Pt. 2 – 5 Things to Know About Electric Bikes – Range

So the next thing when you’re looking for
an electric bike, that’s really important is the distance or range the bike can go on
a charge. There are a number of factors that will effect that. Like the terrain, if there’s
big hills that you’re trying to go up, or how much you’re pedaling. I mean if your
pedaling really really hard while you’re under power, you know you’re not really
using much battery power, you could probably go all day like that. But so, since those
things are variables the best way to judge how far a bike can go on a charge or the performance
is to think about the battery size and the battery power, otherwise manufacturers claims
can pretty much mean anything because of those other variables.

So, to give you an example
what you want to look for in a battery is you want to have a 48 volt battery versus
a 36 volt battery. Because 36 volt batteries just don’t have enough power, they won’t
go as long.The next thing that will determine your range is your amp hours. So, you know
you’ll hear all different kinds amp hours with batteries. You’ll hear 7 ½ amp hour,
10 amp hour, 13 amp hour, 20 amp hour. So you want 48 volt, and the higher the amp hours
are the more range you’ll get. For me, when I’m riding a bike, umm with a 48 volt battery
I get about 2.5 miles for every amp hour. So to give you an example this is a 10 amp
hour battery. It’s 48 volt, 10 amp hours. So 2.5 miles times 10 amp hours, that means
I get about 25 miles range with this battery. That’s on a flat surface, and I’m pedaling
about 15 miles per hour and I’m pedaling lightly, I’m not pedaling hard. This battery,
on the other hand here, is a 20 amp hour battery it’s 48 volts, so with this battery I can
get about 50 miles worth of range with it.

pexels photo 7018257

So, that’s the difference between the two
batteries that you’ll see. For more information about range and distance you can look at our
video on understanding electric bike batteries, or to see our entire line of E-bikes you can
visit, or you can give us a call at 949-440-1967..

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