Podcast: Tesla opening Supercharger network to other EVs, supercomputer, Mustang Mach-E GT, and more

Avoid Mosquitoes Naturally – How To Repel Mosquitoes Without Bug Spray

What are your alternatives to DEET? These six tips will help you avoid mosquito bites using natural alternatives and without resorting to DEET-containing sprays or lotions.

Energy By The Numbers – Where Is All That Energy Being Used?

Energy production and consumption is one of those subjects that is well-served by looking at the numbers. What can we learn from these numbers? Only how to reduce energy consumption and dependence on imported energy sources.

Solar Energy Companies – Moving Forward With Molten Salt Technology

Solar energy companies of today are currently trying to solve several of the limitations relative to the use of solar power with the expectation that in doing so, the scope of its use can be widened. One of the latest developments has been the discovery of molten salt technology to address the concern of storing enough of the sun’s energy for use during the night and over long periods without sunshine.

Uneven Vertical Carbon Nanotube Arrays with Quantum Dots on Top for Increased Solar Cell Efficiency

Is the United States and her top researchers in solar technology on the verge of an efficiency breakthrough in solar efficiency? I believe so, and believe that it is just over the horizon and the Sun is rising along with the prospects of a bright future in solar energy. Let me explain.

Too Much Non-Recyclable Materials Used in Shipping – A Think Tank Topic

Most of the shipping materials used in boxes to protect the contents inside the packages are recyclable, but not all, and certainly not enough. The biggest culprit perhaps is Styrofoam. There are lots of plastic type shipping materials used, and most of that is recyclable, unfortunately most of it never ends up in the recycling yards, rather it just gets dumped or thrown into the trash rather than made into plastic shopping bags or something of that nature.

Solar Air Conditioning Has a Future in Your Home

Solar air conditioning is a lesser known solar energy application, but one that has potential for widespread use. Using solar heat to cool a home may seem like a contradictory enterprise but nevertheless has several possible uses in today’s homes, most notably those located in arid climates such as deserts.

When Bacteria Create Garments

The world has been plagued for so long of different bacteria that caused many epidemics during the course of its history. And as an answer to the spreading of diseases people found ways for cure in the form of medicines. The discovery of the different types of bacteria paved way for further studies of the people in medical scrubs in medical field marking an era of modernism in terms of healthcare.

Class Action Lawyers Will Have a Field Day with Geo Engineering Unintended Consequences

As the coordinator for a think tank which operates online, we talk about all kinds of diverse subjects, and even though I am not a global warming alarmist by any stretch of the imagination, we do talk about things such as Geo-engineering. That is to say discovering ways to change the climate here on Earth to best serve the needs of the human species, along with the natural environment. Of course, I am a realist, and I take all this with a grain of salt, I mean are humans to think that they are so species centric, that they…

Aquaponics – A Sustainable Food Source For the Future That Conserves Water and Resources

Developing sustainable food sources to meet the demands of a growing population is a challenge. The availability of fresh water is increasingly limited, especially in urban areas, along with land and resources for producing crops and meat.

Plastic Bags Are An Environmental Problem – Here Is A Solution

Plastic bags are becoming an environmental anathema. Most plastic bags are still thrown into the trash.

Solar Photovoltaic – A Boon To Mankind

Solar power happens to be our next stand. Let us know about it.

Fun Facts Teach Kids About Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is the wave of the future, which means the subject needs to be a strong focus for teachers and children. When it comes to teaching such a vast topic, fun facts about renewable energy are often the best place to start. Here are three fun facts that kids probably do not know about alternative sources of power.

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