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Embracing a Green, Eco Friendly Lifestyle

With so many people on our planet today and all of the technology, Earth could be in trouble unless we all pitch in. The good news is that when we embrace the green life we are creating a healthier and happier life for ourselves

Automobile Alternative Eco Fuels For the Future

I’m curious to see what types of fuel will be available in the future. Ethanol can already be ruled out, seeing as most of the Midwest field area would be needed to procure enough corn to produce enough ethanol to run all the cars in the country. Most people don’t think that’s too big of a deal – until they realize that we need that area to procure our food.

Consequences of Global Warming in Bangladesh

The majority of the land in Bangladesh is either below, at, or barely above sea level. And if it is true that sea levels will rise in the next 40-50 years, then half of Bangladesh will be under water. There are already instances where busy streets and towns near the ocean have been flooded and forced to evacuate.

Earth 2100 on ABC Highlights Global Warming’s Consequences For the World

When scientists make a projection on what the Earth will look like in the future, global warming is an issue that looms large. On ABC, a program called Earth 2100 was aired on June 2nd at 9PM.

Discover Winning Tactics on How to Prevent Global Warming

One of the most relevant topics of our time is how to prevent global warming. Never before was planet earth faced with a crisis of this magnitude. The existence of every living thing now and their descendants to come has been threatened.

The Secret War of the Greens Against Renewable Energy

On Jan. 28, 2009 Al Gore stated before congress that a 46,000 square mile tract of land in the southwestern desert of the United States could supply all of this nation’s electrical energy. It is refreshing that the nation’s leading green is finally giving scientifically accurate numbers instead of the fantasy numbers that have long been the stock and trade of the green movement.

Top 4 Reasons Why People Should Switch to Renewable Energy

Why do we have to switch to renewable energy when we are perfectly fine with how we get our energy nowadays? Sure it’s efficient, uninterrupted and it has been our source of energy for decades now. But would it be enough to sustain centuries of activities on earth?

How the Government Can Boost Investments to Renewable Energy Companies

The government is always the biggest sponsor a company could ever have to stay in the competition. It is the task of the government to stimulate the people to take part of whatever they think is best for the nation as a whole.

How Safe Are Renewable Energy Products?

Renewable energy as we know it is harnessing abundant energy coming from the sun, wind, tidal waves, and bio energy. Renewable energy companies are creating their own mark of how over and over again, renewable energy information has emphasized that renewable energy is a way of producing clean and safe energy. But just how safe are renewable energy products?

Go Green and Get Recycled Glass Tile

The new thing is going green on any type of product to use in your home. The Government is even giving you tax incentives to go green. You can even go green on your remodeling projects for kitchen backsplashes and bathrooms!

Good News Concerning Renewable Energy – Solar and Wind Power – The Best Sources

Every one is talking about renewable sources, privates and governments are taking action to produce energy from renewable sources all over the world. But what are the most convenient renewable sources? The best and more convenient among the others are solar and wind power.

Environmentally Friendly – American Style

I had to visit Wal-Mart again today (yes, I HAD to…the kids are sick and needed Tylenol and Motrin). I had noticed on a Wal-Mart commercial I saw that the spokeswoman had a re-usable bag, but on my previous trips to the local store, I had not noticed a display of them. In the UK, Tesco and Asda both have huge displays of their re-usable bags close to the check outs. In fact, they have taken to not having the plastic bags on display at all. You must actually ask for them. The message is clear: bags for life.

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