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Four Renewable Energy Technologies You Should Know About

Contrary to myths, renewable energy gadgets are cheap, and not at all expensive. Not only are they affordable, but most of them are built to last a lifetime.

Save With UK Government Incentives For Renewable Energy

As part of a world initiative to reduce our carbon footprint, the UK government is investing billions in schemes to encourage consumers and businesses to use renewable energy sources rather than rely on coal and oil for power. What this means for everybody in Britain is that they can save money and energy by taking advantage of generous government tax rebates, zero interest loans and pay outs for investment in alternative energy. The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme provides a 100% tax rebate on any investment in energy saving equipment.

A Move Towards Renewable Green Energy – Windmill Technology

With energy costs soaring as power plant try and cope with demand, and the real possibilities of blackouts due to lack of enough energy, the move to become self reliant and generate your own energy is becoming more of a priority than a science experiment in school. You too can build your own windmill out of readily available materials for less than $200.00. This technology is already in use in many parts of the world and is available to you in many forms.

Global Warming is a Clear Indication of How Selfish We Are

The article shows that global warming is a direct result of man’s selfishness. Everybody should be able to watch the movie, The Lion King. It explains very thoroughly the “circle of life” and how we should be careful with the delicate balance by which we exist. By being greedy and selfish, we can ultimately destroy the planet that we live in.

How to Go Green by Recycling

We’ve all heard the phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle” but did you know that this phrase could actually end up saving the environment? By recycling, we can conserve energy and protect the future of planet Earth. Recycling is easy, anyone can do it, and every bit helps.

Making Daily Eco Natural Choices

Almost everyday you can see manufacturers switching over to safer environmentally friendly products. Most cleaning products offer green options in their products and are available in stores everywhere. In the produce section of the supermarket you have the option to purchase organically grown vegetables and fruits. No pesticides are used on organically grown foods and the fertilizer that is used is totally natural.

Renewable Energies

Lots of people are looking into using renewable energy sources these days, but what are they exactly and how can you benefit from using them? How can you use the sun or wind for power? Renewable energy is derived from constantly replenishing natural sources. It includes electricity generated form sources such as the sun, wind, ocean, biomass, biofuels and others…

Go Green With Eco Friendly Car Washing

It is that time of year again when we can wash our cars on the driveways and save a few dollars and skip the local car wash. Think again, have you ever thought about the environmental issues when you wash your car on the driveways? Read on to find our more.

Could a Snake Be the Answer to Renewable Energy?

As the race to develop a viable solution to the world’s renewable energy dilemma continues apace, the answer could lie beneath the waves. A recent announcement by a team of British scientists suggests affordable wave energy could be just years away.

Renewable Energy Alert

Most things in life require energy in order to function. This energy can come from various different sources, some of which are renewable and some of which are not. In recent years there has been much talk about renewable energy and the positive impact that is has. So why should you care about renewable energy?

Renewable Energy – What Most Don’t Know

Renewable energy is a form of energy that can be generated from a number of different natural resources. These renewable resources come from wind, water, rain, sunlight and geothermal heat. Currently around 20 percent of the world’s energy comes from the renewable energy sources. The vast majority of this comes from burning wood. The second most common form of renewable energy that is in use in the world today comes from hydroelectricity which provides three percent of the world’s electricity.

Is Renewable Energy All Hype?

Renewable energy comes from natural resources, as opposed to non renewable energy which comes from resources that will one day run out. The advantage of natural resources, is that they are typically cleaner to run, making less of an impact on the environment and we do not need to worry about the running out. Renewable energy typically comes from water, wind, the sun and the earth’s natural heat, or geothermal energy.

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