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Filtering Waste Water for Heavy Metals Prior to Release of Influent Solves Many Problems

I’ve always said that corporations do not need regulations to force them to recycle or to reduce their waste. This is because any smart Six Sigma business process wouldn’t have any waste anyways. Anything left over in the manufacturing process is waste, and waste costs money, it is materials not used, components thrown away, mistakes which have been discharged, or is the loss of heat, chemicals, or pollution into the air.

The Already Depleted Resources and the Very Few Ways Out, Which Also Happen to Be Depleting Rapidly

It does seem rather self explanatory, for the resources that we use at the moment are depleting very quickly. In fact, there is such an acute shortage for all of us that we may have even deployed almost all of the reserves. Be it crude oil, coal, minerals, and so forth. Pollution is an ever-presented entity that not only harms the planet and its precious blue ozone layer, but also us. Diseases are reported, newer diseases are discovered, and as we know it, the planet has become a worse place than when we found it. And this is not just restricted to the residual greenhouse gases. It can also be nuclear accidents that can destroy generations.

Geothermal Energy Production in Non-Closed Loop Systems and Earthquakes Considered

Although geothermal energy production is not really a renewable energy source, it is often classified as such, indeed, many consider it part of the alternative energy spectrum. Okay, but why isn’t geothermal energy production renewable you ask? Well, if you use the heat to create steam to spin turbines or harness that pressure, then you have to wait until it builds back up again, if you take too much, it takes too long to build back up and thus, it’s unreliable – kind of like solar energy production at night or wind energy wind it’s calm.

Charge While Driving, Flying or On The Runway

Can you imagine a system that using an old Nicola Tesla trick, one which could charge electric vehicles while in motion? Well, we have the ability to charge things without wires, for instance those little gadgets that you can buy where you place your electronic device on what looks like a hot plate pad and the electrons flow to the battery charging it remotely without any wires. Our Think Tank had come up with many such schemes back in the late 1990s, even for moving vehicles.

Will China’s Green Fence Ignite The U.S. Recycling Industry?

China has been rejecting shipments of recyclable materials from the U.S., but is that such a bad thing? A change in the global market could spur much needed industrial growth in America.

The Growing Need for Renewable Energy

Environmental solutions to producing clean energy through renewable resources is becoming big business for the energy industry. The ability to create and maintain sustainable solutions to generate electricity is become a key area of interest for many technologists and scientists across the globe.

Can Solar Energy Power Up Our Future – Maybe Someday, But Not Yet

It is considered noble to dream of an alternative energy future, I myself enjoy thinking here, but I also realize that the law of unintended consequences is as real as Murphy and that too must be taken into consideration. Far too often dreamers throw away reality and the laws of physics without considering the road ahead, and for this reason I’ve recommended the book; “Physics for Future Presidents” by Robert Muller to more than a few people at our think tank.

About Bamboo, A Renewable Resource

Bamboo, the fastest growing plant, is a renewable resource that is used for many things. It is a grass and grows back faster than trees. A bamboo plant can grow about four feet in 24 hours, and a full plant will grow back in about two months.

The Introduction Of The Carrier Bag Tax – Has It Proven Effective?

This article will briefly explain the carrier bag tax that has recently been introduced into different regions of the UK and Ireland. What has the tax aimed to achieve and has it been effective?

The Environmental Impact of Single-Use Carrier Bags and the Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Single-use carrier bags are the paper and plastic bags that are used by shoppers all over the world to carry their purchased items home from the shops. They are referred to as single-use carrier bags because they are typically thrown away once they have been used. Although many people who are concerned about the environment reuse and recycle paper and plastic bags, the negative environmental impact that they are having on our planet is happening at a much larger scale. A rough estimate of the number of single-use shopping bags produced worldwide each year is 500 billion. The huge levels of waste produced following the useful life span of these types of bags poses many different problems.

Eco-Friendly Eyewear to Get Excited About

Eco-friendly eyewear has become very exciting. Three forward looking eyewear manufacturers are looking towards a greener future with their innovative approaches. Take a look at reducing your carbon footprint with these sunglasses and also consider replacing damaged lenses, rather than replacing the whole pair of sunglasses.

Air Sampling And Its Importance In An Industry

Work place safety is essential for any business to avoid hazardous environment prevailing in industries that deal with chemicals. Air sampling procedure helps a business obtain details related to contaminants present in a specific arena of the workplace. There are devices that collect the amount of air to perform analysis and return with the list of contaminants present in their rightful proportions. Contaminants in a specific environment appear in different formats. The procedure helps an industry establish a good working environment for employees.

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