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Recycling – Even Bricks Can Be Reused!

About the most innovative ways of recycling materials that have in all probability been over-looked were sent out the form of a contractor re-using bricks from a brick wall that needed to be torn down during the construction of an addition to a place to live. The contractor discovered his trade from one long term mason worker who believed that if you have brick as area of your building project, it could last forever.

Global Warming Problems in Europe and Their Measures to Curb it

Global warming is a serious and urgent issue that demands attention from the policy makers of the world. The upcoming climate change summit in Copenhagen in December where the leaders of the world are going to meet is an ideal place to start the process of addressing the core issues that are part of the global warming debate. It is rather befitting that Copenhagen in Denmark that is in Europe should be selected as the venue for the conference. Europe has been rather divided in its approach to the global warming issue.

Going Eco-Friendly at Home and in the Office

When we are abusively using harmful chemicals to do easy cleaning – common household chores for example, we might not sense the problematic issues as yet but we surely will, later on. As these harmful substances pile up, they gather force that could affect your health, as well as the environment too.

The Advantages of Handcrafted Eco-Friendly Photo Albums

The way I see it, there are a number of advantages to handcrafted, eco-friendly photo albums. Although a photo album can be eco-friendly without being handcrafted, that same album is very definitely eco-friendly if it is handcrafted, as can be said for that business at large, provided that handcrafting is all they do. From my point of view, the only way it could affect the environment is if one of the artists came to work with bad breath, which is quite a minuscule effect–a point, though rather facetious, which we can all agree upon.

Investing in Renewable Energy Makes Business Sense

Many investors and customers expect the businesses that they support to treat the environment with respect and truly admire organisations that actually have a positive impact on their environment by planting trees and assisting in the preservation of local flora and fauna. What will really impress a potential client or investor is an interest in renewable energy or directly using alternative energy sources within your business.

Learn How to Make Compost – Start Recycling and Reduce Waste

Learning how to make compost is a very rewarding process that is simple and easy to learn and very forgiving. Any recycling that we undertake through a composting process even if it is a small operation or up to commercial quantities, helps to reduce waste and improve our water quality, for there is less waste water treatment required of the precious resource that carries our wastes to the treatment plant.

Earn a Quick Buck – Recycle For Profit

Do you remember the ’70s television sitcom Sanford and Son? It was a popular series about a cantankerous old man, name Fred and his son Lamont. Together they owned a junkyard business which primarily operated from their backyard. Crazy antics, primarily instigated by Fred, were the premise of the show. However Fred never let the audience forget how proud he was of the family business. Even back then Mr. Sanford knew how lucrative the trash and recycling business was.

Clear Tableware – Three Ways to Make it More Eco-Friendly

The idea of disposable, single-use cups, plates, and cutlery has been denounced by environmentalists and green enthusiasts for years. As the green movement becomes more than a passing trend and increases in prevalence throughout our daily lives, many manufacturers of clear plastic tableware are offering new products and features that make it better for the environment.

Survivalism – An Evolutionary Response to Global Warming

Global warming is an issue which impacts all of us and one that few of us truly believe we are capable of resolving without significant alteration to our way of life. For many their feelings of helplessness are replaced with a natural, albeit primitive survivalist instinct to protect ourselves and our offspring.

The Green Myth of Eco Towns

Eco Towns have been a controversial issue ever since their initial proposals in 2007. Their basis for inclusion is founded upon green, sustainable and environmentally friendly credentials, heralded as a new, innovative and forward thinking way of living. This article however, begs to differ, calling into question Eco Towns green credentials and outlining why we should instead be focusing on existing urban areas.

Recycling is Golden

Markets around the country are booming! There has been a shift in the nature of buying and selling. The anticipation of buyers is palpable as they scurry amongst the stalls.

Hackers, Deniers and Real Solutions to Global Warming

Refutation of deniers and “skeptics” of global warming. Real solutions proposed for the crisis.

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