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Reasons To Use Green Technology

There are many reasons to use green technology but I’m going to share a couple of really good ones that are becoming more and more important. Firstly it is very important to get this clear. We are running out of oil.

How To Cut Down on Pollution by Using Wind Energy

We all know that the fossil fuels are not going to last forever, in fact we’ve known for decades that this was how it was going to be. Unfortunately things have not been done fast enough in order to stop the expenses from going up for the consumer as well as the amount of CO2 that is being put out into our atmosphere. But just because heels have been dragging doesn’t mean it’s too late to start.

Finding The Best Event Recycling Container

Finding the Best Recycling Containers for events, shows, concerts and large groups. You can collect 50% more in recyclables by using a clear recycling container.

Grassroots Technological Innovation by Tribal Farmer – Bicycle Operated Water Lifting Device

Vikram Rathore a tribal farmer from Adilabad district in Andhra Pradesh, India has developed a bicycle operated water lifting device. This grassroots innovation being developed using common mechanical waste materials is very cost effective and is not dependent on electicity for operating. National Innovation Foundation, India has supported this innovation which made Vikram to use the same theory for running flour mills also.

Fashion’s Eco Revolution Needs to Go Mainstream in 2011

Green is not a fashion “fad”. Eco-Friendly fashion will be the future of fashion much sooner than you think.

When the Oil Runs Out

The most pessimistic analysts say peak oil production from all possible sources – will be in 2015 and will reach 90 million barrels a day. Scientists predict the level of 90 million barrels a day will last 30 years, so that major changes will come soon after 2030. And they are really serious. For the 90% of total world transport depends on oil.

Heat Pumps Are Vital To Renewable Energy Industry

As an increasing number of tradesmen take renewable energy courses it is important to examine the role heat pumps will play in the growing green economy. Air to water heat pumps have a high coefficient of performance and for every kilowatt of energy it uses it produces anything between 4 and 5.3 kilowatt of energy back in to the home.

The History of Harnessing Solar Power

Solar panel technology now forms a significant and growing contribution to solar energy the world over. But where did the idea come from in the first place?

Recycling Glass Bottle – Eco-Friendly Solution

Among numerous approaches to benefit eco-system, recycling glass bottle is counted in first five effective measures. Moreover, the recycling of glass offers net environmental gain and thus number of bottle depots is working in this direction successfully. Growing trees to keep the earth clean and harvesting rain water are considered best eco-friendly measures known all over.

Biofuels Play an Integral Part Of Green Future

If you are living in today’s society like the rest of us, then you are probably well aware of the growing concerns of our environment and how important it is to find other resources for gas and power, such as biofuels. These are produced in a variety of blends, using bioethanol which is alcohol. This alcohol used to make bioethanol is fermented with the sugars from plant materials, which makes it an extremely environmentally conscious solution for today’s world. This is widely used across America and is a smart new twist on gasoline because it takes grasses, trees and starch crops including wheat, corn, beets and sugar cane. This process turns the crops into fuel for vehicles of all kinds, machinery and other production equipment. This fuel is also commonly used for fireplaces and is a great choice for newly built homes, as this type of fireplace does not require a chimney.

Unique Solar Lamp Post Designs

A household lamp post powered by solar energy? Yes! This new integration of solar panels into everyday products is paving the way for a new renewable energy revolution.

Solar Gadgets: From the Impressive to the Insane

Solar power has been integrated into a number of tools and gadgets and even some equipment. We look at the practical and downright weird products that incorporate solar power.

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