show you how to recalibrate respectively reset the chip. Immediately after ignition, you pull the rear brake, open eco mode and hold the "On"
button for two to four seconds.

The programming of the first code is confirmed by the number 0.8. So you go into tower mode. The
Programming of the second code confirmed by the number 8.8. Well
you go to the third and last code, the sport mode. By the number 88.8
the programming is confirmed and terminated by switching off.
What does the chip bring me? The path on my work has a distance of 13.3 kilometers. There are about 200 meters of altitude, half of which in city traffic. Without adjustment it takes me 37 minutes. An
average speed of 21 kilometers per hour. With the thumb I need 29 minutes that's an average speed
of 27 km / h. The time saving is remarkable. I hope my video was helpful. Goodbye and
Thanks for subscribing!.

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