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Five Celebrities That Will Make You Want to Be Eco-friendly

Being eco-friendly isn’t just for the modern day hippie anymore. There are many celebrities that have recognized the importance of being eco-friendly and are now spreading the word to the rest of the world. Here is a list of eco-friendly celebrities and why we love them.

Recycling Made Easy

Recycling has always been seen by many as something that is time-consuming and messy. However, there are many ways to make recycling easy, organized, and time-effective. Recycling is not only worth the work for those of today, but for our prosperity and future.

Global Warming is Not Just a Theory

Global warming is something that everybody should be concerned about. We all have felt it. There are actually direct manifestations such as heat waves and hotter summer days, ocean warming, melting glaciers and arctic warming. Certain unexplained diseases, the ones that suddenly sprouted out of nowhere, droughts and fires, downpours, heavy snowfalls and flooding are just a few of the events that have been everywhere and are being felt by people all over the globe.

Sustainable Green Development – Definitions, Strategies, and Implementation

A definition of sustainable green development given by a professional eco-consultant that enables consumers and businesses alike to fully understand what it means to ‘go green.’ With that said, one question still mystifies developers- what exactly is sustainable planning and development?

Meditation – Can it Help Stop Global Warming?

Amazing as it seems, peace is now recognized by a growing body (including some of the worlds greatest minds) to be an actual science . As long ago as June and July 1993, experiments with mass meditation during a trial in Washington DC showed a significant decrease in homicides, rapes and assaults.

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Things at Rothbury

I had the opportunity to attend Rothbury, which is one of the eco-friendly music festivals. This event strives on making their event as eco-friendly as possible. Here is a list of the top 5 eco-friendly things happening at the second annual Rothbury.

Why Renewable Energy?

In this article you will learn how and why you can be saving cash whilst creating energy for yourself. During these times of economic struggle, can you really afford to keep throwing out money you don’t need to?

5 High Tech Concrete Alternatives Are Eco-Friendly

Concrete is one of the most widely used building materials in the world. Recent innovations promise to make concrete cheaper, far more durable, and seriously earth-friendly. Buildings of the future could last thousands of years.

Global Warming is a Looming Disaster But Not From Pollution

It is true that “Global Warming” could bring down entire nations, economies and much of the free world, not because of the weather, or the impending doom and gloom depicted by Al Gore’s epic docu-drama that won him kudos from Hollywood and a Nobel Prize from the powers that be; rather global warming governmental policy is an economic disaster in the making and a transference of wealth strategy from big oil, to another group of folks who’d really like to be running human pollutions on the surface of said planet. First of all CO2 has been in our atmosphere …

How to Recycle Your Electronics

One of the down aspects of electronics is that they are constantly being improved, updated, and therefore, outdated. Each time you buy a new television, computer item, cell phone, camera, electronic game, etc., you are stuck with what to do with the obsolete one.

Do Your Part – Recycle – Use Former Billboards As Tarps

One of the most recyclable and efficient materials on the market today are used billboard material, because there are tons of things this material can be used for. The following are just a few projects people can use these billboard tarps for:

The Eco-Friendly Office – Simple Strategies For a Greener Workplace

When you think about creating environmentally-friendly workplace, what stops you? Is it the sticker shock? The complications? Not knowing where to start? If you think you need expensive consultants, confusing equipment, and huge renovations to create an eco-friendly workplace, then it’s time to think again.

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