Pt. 1 – 5 Things to Know About Electric Bikes – Comfort

Hi, my name is JP. I’m one of the founders of Elux Electric Bikes, and today we’re going to talk about the 5 most important things to look for when
shopping for an electric bike. So, the first thing that you want to look
for when you’re searching for an electric bike is a bike that is very comfortable. First you want to have a good comfortable
riding position that’s upright.Then you want to also have a nice padded seat, and
you want to have a handle bar that’s in a position to where you don’t have to bend
over when you’re riding so it’s good and upright and comfortable and easy on you.

So this is my old bike. It’s an example of what you don’t want. If you look at it, it’s got this little
bitty seat.This thing’s ridiculous, especially if you have a big bum like me. If you get on this bike you’ll notice that
my riding position is hunched over. So when I’m in this position I have to arch
my back, and hold my neck up like this and that typically after about 20 minutes I’ve
got a crick in my neck and in my back.

You’ll notice if you look at my wrists that
all of the weight is forward on my wrists. After about 20 minutes my wrists are really
hurting, and also with the skinny tires, there’s a lot more of the bumps and things in the
road that are transferred up through your body. So this is what you want to avoid when you’re
looking for an E-Bike, especially if you’re going to be going on long rides. So if that other bike was my Suzuki super
bike, this bike is my Harley Cruiser, and this is what I ride when I ride electric bikes;
either this one or the Tahoe. I mean if you look at this thing, the seat
on that thing is like a brick.

pexels photo 7706574

This seat’s twice as big. The tires are twice as big on this bike, makes
it super comfortable. If you look the riding position, its upright
there’s lots of room and the handlebars are swept back. Let me get on it and show you. So if I get on this thing, you’ll notice
I’m sitting upright, my neck’s not looking up in a crick, I don’t have a bunch of weight
on my wrists. It’s just real easy. It’s comfortable so you can for miles and
miles and miles, and that’s what it’s about; having fun and being comfortable while
you’re having fun on long trips. Miles and miles. That’s it basically. So remember, the first thing you’re looking
for is comfort, and when you’re looking for comfort you want a nice upright riding
position. You want a good nice fat padded seat, maybe
some fatter tires, and you want a nice swept back handlebar position so that you don’t
have any pressure on you wrist. Then you’ll be all set to go miles and miles.

Yoo-hoo. For more information, or to see our entire
line of E-Bikes you can visit or you can give us a call at 949-440-1967.

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