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About E-Waste Recycling Electronic Waste in Canada

Since around 2004, Canada has taken a large interest in e-waste recycling electronic waste. Items such as cell phones and computers are considered to be hazardous waste materials and cannot be disposed of in a landfill.

Conserve Resources – Recycle Your Mobile

Now a days a new option of mobile recycling is available in the market. The users can exchange their old and worn out handsets and can easily get a standard mobile phone. Even at times the users can get liquid cash in lieu of the mobile phone from our merchants. Only few other merchants provide such facilitatory services. high tech shop provides the users with this type of offer and service.

Recycling – Paper and Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard and paper account for a huge percentage of the waste that is generated in Australia each and every year. The packaging industry relies heavily on both materials, but actually does a lot more good than harm. Learn more about the ways that the packaging industry uses these materials below.

Why Sustainability Should Be Discussed Versus Global Warming

Many get into global warming fights. These don’t go too well and don’t accomplish anything. Sustainability should be the goal that is being worked on and discussed.

How to Harness Global Warming

Global warming will overheat the earth into pulp like substance if we are not much careful in the coming decades. Does it sound odd and will you call me eccentric by putting my logic in this way? The fact is that you must change your mindset and be liberal with your eyes open. Look, the global warming is the byproduct of the negative impact of science and the misuse of technology.

Are You an Algae Renewable Energy First Timer?

The interest in algae farming also includes implementing Carbon Capture, Biofuel Production, Power Generation, and other industrial flue gasses for use in Photo bioreactors for algae cultivation. Micro Algae can be Genetically Modified to have a high sugar and starch content or high Lipid Oil content. This sugar and starch can be extracted and utilized as feedstock for Biofuel production.

Girl Scouts – Help the Planet While Earning the Eco-Action Badge

Are you a Junior Girl Scout who is interested in helping to preserve the planet and learning how to get the Eco-Action badge? According to the guidelines, the things you are supposed to do include working on a “green” team; planting a tree; paying attention to every drop of water; focusing on watts; starting the presses; reducing the existence of trash; emphasizing the use of paper over plastic; focusing on cleanliness and health; fighting automobile emissions; and learning about women who have championed helping the environment.

What Are Some Disadvantages of Recycling?

Most people are taught to recycle. In many cases this is a good habit to have as it has good long term results. At times there are some major disadvantages to this practice.

Using Fire Pits to Explain Renewable Energy

Fire pits can be particularly useful when you are trying to explain the basics of renewable energy to clients and students. As a growing segment of the business community is beginning to embrace the idea of going green by finding sources of renewable energy, there are still a number of busy professionals who do not quite understand what renewable energy means on a personal level.

Help the Environment in Style – Eco-Friendly Photo Albums

What can be done about this situation, you may ask. One person making little changes probably won’t change a lot.

The 10 Worst Mistakes Leading to Global Warming

The build up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and resulting global warming is the result of centuries old habits and ill thought out policies that may do more harm than good. Here are listed the ten worst mistakes which have either led us to the present situation, or appear incapable of solving it.

Recycling Tips – Organising Your Recycling

Recycling can be really confusing. One of the reasons for this confusion is that there seems to be no parity in the different recycling schemes up and down the country.

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