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The Changing Climate of 2008 – The Global Warming Reality

It has been widely reported that Global Warming is Official, declared so at a meeting of the minds in France. That means that mankind’s CO2 discharges are causing the atmosphere to heat up and if the atmosphere continues heating up this could cause serious climate change.

The Costs of Renewable Energy – Are There Any?

While you may have considered using renewable energy, have you considered the costs? Read this article to find out how you can use renewable energy for literally nothing!

Thinking About Purchasing Renewable Energy? Learn How to Use Renewable Energy For Free Before You Do

Have you made the decision to purchase renewable energy? If so, I have to ask why? Perhaps you weren’t informed that you can actually use renewable energy for free! Read this article before you waste thousands of dollars of your hard earned cash.

What Are Your Options When it Comes to Renewable Energy?

Using renewable energy can benefit both you and the environment immensely. But what kinds of options does one have when it comes to renewable energy? Read this article to find out more.

Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources

The world as we know it today is changing and evolving in its technology. The field of energy is a complicated place for the common consumer to find something they want to use. As rising gas prices begin to pressure many consumers to buy less and less food or spend less on things they would like to have the times are becoming stressful.

Global Warming – Act Now!

I am not here to give you a briefing on global warming; I beg your pardon but the danger is already beyond any definition or description. This article is dedicated to give an overview of all those nations and individuals who have already working and promoting their views through multitude means of communication to help save our Mother Earth.

Renewable Energy As a Viable Alternative – If Not Now, Then When?

The green movement is full of buzzwords, and one that has become widely popular is renewable energy. Both businesses and consumers will be affected by the emerging focus on renewable energy. The author describes the basic forms of renewable energy and issues a warning. There will be winners and losers as the world moves toward a greener world. Don’t you want to be a winner?

How is Recycled Paper Made?

With the rising cost of gas getting so much attention we are beginning to take a more serious look at our environment. Everyone has heard the term “recycled paper” but how many of us really know what that means? Here is a brief explanation of how recycled paper is made.

Global Warming Still at Large, But What About the Energy Crisis?

Global Warming is the increase in the average measured temperature of Earth’s near surface air and oceans since the mid 20th century. Greenhouse gases are any of the atmospheric gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect by absorbing infrared radiation produced by solar warming of the Earth’s surface. Greenhouse gases have been increasing over the years, mostly carbon dioxide due to combustion of coal, oil, and gases.

China’s Renewable Energy Plans – Shaken Not Stirred

The May 12th earthquake in western China’s Sichuan Province will have effects reaching further outside China than Beijing is letting on. Sichuan Province holds the key to China’s hydroelectric power generation plans in its renewable power targets and the area is also a hub for worldwide outsourced wind turbine equipment. Both were badly damaged. This infrastructure will take months or years to repair, but in the meantime Chinese media report that “The quake in dollar terms is minimal and it seems unlikely to set back China’s economic growth by very much.” I beg to differ.

Can Leaflet Printing Be More Environmentally Friendly?

Did you know that to make paper from scratch, we taint the earth with 84 pounds of air pollution, 36 pounds of water pollution and 176 pounds of solid waste? That’s a lot of waste considering we use paper for practically everything we do! To produce recycled paper 60% less energy is required as compared to paper made from freshly cut timber.

Green Living Tips – Why Should You Recycle?

Recycle this, recycle that. Everyone has heard by now that we must recycle everything we can to save the earth. But is that really true? A plastic grocery bag takes 1,000 years to decompose in landfills. If that one little bag takes that long, consider your mall shopping bags, your trash bags. There is a growing industry in recycling, taking one thing and making it another. Old tires are shredded and used as playground tread. Grocery bags are remanufactured into clothing. These are examples of the economical aspect of recycling.

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