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Global Warming and the Copenhagen Summit 2009 – Issues Concerning the Entire World

Since last decade, global warming and climate change has become an issue of great concern at the the international platform. The policy makers from all over the world have decided to unite and chalk out a plan to keep the adverse effects of global warming within safety limits. Recently a climate conference is being held up in Copenhagen from 6th to 18th December 2009 where the governments of different nations meet for the last time before the Kyoto Protocol to prevent climate changes and global warming runs out at 2012.

Recycling Bins – Getting it Right

Recycling has become a big industry over recent years. Not only are more and more people opting to recycle to ease their environmental conscience but also many local authorities and councils are insisting that residents and businesses start recycling. And fines and penalty notices are now being handed out to home and business owners who fail to do so.

The Alternative View to Global Warming – What is Your Opinion?

An article looking at two sides of the global warming issues. Is it man made or natural?

10 Steps to More Environmentally Friendly Business Processes

Office automation and document management technologies, also known as Enterprise Content Management systems (ECM) are uniquely positioned to help organizations reduce the impact they make on the environment. Using these tools may allow business processes to be dramatically improved and have a significant impact on the carbon footprint at the same time.

Mobile Phone Recycling For Charity

There’s a new tradition that is starting up, one that will involve many people. It is a great way to dispose of older unused mobile phones. It is called National Cell Phone Recycling Week. What a great concept to help others who may need a mobile phone but cannot afford one!

Global Warming – Hoax Or Reality?

As world leaders prepare to meet in Copenhagen for the December 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference, a controversy has arisen over the release of hacked information from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Reaearch Unit (CRU). The CRU is considered the foremost climate change research center in the world, and its research has been cited as definitive proof of human-caused global warming.

Google Taking the Lead in Renewable Energy

In promoting their Clean Energy 2030 proposal, Google are bringing their considerable influence to bear in a very progressive manner. Their proposal for Clean Energy 2030 was introduced in 2008 to help to stimulate debate around the time of the new administration.

Understanding the Advantage of Renewable Energy

The news is always buzzing with information about renewable energy and how it is becoming increasing popular. What is renewable energy exactly?

E-Recycling – What Do You Think About it?

While many electronics companies are sponsoring recycling programs, there is a lack of uniformity in approach, and disputes have arisen over what should be done with the e-wastes and who should foot the bill. Some believe that the government should help sponsor some, but others may have the opinion that companies are rich enough to be responsible for their products.

Renewable Energy – Solar and Wind Energy

With the threat of global warming looming over our heads, it is no surprise that the world has suddenly taken up a tremendous amount of interest in renewable sources of energy. If we keep on consuming carbon spewing energy sources like oil or coal at our present rate, we will cause everlasting, irreversible damage to the environment. Hence, renewable sources of energy have become of prime importance in the current world situation.

How Important is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is these days becoming very popular as the world is trying to become more green. Still you have to ask yourself a question is renewable sector powerful enough to compete against fossil fuels?

What Are Renewable Energy and Alternate Energy Sources?

Because of their sustainability, renewable energy sources can be relied upon for producing long term, cost effective and efficient power. Also known as ‘green energy’, these enviro-friendly energy sources are generally non-polluting and cleaner to use than fossil fuels such as oil. When commonly used in systems to generate electricity, they do not emit toxic waste or produce greenhouse gases

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