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Is the Global Warming Conclusion Correct?

Perhaps you have heard all the debates over Global Warming and well so have we at the World Think Tank so we watched the movie by Al Gore; Inconvenient Truth and we read Michael Creighton’s new book and 44 research papers. We dug through the information and a couple of our members indeed are in full support of the Global Warming Alarmist’s views. One member in full battle gear told the Global Alarmists;

The Importance Of Renewable Energy Resources

Our modern lifestyle depends a great deal on the use of fossil fuels. This article sets out to highlight the importance of renewable energy resources and how we can integrate the technologies around our homes.

Global Warming and Ockham’s Razor

The debate over Global Warming has often generated more heat than light. Is the debate really over, or are we mistaking the strength of our opinion for scientific fact? The lessons of Ockham’s Razor suggests that we all might be better off taking a deep breath, and concentrating on getting the science right.

Taking Recycling One Step Further: Tree-Free Paper

If people were aware that they could have a high quality paper product that would not yellow or become brittle with age, that could be made cheaply and would do less harm to the environment to boot, real changes might begin to rumble through the papermaking industry. The word needs to be spread. The idea has to take hold.

Global Warming Debate Over Heats at Online Think Tank

If you think the media is heavy handed on the Global Warming doom and gloom scenarios getting everyone heated up then you should have seen the temperatures rise in our Online Think Tank the other day over the issue after the Paris meeting of all the atmospheric scientists.

Industrial Giants Now Worried About Global Warming

The debate on global warming, what is left of it, is often categorized as the far left versus business. Such a characterization is incorrect as shown by the US Climate Action Partnership.

Global Warming Facts – What Do They Tell Us?

Understanding the global warming facts will help to you realize why it has become such an important and controversial issue around the world. Initial research on the subject is now being questioned and reevaluated by scientists. It seems the more we research global warming, we begin to realize how little we can actually know about it. Let’s take a look at some of the current issues we are dealing with in regard to global warming.

You Better Take Global Warming Seriously

Global Warming is a serious issues say its proponents and they demand to be heard and have started a huge PR campaign to alert the world of the impending doom and gloom. If you do not listen or call these PR efforts questionable or ho hum and give them a flip response you have another thing coming.

Global Warming Will Cause the Ocean Temperatures to Rise!

Many global warming alarmists say that the ocean water temperatures will continue to rise citing the Pacific Ocean is hotter this year. But in an El Nino year that is the definition and there is nothing new about El Nino years. Some say that they are coming more often, but really we have also had some solar maximum peaks too.

SuperPlumes, Dust Storms, Solar Flares, Wildfires, Volcanoes or is it Really Global Warming?

Some scientists find it rather amusing that everyone is screaming doom and gloom over Global Warming and claiming that the Ocean will rise some 18 feet in the near future. The facts are that the average ambient temperature has only risen 1.5 degrees over the last 50 years. That is not in the least significant.

Evidence of Global Warming – Does It Actually Exist?

The threat that global warming poses to our environment continues to be dismissed by many people worldwide. However, evidence of global warming around the world seems to dispute this belief. Across the globe, average temperatures are higher than previous years on record, glaciers are melting at rapid rates, and insects which thrive in warmer temperatures threaten to spread disease.

Global Warming: When Hell Freezes Over Into An Ice Age

Global Warming is all the rage and today you cannot even pick up a newspaper without reading some article about our climate changing. In fact Al Gore the former vice president of the United States of America is planning a huge concert to usher in the new age of global warming in a Woodstock like setting.

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