Rad Power Bikes RadMission 1 Review – $1.2k Cheapest Ebike from Rad

(bell ringing) – [Rye] I recognize that guy, It's Tom. He's got the Rad Mobile Services truck, and he's brought some
RadMissions just for us. So, I'm pretty excited about this. Hey buddy. – Hello, how are you doing? – [Rye] Good, good. Yeah, I think it's a little ways off. – Yeah. – [Rye] It's nice to
get a first look here. Hey guys, we're hanging out in the park. – Hi. – Judy is along for the ride. Check it out, we got two RadMissions, we're checking these out today. I've actually been riding around
on this quite a bit lately, and having a blast.

It's the most affordable
bike from Rad Power Bikes. It's also their lightest
weight electric bike, especially if it's naked like this one. This is how it comes and
I've laid it on its side, 'cause it does not come with a kickstand. For me, I was like, you know,
bomber, like what's the deal? I like having a kickstand, at the same time, that adds
a little bit of weight, and some cost. And what stood out to me about
how they designed the spike is that the drive train
is just super solid.

It's a single speed, but instead of doing a horizontal dropout, which is a little bit finicky
to adjust, you have to like, you know, push the wheel
back and then tighten it. And maybe there's some
bolts that push it forward, and backward, it's just more complex. They were able to use
like a vertical dropout, and then they've got this
nice chain tensioner, and see how that's inside
of the right chain stay? Very tough, so normally you're supposed to lay a bike down just like this, on the non-drive train side. However, they've got these awesome 180 millimeter mechanical disc brakes. And you also don't want
that to like bump something, and get bent, 'cause then it can create that like whooshing sound it'll, you know, kind of scuffs on each revolution.

So you know, again, this
is not best practices in the bicycle world, but I think this is one of the few bikes that you can actually
lay down on this side, and feel really confident about it. For me as a reviewer,
like this is kind of fun. 'Cause usually I'm just
looking at the other side of the bike, but check this out. They've got a little torque
arm right here, which is great. This is an aluminum
alloy lightweight frame, and it's a very powerful motor. So this is like an in-house motor that Rad Power Bikes has done. And they've customized
it to be extra powerful. They've got their branding
on it and everything. This is 500 watts, planetary geared motor, which free wheels very
efficiently, but with the gearing, it gives you a lot of torque,
50 Newton meters of torque, and it's effective.

I was riding around the
neighborhoods, we're in Coquitlam and you can see it's hilly around here. I was riding up a hill.
– Yeah. – [Rye] Yeah I stopped halfway up, and I could use the throttle
and it did it just fine. I was amazed because without gears, you're kind of like, I hope it works. I don't wanna you know, like
sometimes you have to get off, it's so much work. So in this case that 50
Newton meters of torque, on the motor very effective. I mentioned the brakes before having those 180 millimeter rotors gives you a lot of stopping
power and cooling power. It gives you a great mechanical advantage over these really interesting wheel size. So a lot of times in the past,
I'd see like 26 inch wheels, or 28 inch wheels or, you know, 700 seat. This is right in the
middle 650b 27.5 by 1.95, so it's a little bit wider and that gives you some stability, if you're on gravel like this. It also gives you some more comfort 'cause there's higher air volume.

The PSI rating is 40 to 65,
and for someone like me, I only weigh 135 pounds,
I like to drop that down, and get some comfort. You'll notice this bike does
not have a suspension fork, Rad Power Bikes does sell a
suspension seatpost option, upgrade if you want. But the standard seatpost, it's another area where there's
good attention to detail. This is like 390 millimeters tall, versus most seatposts are like 350. So these bikes, they come
in two different sizes for a thousand dollar
bike is pretty unheard of. This is like the large pie step, you know, standard diamond frame. And then they got this mid-step, kind of mixed if you're in Europe. And it is actually a smaller
frame size, so that's perfect, if you're someone who's
a little bit more petite, and they've got six colors, between the two different models. So this is one of the bright, super fun like red colors and you know, fun branding and everything. Both of these are purpose built. You can see how that down tube
is stepped in a little bit and it's flat, so
mounting that battery pack is really solid, it keeps
the weight low and center.

This is pretty balanced frame
front to rear in part because, they went with a steel fork. So if we come back over here. This is solid, I mean, it's
really, it's thick, it's sturdy. I actually asked the founders about this. I was like, you know, this
bike weighs 47.8 pounds without any accessories,
that kind of seems like a lot for a single speed. And they said, "Well, you know, we've got all these
extra attachment points, and we really wanna support them well." So see how there's like, this
is the steer tube right here, and you mount that basket
directly to the steer tube, which is how you wanna do it. If you mounted it to the fork, or if you've got a basket hanging off, that totally changes your steering. And it's just really not
the right way to do it. You can't handle as much weight. So by having it mounted to
the steer tube like this, it stays in line with the bike, and it's actually supported
by the entire frame. But in order to support that weight, and up to 275 pounds total, this bike is rated pretty high,
in terms of weight capacity.

So if you're a heavier rider
or something like that, or you've got both of the rack
options, like we see here, it's gonna handle that. Steel tends to dampen vibration
and just be extra strong, so that's why. So yeah, then, you know, the frame does weigh a little bit more. But you've got all
these different options, and it's just bulletproof
the way they've designed that single speed. They've also got a chain guide down here, this 52 steel chainring, with
aluminum alloy guide plates on either side, so the
chain won't skip off. And there's really, I mean,
you know, it's pretty tight, but there's like this
tensioner that keeps it tight. You really shouldn't have any problem with the chain falling off. They even went with a DNP nickel coated, 16 tooth cog in the rear.

And it's the kind of setup
where you can pedal backwards, so this is not a fixie. It's really nice to just
coast on this thing, or pedal backwards if you want to. The bolts I mentioned earlier, they've got this like
steel torque arm and stuff, but everything on this is
pretty standard otherwise, like 135 millimeter hub spacing. 100 upfront with a quick
release skewer nine millimeter, quick release skewer, right there. A lot of other little things like, see how this is a
threaded metal connector, and it's got a little washer right there, that's gonna make this
more water resistant, things like that. The light see how it's mounted
to the stem on this bike? For me, that's a huge deal. If you get the basket,
you can move it up here, which means you're not
gonna block the light.

Like imagine you've got
a basket full of kitties, or something like, maybe
some groceries or flowers. You don't want to lose your safety. But one trade off is that now, it's fixed. It only points really forward
in line with the bike, versus this setup over here. See, I'm gonna go ahead and turn it on. See it points right where you steer. So I'm actually a fan of
sort of the base set up here. I might spend the extra
$15 for a kickstand just 'cause that's sorta my
style, park it in the garage.

You don't want this like
tipping into a car or something. But if you're a student
and you know, it's like, yeah, I don't need the weight. I don't need that like, sound, when you go over rocks or something. This is the kind of bike it
reminds me of being a kid, you just sorta throw it on the ground. And, now there is the risk that when you're tossing your bike on its side, these plastic pedals could crack or just get chewed up over time, when all of the other Rad Power Bikes currently offer aluminum alloy pedals.

And now they're selling those
pedals in an array of colors, back at the website. So that's something you
could think about matching, or upgrading to, the plastic
ones are a little bit lighter, but you know, cheaper. Okay, I'm gonna go over some
of the other little things, that'd be, make this stand out to me. These are 12 gauge spokes,
so extra thick 36 hole rims. Black matching spokes matches the hub and the rims that's nice.

A lot of other like more
affordably priced bikes, just go with silver. They aren't as intentional
with all the black accents. And they gave me the gray color here, which looks really nice. It's kind of neutral,
sort of professional, but you can see the
wires a little bit more. And there's quite a few wires up here. 'Cause you got the light and the display, both brake levers have motor inhibitors.

So, whenever you pull those, not only do you get
physical stopping power, but the motor shuts off, and
it activates the rear light. So I'm gonna try to do that right now. Look at that, very cool. So it goes bright mode
if the lights are on, and if the lights are off, it comes on. That is wonderful especially
in combination with those reflective tires right
there, and puncture protected. And that's another really big advantage. 'Cause as a kid, I would
ride across like the fields, and you get like go heads and thorns. Have you ever had a flat tire Judy? – Yeah. – [Rye] It's no fun, right? – 'Cause I have to fix it. But then, you know, I
can't fix that by myself, so I have to ask for help.

– [Rye] Get some help
or something like that. Speaking of that, these
are direct consumer bikes. Okay, so if you're not
familiar with Rad Power Bikes, I've been covering for
years, and part of the way they get the lower price point is, you know, you ordered online
and they ship it to you. But unlike a lot of other companies, they've got like three or four outlets in the US, Canada and Europe. You can actually go in and test ride it, and like pick it up from there. Now, if you're not in one of those cities, but you're in some other major cities, they have this like mobile delivery van, that will come and bring
it to you and assemble it. So, that's really nice.

They have a year long
comprehensive warranty, all their battery packs and
stuff across compatible. In fact, they use a lot
of the same accessories. The RadMission that you
see here, this basket, it was kind of designed and
launched around the time that this bike was. And so it's really well suited
to this particular model. But it works with the other bikes, and they have other platform
tray racks and stuff. This rack is really only
for the RadMission right now and it's partially because they have the steeper seat stays going on. But look at how well they've done this. They got bungee loops,
they got pannier hangers. And then they've got this deck, which could support a trunk bag, or you can see these islets here.

You could add one of their,
like other basket accessories they've all kinds of bags and you know, insulated bags and stuff that you can get. Notice that we were able to position that real light back here now versus, on the base model without any accessories. They've got this little riser, so it keeps it up and above the tire. But they didn't put it on
the saddle or anything, which can get blocked if
you're wearing a jacket.

There's a lot of little
things that are kind of easy to forget, or just not
know when you're making bikes, but these guys have been
doing it for so long. They've really nailed it. Other examples include a
bottle cage bosses down here. It's not perfect, you'd
have to reach way down to get your bottle. But at least it's there,
and frankly I'd probably put a folding lock or some
other accessory down there. And then we've also got a
frame lock mounting point right here, on the seat stays.

And so it's the C-thing that
kinda like locks the rear wheel for making a quick errand. I love that they've gone
with this extra large like seat clamp right here. Look how big that is. So it gives you leverage, you're not gonna have
to hurt your fingers, trying to pry this tiny little thing. That's something that like
hardly anyone else does, and it doesn't really cost that much. I mentioned before you could
get the seatpost suspension, this is 27.2 millimeter, very standard. And they've gone with a
very active saddle here. This is from Velo and
it's very comfortable, but it's a little narrower and sportier, than some of the other bikes
like the RadCity and stuff, which, you know, those are
the ones with the suspension, and it's just a little bit
more upright and stuff. Although I should say, look at this nice sweep on the handlebar. They didn't just go with a flat handlebar, that's what I'm talking about,
it's swept back a little bit.

Look at these brakes, you've
got this rubberized edge, which is not only comfortable,
but a little bit warmer. If it's cold out, the metal gets cold too, but the rubber does not as much. Got an integrated bell right here. And mechanical disc brakes,
they're a little bit easier to adjust yourself, versus
get somewhat hydraulic you might have to go in
and them bled and stuff. I do prefer hydraulic, but
we're back to the price, trade off and stuff. This right break, the
cable has to go further, which means that this one can require a little bit more hand effort to use. But for the most part it's
good, and while we're down here, look at this kickstand, see that little silver thing right there? You can actually pull that
and slide this up and down, so we were able to adjust it
on the fly, which is fantastic. The pedal, it doesn't come anywhere near, you're probably not gonna
get heel strikes on this, while you're pedaling, it's very good.

It's not gonna get pedelec either. And then we've got our cadence sensor. This is my favorite one. This is a 14 pulse sealed cadence sensor. Some of the other ride bikes
have like a big circular disc with magnets on it, and it's just feels a
little bit more vulnerable. Whereas this one's really
tucked in, it's very precise. This is the motor controller, and they separated it
purposefully from the battery, to make the batteries
a lot more affordable. So this is the 14 Amp Hour battery, that comes with all the other Rad bikes. And I purposely, I was like, please, like I wanna test
this, does it actually work? And it does.

It fits even on the mid-step frame. So that's excellent. And these are, I was like
600 bucks or something, to replace those, which is really good. 672 watt hours, 48 volts
of power and that's part of why this motor is
so torquey and capable. This is the battery that
comes with the bike. So it's a little bit smaller and again, back to price point and
lightweight on these bikes, 48 volt, 10.5 Amp Hours. So 504 watt hours, which is like, yeah, it's kind of average. But the power that it
delivers and the motor design, is very effective. And again, thank goodness
because a single speed, you know, I got into eBikes
because I have sensitive knees, and I wanted something that
could help me, you know, get to work and back each
day without feeling the pain. And so I was like, yeah, and
eBike, that's a great idea. But then I bought like a
really kind of fancy one, and I was like worried about it all day. And it wasn't gonna be safe. Be even being able to remove that battery, and take it into the office and charge it, you're gonna be able to avoid
extreme, cold, extreme heat, which is gonna help those cells lasts a little bit longer.

But the charger that
comes with this spike, it only weighs about a pound, you can toss it in your
backpack and charge it during the day if you want to. If I was someone who, maybe you have a car and you've got one of
those cheaper bike racks that like hangs you're
supposed to hang the bike off the back of your car, this
high steps perfect for that. 'Cause there's tons of room
in this triangle to hang on a bike rack or some
buses have that same thing. You can also get like
a frame bag right here If you want to. Lots of possibilities, in addition to just the standard features
that they've got here with the fender mounts and everything. While we're on that topic,
let's talk about this. So, I mentioned 999, that's US dollars. In Canada, that's 1399. If you added all the
accessories we see here, which is like kind of everything, besides they have like a side mirror, this is like $1,300 with
all these accessories. You know, each it's
like 89 bucks, 79 bucks, they all add a little bit.

And the fenders, I do
wanna compliment these, they're plastic, but they're pretty solid, and they've got this rubber
kind of mud flap on the front. So if you were peddling and you kicked it, it's not gonna get bent. I think they're kind of
standard in a lot of ways, but they didn't use those mounting points, where you've got like metal
poking up that can scratch you. These are curved, they're not
designed to be adjustable. It just fits, it just works,
it provides enough space. It stays out of the
way, like good job Rad. And that's what I mean, they've really dialed these bikes in. And there are lots of attachment points, and quick disconnects and things
so that, it feels modular. Like if you have a problem with this bike, you can get a fix. Let's say you already
own a Rad Power Bike, you wanna go further, you can take their standard
14 Amp Hour battery, you can use it with this bike.

Like it's really cool the way
that this is just so again, modular, feel like I'm
running out of steam here. I've covered almost everything. We got a bunch of spacers,
so you can flip the stem if you wanna get more
aggressive, you can, you know, swivel up the handlebars and change your body position slightly, take the saddle way, way down. I measured these extensively, while I was studying the bikes, you know, back at home in my
basement and kind of like, Whoa, how does this work? So all of those measurements,
minimum saddle height, maximum saddle height,
length, so you can figure out if it fits on your car rack. But in so many ways, these
are just standard bicycles. What do you think so far, Judy? – Yeah. Like it's like, you
can see like the wheel, is larger than the last
bikes that I tried, and also I prefer the basket. – [Rye] You like that?
(laughs) – Yeah.

But… – [Rye] What would you put in there? What would you put it? – Like my bottles and some like, you know, tissues or something? – [Rye] Yeah, yeah. – I have got lots of stuff to put. And if, but like this one, is it like, like there's a cover or something? – [Rye] You know, they do have
bags that are water proof. They have like a big bag and a small bag, and an insulated bag. Rad Power Bikes actually
makes bikes for like Domino's, and people use them to deliver. They have one called the RadCity. So, for me that's another
sort of like validation point that the company does a good
enough job with quality. And then they're also responsive enough with customer support. So, half of this review is
like, sort of about the company, and then half of it is sort
of about the product here. I mean, to be honest with
you, if this was unbranded, I'd look at it and be like,
"You know, it's kinda heavy, it's a single speed." But then when you look closer to at it, you're like, "Oh, but look
at all the little things that they did so well." And frankly, 1,000 bucks,
like it's hard to buy an electric bike for under 1,000 bucks.

pexels photo 10821417

And then I know that the
company is gonna stick around to support you and stuff. So, I think that's about it. Should we hop on these things? Take 'em for a ride. – Sure.
– [Rye] Okay. Sweet, thanks. – RadMission, and it's our mission. (both laughing) – Test the bike then. – [Rye] That's right, awesome. Okay guys, I decided to
hop on this thing first, and walk you through the display panel. By the way, you do not have
to leave the keys in them, let me take those out, so
they aren't jingling around.

Just press a power button up here. This is like a super basic display, it's the same one that
they use for the RadRunner. Some of the other Rad Power
Bikes have like an LCD, and it gives you your current speed, like average speed, max
speed, some other details. Similar battery capacity indicator. So this just uses like five LED lights, that one has like five
LCD, little gray ticks. And again, the battery has like a little, you know, four tick indicator on it. So you get a sense for how full it is, even when it's not on the bike. Very reachable plus minus. And there is a walk mode, I
should talk about that too. Check it out. So if you hold the minus
button, the bike walks forward. I mean, this is a pretty swift walk. It's a little bit more of a jog. I don't know if that's a huge complaint. I think it comes back to how it's geared. This is geared, a little bit high.

I talked to the company about this 'cause I'm more of I like to
spin, and I do like gears. So I was like, is it worth it? Like you save $500,
but you could get gears if you go a little higher, and I guess it's all personal preference. So 50 tooth chainring down
here, 16 teeth on the rear. And it's just it's geared
to be high, meaning slower. And once you reach the 20
mile per hour top speed, it feels pretty comfortable at that speed. And thankfully there's a throttle. So, you know, getting up to speed, isn't too difficult with
the higher torque motor. So we got zero one, two, three
or four pedal assist levels, the light indicator, and just
seems to come on by default, which is great in terms of safety.

But I'm gonna turn it off for a second, and then show you that brake
activation, ain't that cool? So, you can even see this one
from the side a little bit, which is just really nice. They're wired in, they run
off that main battery pack, which is great. That's kind of it. I mean, it's a very simple display, and it might not attract
as much unwanted attention. One thing that I noticed
is that it feels bright sometimes there's no way to dim this. And I was like, maybe I can
just put some like, you know, tape over it or something
like some painter's tape, and mute it that way.

But then I realized you can
just like swivel it forward, and now it's not really shining
up in your eyes so much. So that was nice. This is not removable but again, it does swivel a little bit. I think I'm just gonna hop on, and, do pedal assist a little bit, so you can see how quickly it responds. I'm in the highest level of assist, so it's gonna be pretty quick. (eBike motor revving) Okay, even though we're on
gravel here, kind of a sandy, you know, just like a football field. It's feeling pretty stable. Feels pretty comfortable too, 'cause I did take the tire
pressure down a little bit, before I started test riding it, just to add some comfort for myself. The body position is pretty comfortable to kind of upright full
leg extension here. Can I hand it off? There we go. There we go. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah, it's fun. I was talking to Mike from Rad Power Bikes about these bikes and stuff, 'cause we kind of go back a ways, and anytime they introduce
a new bike, it's fun.

I'm getting a review of this
before it's out on the market, and ask them all these
questions like why steel fork? And we talked about the
basket and everything. So Mike was like, you know, "This just reminds me of being a kid. I had a, single-speed
like puffy type of bicycle where you're you know, one
gear and you just get it done." And my heart, is still in
that child, like fun place, but it's sorta like my
knees aren't as much. And that's why I love having
a throttle, 'cause it's just, you know, so I wanna try
to demonstrate that again, you can just get on the
bike with the throttle, no problem.

(eBike motor revving) And I feel like Rad Power
Bikes does the throttle the right way, which is, you
know, this is variable speed, like the further you twist
it, the more power you get. And, some other companies
it's really limited in power by what level of assist. So this one, you can put
it in zero, if you want to. And, when you do that, you got the lights, and you got the throttle. You don't have to use the
throttle if you don't want to, but it's not like you're peddling is gonna activate pedal
assist, and surprise you. It's just it's very intuitive, it's like a little scooter in that way. This is a Class 2 electric bike. I did a little like intro.. I keep looking for that kickstand, I guess you just lay it down. I did like a little intro
video on this bike awhile back.

'Cause you know, they did like
an announcement or something, and I was like is it Class 1? 'Cause I saw this one right here. But no that's this is the first iteration of the RadMission, it's
like first-generation. So, correcting myself right there. And I didn't notice at that
time about the kickstand, a few people were like, "Oh,
come on, why not kickstand." And it's like, well,
you know, it's 15 bucks. And I guess I should say, this is sort of like a zero
waste sort of approach. If you want those accessories? Great by them, it's a few hundred bucks, and the bike will look just like this. If you don't, and you're not
gonna use them, you get this, and at least you're not wasting them.

You know, to me that that kind of matters. The charger for these bikes, it's just it's too amp and stuff, which is a little bit slower,
it's another trade off. But it's very reliable. It's back to like, why do they
have an external controller? Keeps the heat separate from the battery. They lot of really
like, I guess, you know, durability-minded, is how
I would come out there. So I think we're maybe we switch helmets and you can go for a ride. – Sure.
– [Rye] Are you excited? – I can't wait for
testing it or riding it. – [Rye] Did you think
of any other questions while I was riding? – Questions.

Yeah, I just came up with a one question. – [Rye] Yeah. – Like I'm wondering if the
chain is gonna be rusted, or? – [Rye] Great question. Yeah, so this DNP like nickel
coated sprocket back here, that's a more expensive
part and this is a Z-Chain, and it is rust resistant. You know rust resistant. So I think over time, if it gets kinda
scratched up or something, it could rust a little bit. And the steel chainring,
maybe a little bit, but probably a lot less than some. And if you think about
that derailleur and stuff, and how it squeaks and has extra cables, and how it's changing
and maybe scuffing more, I actually think this is gonna be, it's gonna stay a little
bit nicer over time. 'Cause if you look at like
the alignment of that chain, it's just like super straight, it's not being pulled side to side. You're probably never gonna
have like a chain break, or something on you.

Does that answer it?
– Yeah. – [Rye] Probably more than you needed. – Yeah. – [Rye] Like, okay, it's not gonna rust. Okay, so Judy hop on it
before you turn it on. Just because with a throttle, we don't want to accidentally bump it. So you're good, just pop over the bike. Yep, stow the kickstand. – [Judy] Yeah.
– [Rye] This is great, yeah. And can you jump forward real quick and stand over the frame? So this is what we… it's pretty approachable this frame. You are like five and a
half feet or something? – Yeah. – [Rye] Something like
that yeah. Okay, cool. Now that we're set, you
can just turn it on. Great, it does this little dance. It's like,
(mimics electronic beeping) – [Judy] It's interesting.
– [Rye] And then that's it. You just throttle like you're
used to or pedal assist. – Okay. (plane engine roaring) – Here we go.
– [Rye] There you go. (eBike motor revving) – [Rye] Nice.

So it's the slow steady
cadence, of the single-speed. Nice job. (eBike motor revving) Sweet. Oh, there we go. Now she's going for it with the throttle. (laughs) Oh yeah, we got the bell going on. There's the headlight, I
don't see the brake light. Yeah, very nice. Okay, first impressions. – High five.
– [Rye] High five you like it. – Yeah. – [Rye] Is this worth 1,000
bucks? What do you think? – Yeah definitely. Well, this one's 13… We looked at, so no, hey, you know, we've
reviewed a bunch of other bikes, but this is really the perfect bike. I think for like a student or someone, who wants to leave
their bike and not worry about it so much. I mean the end of the day,
bikes can and do get stolen even with a big lock, but at
least you're not losing like a ton of money. (both chuckle) – Then my heart went broke. – [Rye] I know, oh my
gosh, that would be such a, that'd be a sad moment. Okay guys, you're all hooked
up to the RadMission ST, and I think that kind
of stands for Step-Thru, even though it's mid-step.

You can see the 50 tooth steel chainring, 16 tooth cog in the rear. I'm gonna pedal along
with pedal assist again, that 14 pulse sensors really responsive, and just nice and clean, tight. You can listen for chain
rattling, or these fenders again, optional fenders, just to see what kind of
noise they might make. And then really just how
responsive the motor is when I start and stop pedaling. At any time you can over
override with the brakes, and then that'll cut the motor power, but I've been very impressed
with the 500 watt motor here. It's more powerful than a
lot of geared hub motors that I've tested. And that's really important
if you're climbing or starting and especially
with the single-speed.

So, let's do it. In the highest level of assist level four, just to make the motor
noise more pronounced, and to give us a climbing advantage. (eBike motor revving) Pretty quiet. I was purposely going over
like some rough stuff, that you probably wouldn't normally do, in a kind of an urban environment. And the fenders are tight
and like really solid, everything's feeling good. So I did use the throttle a bit there. So now I'm gonna use pedal assist. (eBike motor revving) Climbing a really steep hill right now.

Its working right. (eBike motor revving continues) Throttle. Nice. About halfway up the hill right now. And I'm gonna try throttling from zero, or maybe it'll just a little
bit of a push forward. 'Cause this is like the real test. Like what happens, if you're
relying on the throttle, and it's a hill and you can't peddle, 'cause you know, you're
kind of in a higher gear, that's how this is set up. It's sort of a slower, relaxed
cadence at the low speeds. And then it feels more
comfortable and natural, like 84 pedal strokes per minute at the higher 20 mile per hour speed. So this is a good test. I am 135 pounds, so if you're heavier, your mileage may vary. You might need to kind of
take the hill at an angle, or kickoff a little bit more.

But once that motor starts going, it seems to do a surprisingly good job. (eBike motor revving) Pretty impressed. (eBike motor revving) Nice. You probably keep hearing
that brake squeak, that can happen if you're
like building a bike, and you touch it with your hands. 'Cause like the grease
from your hands at wheels, can kind of get into the brake rotors, and then the caliper the
brake pads and stuff. So, try not to touch
those disc brake rotors, if you can help it. And then if you do get them dirty, I think people use like
brake cleaner or alcohol, or something and of kind of
clean the grease off that way. Yeah, hope that helps yah. And this time I think I'm
gonna go like full speed, just to show what that looks like, and pedal cadence and everything. (eBike motor revving) I made it to one of my
favorite testing hills. So we've got a nice like flat runway, and then fairly steep hill that
sort of curves a little bit.

The key is just to have some
speed when you're riding, 'cause once you get to the hill, you're relying quite a bit on the motor, unless you actually stand up, in my experience with some of the… so here we go, there we go. Motor's kicking in,
headed towards the hill. I'm in two right now, which is my favorite for riding around, just
the comfortable speed. And now the bike's doing pretty
well, starting to hear it. (eBike motor revving) I'm losing speed, I don't
know how fast I'm going, but I'm definitely losing speed right now. And my cadence is already really low, I'm just slugging along. This is when I would definitely
be like in that higher level of assist and I can feel it right away, so I'm making it.

But if I was just in throttle
mode, it would make it too. (eBike motor revving) As long as you have speed. Now, let's see what happens if
I completely stop right here, you know, I'm like halfway up the hill, and we just try to use the
throttle from standstill. There we go. I'm impressed, I mean,
this thing is, like I said, it's a zippy motor 50
Newt meters of torque.

That for me is one of the
biggest like highlights of this bike is that the
motor is quite powerful, for a hub motor, it's
really not even that loud. (eBike motor revving) Because with my knee sensitivity, if I was trying to like
pedal this with no assists, let me just give you a take
it all the way down to zero. I mean, I'm almost immediately struggling, and I would need to stand up. That's like as far as I can
go, without the motor assist. So just keep your eye
on that battery gauge, and think about your own,
just your own situation. Everyone's a little bit different, but I hope that gives
you some perspective, just how impressive these
bikes are in terms of power.

I think that's about it. For the full written review on the RadMission with all the specs and details. See back at electricbikereview.com. We've also got some forums,
and a cool comparison tool. So, you can look at this bike, and you could compare it
against maybe the RadCity. That's like the closest
bike from Rad Power Bikes. And you know, you can make
your decisions about cost and stuff. I love you guys ride
safe out there, have fun.

Welcome to eBikes, if you're new. 'Cause I feel like this
is gonna be a popular one for maybe people that felt like they couldn't afford
eBikes before, or you know, just had never really seen one. I love that it comes in so many colors, and that they chose to
do two frame styles. 'Cause that costs money. Like it's easy to
overlook that, but I mean, you feel more comfortable on this one, than the big one over there. So, you know, that's worth it. Anyway, ride safe out there,
we'll see you next time. So we're back at the car,
getting ready to load these. And I was taking the battery off, 'cause I only have an inch and
a quarter hitch right here, and probably don't need the extra weight. I put the battery in the car. And Judy was like, how do
you get the battery off? So, you know, these
batteries are pretty cool. They have like three spots, one is on, and locked to the frame. Two is off, and locked to the frame.

That way no one can tamper with your bike at the bike rack or something. And the third one, you like
push it in, and then twist it. And now it's ready to be removed. And you can take the key out
in any of these positions, but we'll just leave it
in, so we don't lose it. And now the difficult part
and maybe one of the tradeoffs with this battery is, it's
kind of tight sometimes, you have to like brace the frame. Do you wanna try again? – [Judy] Sure.
– [Rye] And just slide it for, be careful with your fingers and stuff. There you go, right? It takes a little bit of effort. – [Judy] Yeah. – [Rye] And then you wanna be careful. This one's 7.7 pounds,
I think the lighter one, the lower capacity that
comes with it's like 6.3 or something. So again, this is like the
higher capacity battery, that I just asked to play with.

Three bolts, right here
for the slide track. Nicely done. And there's the stepped in
frame I was talking about. Careful not to drop this, it
does have two fuses in it. – [Judy] Oops. – [Rye] Oh no, Judy!
– Kidding. – [Rye] This is expensive. Still is like five or 600
bucks depending on which ones, you get, and then yeah,
extreme heat actually degrades the cells over time. Whereas extreme cold, just stuns it, it puts it to sleep for a while. So you really want like cool dry location, and it looks like this
battery's been through, you know, look at all
the scratches and like. – You did that?
– [Rye] No, no, no. This is like their loner battery, yeah. I'm gonna put this bike on, and I thought this would
be cool to show you guys, how I do this, 'cause
you know, the most eBikes are kind of heavy, and I don't want anyone to hurt their backs.

So, this is a Goolwa rack that I like. And they're not paying me
to say this or anything. I actually bought this,
but I got a pro-deal, which was nice. So take the bike like this, and now I lock the rear brake,
and I pull back on the bike and I set the front wheel
on the frame like this. And then all I have to do
is lift the rear, like that. Put that into this slot. (metal squeaking) Tuck this under like that. Yeah, so that's nice,
(metal squeaking) locks it just like this. And that's it. By doing it that way you don't
have to like hurt your back, or like try to, you know,
it's just a lot easier. So, hope that helps. I'm gonna do the other one real quick too. (metal squeaking) This one I'll try to do faster. This one matches my rack, a little bit. Just lift up on the, there you go. (metal squeaking) Set it in the track. Even with fenders, this
track works pretty well.

Just like tightens on the front wheel. Did this back thing through here, turn the wheel a little bit. (metal squeaking) And we're ready to go. Look at that, it even
fits with the basket. I was a little worried
about that, honestly, I was coming to the park to visit. Let me show 'em the, good spacing. So anyway, I used stuff that I like, including like the Abus Helmet, it's got a light up on top here, they gave me the helmet of
course, but this is good stuff. And I'm a big fan of safety. Like with all this
stuff that you see here, the reflections and stuff.

So, I think that's it. Are we done now? Did we get everything? – We did everything. – [Rye] Rock on..

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