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General Aviation Electric Aircraft Regenerative Energy Capture Using Morphing Propeller Technology

As most of us that study alternative energy, eco-innovations, and hybrid car technologies, we understand that they are engineered with regenerative systems. For instance the regenerative braking system on hybrid cars takes the friction used by the brakes to decelerate the automobile and collects that kinetic energy to put a charge back into the battery. That makes perfect sense, but what if we are dealing with an aircraft in flight?

Wind Generator Combo Ceiling Fans

Have you ever begun to consider all electricity you are using in your house? We all know that air-conditioning systems which run on electricity use a lot of energy. Perhaps this is why many people have ceiling fans to keep the air circulating, so they don’t have to use the air conditioner that much.

Robotic Autonomous Underwater Vehicle with Regenerative Glide Energy Capture

Regenerating braking systems on automobiles especially those hybrids is a relatively ingenious concept. If you are unfamiliar with regenerating braking systems, I will explain them to you briefly, and if you already know about these then skip down a couple of paragraphs. Regenerating braking systems work by collecting that kinetic energy which is converted to friction when the brakes are applied or the vehicle is slowing down and this friction is converted into electricity, and sent back to the batteries in the hybrid automobile.

How Much Will LED Lighting Save in the Future?

It is widely known that LED light for the amount of illumination works at a much lower power setting than normal incandescent light bulbs, or neon lights. This is of supreme value if we are seriously concerned about conserving energy, and maintaining a smaller carbon footprint by using the latest technology. That’s all good right?

Tracked PV Arrays

Systems with fitted sensors, with movement capability can ensure energy yield increases are much higher than that of fixed PV systems. The yield from tracked PV Systems can be 50 per cent higher than any fixed horizontal system due to the adjusted angle of incidence during summer months, and up to 300% higher in winter months.

Impactful Green Technologies of the Future: Geothermal Energy and Advanced Biofuels

The wide range of green technologies under development is staggering. Alternative energy technologies, in particular, are receiving billions of dollars of support from venture capitalists, corporate investments, and government grants. With all the hype and noise in the alternative energy sector, a key challenge is separating the substance from the fluff. For what it is worth, here are my thoughts on two green technologies that will have a large impact over the next one or two decades.

Smart Meters, Alternative Energy, and the Plan to Lower Our Nation’s Carbon Footprint Debated

Most citizens of the United States believe that the move towards alternative energy will provide jobs in the future. And most citizens believe that global warming will cause the ice caps to melt, and for much of our coastal areas to be underwater soon. However, far too many people have taken the global warming alarmists literally, and are treating it more like a religion these days.

Green Innovations: Does Geoengineering Make Sense?

Geoengineering refers to the large-scale intervention into factors affecting the environment of planet earth. Ideas that fall into the category of geoengineering include some pretty radical concepts. Here are a few that may surprise you.

How To Talk Green – Going Green Creates Its Own Lingo

Green living is influencing more than just our behavior. New words that are derived from the green movement have been created to describe more precisely how to go green. Recent green trends are responsible for a surprising number of the approximately 2000 new words contained in the latest edition of the New Oxford American Dictionary. The 11th edition of the Chambers dictionary in the UK also contains a number of new words with green living origins.

How To Go Green – What Gilligan’s Island Can Teach Us About Going Green

Teaching people how to go green was never even a brief thought in the minds of the creators of 1960’s TV show Gilligan’s Island. Nor was the show intended to be a showcase for future scientific developments. Nevertheless, there are some lessons on how to go green and some harbingers of green technology that have come from that sitcom, even if this came about entirely inadvertently.

Green Innovations: The Four Most Disruptive Alternative Energy Technologies

Greener lifestyles will be driven in part by the actions people choose to take to go green, but also by the development of new technologies. In fact, it may be the new, innovative technologies that provide the largest benefits of going green. Four disruptive green energy technologies have been identified.

Sea Green: How the Oceans Will Power Our Lives

For centuries, mankind has been utilizing the ocean’s abundant stores of resources. We have eaten from the sea, probably getting our first meals from there. We’ve used the waterways for transportation, establishing trade routes and spreading ourselves to the furthest reaches of the globe. We have even harnessed fuel sources such as whale oil for heat and light. Now science is taking us into a new age, using new technology to harness our old friend the ocean and developing alternative energies that will power our future.

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