Quick review: Affordable KBO Breeze electric commuter bike

Benefits of Eco-Tourism

Eco-tourism defines the purposeful travel to natural areas to understand the culture and history of the environment, ensuring that the integrity of the ecosystem is not altered. Eco-tourism has greatly benefited many nations and people globally. It is estimated that over 600 million people travel internationally each year. Hundreds of millions more journey within their home country, doing so for both work and pleasure. The tourism industry which includes hotels, resorts, airlines, travel agencies, parks and forest reserve services, and other business that cater for the needs of travelers, has become a major employer of labour.

CD and DVD Packaging – Why Recycled Card is Not Necessarily Eco-Friendly

Recycled CD and DVD packaging – is it really good for the environment and what are the best options for eco-friendly packaging? We look at 100 percent recycled CD and DVD Card packaging, open the lid on this subject and help you navigate through the options.

Thoughts About Global Warming – We Might Have to Face an Unanticipated Disaster Soon

I am sure most people really understand what global warming is. In simplest words, it is a problem about the growing temperature of the earth. And if we continue to behave in the same way and ignore the problem consistently, the day is not far when this world will have to face unanticipated disasters. In 2005, one of NASA’s institutes noticed the year 2005 as the warmest year after late 1800. This indicates how early we have started to face the consequences of sudden change in climate.

Recycle Your Antifreeze

Antifreeze is made up mainly of ethylene glycol, a derivative of natural gas. Old antifreeze can be distilled and filtered, after which, upon adding anti-rust, anti-leak, and detergent additives, you will have a product that is new and usable again…

Recycle Your Motor Oil

How many of us even think about what happens to all of the old oil that they drain out of our cars when we take them in for maintenance? What do you do with these fluids when you do the work yourself at home?

Best Way to Solve Problems of Global Warming

Construction has begun in Southern California on two solar thermal plants for Pacific Gas and Electric, and Southern California Edison, that will be providing solar thermal power. By itself, the Southern California Edison deal is the world’s largest solar energy deal.

Recycled Picnic Tables Help the Planet & Help You

Most people are accustomed to only seeing classic wooden picnic tables. However, as America becomes more conscious of the environment and “green” living becomes more popular, recycled plastic picnic tables are becoming more common. These tables are typically made of recycled milk jugs or other similar plastic containers.

Environment – Sustainable Development

In literature there is an official set of concepts or meanings that are often mutually contradictory. There are references to development, sustainable development, sustainability and capacity to support, among others.

Georgia Environmental and Recycling News

Georgia, the heart of the Deep South, is right with the rest of America in its new found appreciation for all things green. State efforts may have lacked in some areas, but innovative local activists and governments have helped turn this peach into one of the Southeast’s eco powers.

Sources of Renewable Energy Are All Around Us

In this article I discuss the different renewable energy resources that surround us in our day to day lives. The point of this article is to encourage people to stop looking for a single source of renewable energy that will solve all of our problems and instead begin developing technologies to take advantage of all the potential renewable energy sources in our world. By combining all of these resources together we will be able to dramatically reduce our environmental impact and dependence on foreign resources.

Plastics, Rubber and Foam Used in Automobiles and the Challenges of Recycling

By the end of 1940s it seems all the auto makers were using plastics in their cars, Henry Ford was the first in 1942, and many folks though he was nuts, but it turns out once again, the man was just ahead of his time. Plastic has become a preferred material over the years. But back in the day even Goodyear started making plastic for automobiles in those days, which supplemented the rubber industry after World War II.

Buy Environmentally Friendly Clothing

Have you been looking to turn green in all aspects of your life? If you are like a lot of people you are simply trying to make better choices concerning what you buy so that you are not contributing to any environmental problems.

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