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Dot Eco TLD

ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, will shortly hear a petition for new TLDs. Several organizations, among them Dot Eco LLC, will petition ICANN to allow for the addition of a new TLD, .eco, which would be an umbrella address for all ecological and environmental causes and organizations.

Making Your Home Eco Friendly

Making your home eco friendly can be fun and easy. Most importantly, it doesn’t have to cost a dime! Many eco friendly strategies, such as converting to solar or wind power, are impractical or impossible for most people. There are still plenty of small things that you can do, however, that are will make a big difference over time.

What is Dot Eco

Dot Eco is an organization with the goal of fighting global warming by promoting companies, individuals, and solutions that make a real difference. They have partnered with Al Gore and the Alliance for Climate Protection, as well as many other corporations, non-profit groups, and individuals, to make significant environmental changes a reality. This issue is at once simple and complex.

How Recycling Works and How to Do More of It

The art of recycling tends to involve the processing of the final products as this means that they are ready to use to make something else. Recycling is becoming increasingly popular and responsible waste manages is something that is very much considered part of everyday life by a lot of people. The increased number of people recycling has meant that there is less demand for skip hire.

How the Recycling System Works

The term recycling is used to describe an alternative form of getting rid of unwanted things. Recycling means that you are not putting all of your unwanted things into landfill sites instead the unwanted things are used to make new things. Recycling is possible nowadays due to the reduced amount of waste that goes into landfill sites and it is true to say that recycling is helping to bring down the prices of the material that are used to make things.

The Importance of Recycling Used Motor Oil

Engine oil never wears out, it just gets dirty. However it can be recycled repeatedly which reduces our dependence on foreign subsidies. When poured onto the ground or into storm drains it can contaminate and pollute the soil, groundwater, streams, and rivers. Recycling is a must to reduce this major pollution threat.

Carbon Neutral Business – A Viable Solution to Reduce Global Warming

One of the greatest threats faced by the world today is the rising global temperature. There are many factors, which contribute to global warming. If we ignore these problems, we could have serious ecological problems like the rising of the oceans due to the melting of the ice caps or the disturbance of many fragile ecosystems that rely on a carefully moderated temperature.

Solar Energy Renewable Resources

Solar energy was the natural clean sources which can be manipulate without harming our world. Lots of research on the solar energy technology had been done to enhanced the usage.

Four Ways to Make Money Using DIY Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is all around us, we just typically don’t take advantage of it. In the past and even today it costs upwards of thousands of dollars to have tools to harness renewable energy such as solar cells professionally built and installed in your home. Nowadays, however, with the reasons boomed in the interest in renewable energy, anyone can build their own DIY solar cells on a budget using cheap everyday household materials. Aside from the environmental benefits let’s look at four ways in which you can save or make money using renewable energy.

Recycling Plastic – Facts You Need to Know

If you have heard about the Plastic Continent — the floating island of plastic twice the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean — then you understand how crucial it is to recycle plastic. Right now, only 5% of plastics worldwide are recycled. Some of this is ignorance: most of the world still simply doesn’t understand the danger plastics pose to our environment and our food chain.

The Advantages of Renewable Energy

We live in a time where the almighty dollar is stretched to its limits. Foreclosures and unemployment are at an all time high. Each day the planet we live on is being damaged by the cars we drive and production of toxic materials. So we cut back on our spending. We take on more than one job.

Global Warming – A Warning From The Environment

A combination of light and heat energy from the sun reaches Earth and warms the land, ocean and air. When Earth’s surface warms up, it radiates heat which rises towards the sky. A few gases in the atmosphere called the green house gases (water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane ozone etc.), absorb this heat and prevent it from escaping into space, thus warming Earth.

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