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Solar Power Renewable Energy

There’s a lot of chatter about “renewable energy” as our climate is changing and becoming more apparent due to global warming. We need to find better ways to generate energy without damaging our Earth. One of the most talked about ways is creating energy through solar power. Solar energy takes energy of the sun and uses it to create electricity. Although it is not a new concept, we really need to be focusing our efforts on this medium of energy.

The Importance of Recycling

Recycling is defined as the processing of used materials or waste. Recycling is increasingly becoming popular as people are becoming more environmentally conscious about the impact of garbage to the natural environment.

Eco Towns – The Truman Effect

Eco Towns have been a controversial issue ever since their introduction in 2007. The need to provide sustainable homes, coupled with a gross housing shortage has since amplified calls for their introduction. However, these are prone to adverse social effects, not least with resultant feelings of isolation and disheartenment.

Print and Be Green – Eco-Friendly Font, Xerox’s ColorQube & 2 Printer Companies Make ‘Greenest’ List

Print AND be green (and save money while you’re at it!). Ecofont, Xerox goes cartridge-less with ColorQube series, and Two Printer Manufacturers Top Newsweek’s ‘Greenest Companies’ Rankings.

Eco-Etiquette – A Sense of Doing the Right Thing

I’m an enthusiastic observer of trends; it’s a prerequisite for my profession. Earlier this month at a luncheon for Preston Manning, Canada’s former federal opposition leader, my trend radar picked up a signal. Eco-etiquette.

What’s the Difference Between FSC Certified and Recycled Paper and Which is Better to Use?

I’ve been asked this question hundreds of times, so here’s the answer: FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. They are a third party certification organization who assess those who manage the care of forests.

Top 7 Benefits of Recycling

Recycling is the process of collecting, sorting, and processing of waste materials to create new products. But, why recycle? What are the benefits of recycling to individuals, to the country, and to the environment?

Cotton Bags, Totes Eco-Friendly – Save Mother Earth & Planet From Global Warming

Cotton bags and totes are good alternative to plastic and help reduce pollution. This would also help Save our Planet Earth from Global Warming.

Why Do People Suffer From Global Warming?

Everybody will agree with the idea that our Earth is still threatened by the big detrimental problem that can affect the existence of human life in the future. The impact of global warming is really worrying them out there.

Is Your Mobile Car Washer Environmentally Friendly Or Do You Even Care?

Many people who go to work each day, have a mobile car wash service, or a little mobile detailing company come to their office each week and to wash everyone’s cars. It is true that during the recession fewer people are getting their cars washed, but the mobile car wash guy still comes around each week, and for a reasonable price will clean your car.

The Outlook of Recycling

Recycling is the process of taking used products and reusing them. Most often recycling involves collecting the waste products and processing them into a new product. Recycled items include, paper, plastic, glass and metals. There are many items that can be recycled. Recycling is something that came to the fore front as means of reducing waste and helping to save the environment from the hazards of landfills.

Global Warming, Cap and Trade, and Politics As Usual

Most economists believe that the Cap and Trade bill will somehow save the world from global warming. However, the reality is that global warming is only a theory; and this theory states that mankind’s CO2 emissions are causing the ambient atmospheric temperatures to heat up, which will cause the polar ice caps to melt and sea levels to rise drastically. Perhaps, you heard all the predictions of Florida becoming totally submerged.

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