Rad Power Bikes RadRhino Step-Thru 1 250W Review – €1.6k (EU Version)

– Hey guys, we're checking
out a brand new one from Rad Power Bikes. This is the RADRhino Step-Thru. It's based on the RADRover Step-Thru from the United States and Canada, but it's for all you European people. And this is the first
generation of this bike in the US and in Europe. So it's really cool. It's going in both locations. I also like that it comes in two colors.

So we've got this white,
sort of a matte finish. And then these are all the
black versions over here. So we got the full size RadRhino, which is a little bit stiffer,
higher stand over height, but you'll notice the
batteries moved forward versus vertical. This frame has a little
bit more flex, but really, it's not too bad because they've
got this gusset right here. And then this extra support arm, almost like a little top
tube surrounds the battery, offers some good protection. The bikes are just really built tough. And you can even see the frame right here. It looks like there's a thicker
piece of tubing down here. And it's sort of a
rectangle, a tall rectangle. Very nice setup. Also Kind of a satin finish on this. I actually like the black
a little bit more myself because all the cables
and everything blend in. Safety wise Rad has got you covered. They've got reflective sidewall
stripes on all their bikes, as well as integrated light. So you can see that over here. I thought I'd focus on the white one because it stands out more, gives you an excellent visual
footprint from the side.

But they've also got this
light that's on a little riser. So it won't get quite so
blocked by that fender. If you're way down here it goes away. But most of the time you're up here or even up here if you're a car. So I'm definitely digging
that; very thoughtful. And I've got all these racks and stuff. And whenever you get a rack,
including the front rack, they've got a little extender cable so the light will mount to the rack. And when you do that, it no
longer points where you steer. So that's one trade off. But I just this light is pretty cool. You'll notice that it's
pretty visible from the side. The older lights, they were
like this kind of rectangle, that had two beams.

Now they've gone with this
light ring and then a lens in the middle that's fairly focused. It actually gives you a pretty good view of where you're going. It's not just a be seen light
it actually helps you see. You've got these aluminum
alloy fins on the top. They're connected to light housing so they actually dissipate
heat like a heat sink. Kind of geeking out here, but
safety is a big deal for me. Even the mounting point
right here, it's narrowed. So it's not supposed
to adjust side to side if it gets bumped. It's supposed to be a little bit sturdier.

A bit of a complaint, whenever
you're mounting something to the arch of a suspension,
it's going to go up and down. It'd be nice if it was mounted up here. But then again, it's
already kind of crowded. And if you had stuff in the basket, you know when the optional
insulated bags or whatever it might block the light. So having it out front
like this works pretty well even with the rack. I think they did a
pretty good job on this. And now they include
these plastic fenders, 110 millimeters in
width, which is excellent because you want to protect yourself if you're going through
some mud and water, which we are doing today. These tires are awesome. They are cobranded Rad Power
Bikes by Kenda The Juggernaut. They've got puncture
resistant tire casing, that reflective stripe and that can be lowered
from five to 30 psi. The lower you go, the
better it's going to perform on soft sand or snow or loamy kind of leafy, muddy types of terrain. I've actually used a bike
just like this in Mexico and I took the tire pressure
all the way down to five.

I'm a relatively lightweight
rider, but I was there with more like a taller, heavier individuals. And we did fine, it actually made it through the sand surprisingly. We were having a blast on the beach. So this really empowers you to go places that you might not otherwise go. You know, you're going
to be able to keep up with your friends easier. You're not going to get super hot because you've got a little
bit of electric assist. So again, 26 by four inch.

These are the super fat tires
and they've got specific rims with 12 gauge spokes, extra sturdy. And a very specific motor that's fat bike. It's made for the kind
of the width of this. So the spokes are going to
get that sturdy bracing angle, just like you'd want to support the heavier weight of these rims. Now, this bike does weigh
like 71 an 1/2 pounds. It'd be nice if these
were punched out rims because that would lighten the bike a bit. It might change the structural integrity. These are supposed to
be able to handle people up to 275 pounds. And we consider all the racks
including bottle cage bosses up there. That's a pretty sizable load you know.

So maybe this is a strength thing. It might also be to keep the bike a little bit more affordable. €1,599, not too bad and
they sell these in Germany, in France, in Belgium, in the Netherlands and they kind of opening up
other geographies as well. Free shipping. Pretty, pretty good setup. Some of the other like little minor attention to detail, right? Like that's, that's the thing. I'm saying minor because it's like well, you can buy these pedals
yourself for like 20 bucks, but so many ebikes come
with like plastic pedals. These are aluminum alloy. They're sturdy. They've got these grippy nubs. Then we've got this alloy chain guide. So it's a steel chain ring, but
this alloy guide won't rust. It's also going to protect your, maybe your skirt or
your pants a little bit from touching that dirty chain over time. We've got a nice slap guard.

So you're not gonna get grease and stuff on that white frame. Now I mentioned the colors. I kind of like the black. I wanna like the white, but it's just a little bit
more matte than I would like. It gets smudged a little bit easier. It'd be nice if this is a bit more satin. But again, it looks beautiful. And you've got your choice on this bike.

A lot of their other bikes,
they only come in one color. Now we've got this steel derailleur guard. So if the bike tips over or in shipping, it's banging around, it's gonna protect that Shimano Acera derailleur. This is three steps up from the base level in Shimano's group set. Pretty nice, you know,
again, for this price point, that's nice. That's an upgrade. And then we've got the free wheel.

That's all these cogs right here. There are seven speeds and
it goes from 11 to 34 tooth. That 34 tooth is really big. That's the one you're
going to use to get started or to climb. And that's wonderful. I've actually climbed around
without peddle assist. Just the bikes been off and
I've been able to do it, You know, yeah, the
bike's heavier and stuff, but with the right gear, you
go slow, but it's possible.

And then the 11 tooth
that's going to help you hit and maintain the 25
kilometer per hour top speed. You can probably go faster
than that comfortably, but that's where the motor cuts out. Because this is a class
one electric bicycle. And you're looking at this, you're like, "Well, what's this all about?" This is twist power assist; it's basically walk mode made easier. So you can twist that it's going to make the bike go about six kilometers per hour. Same things happen if
you held the down arrow, it just helps the bike push
along, which is really good if let's say you go down a hill and you don't feel comfortable climbing or maybe there are a lot of people around.

It's nice to have walk mode, but Rad Power Bikes has
taken it to another level. Because this also overrides
the five levels of assist and it takes you to the
next level, basically. So we're in one right now. I'd be going pretty slow. The motor's gonna give
me 50 watts of power. But if I twist that, it'll
take me all the way up to 250. So it just saves me time from having to go one, two, three, four, five, yeah all the way to the top, right? It's just it just jumps me right up there.

So I like that. You do have to be pedaling. This thing uses a 12
magnet cadence sensor. You can see it right down there. It's like this disc and
there's a little leader on the RadRunner. Which is the kind of their mini bike. It's a little bit more
affordable than this. That one has a seal cadence
sensor, which is on this side. And I kind of prefer that, but
this one's high resolution, it's working just fine. We've got excellent
kickstand placement here. It stays clear of the left crank arm and the kickstand is not
banging into that disc brake. See, it's nice, that's
got enough clearance. That's something I think about
when I look at these a lot because it's easy to kind of bend this and then it'll start making
noises when you ride.

This is a planetary
geared 250 watt hub motor. It's black, it's got the black spokes and everything looks really nice. I think it might be similar hardware as we see in other jurisdictions, but they've kind of clocked
it down a little bit. It's firmware integrated. You can't override it or anything. And that's because they're
trying to comply with the laws in Europe, but
it's a very capable motor. I think this thing will be very durable and probably more efficient
because it's not peeking out at those higher levels like
we've seen in North America, which means you're going
to get better range, like 30 to 50 miles
depending on how you ride. Now there is a little
torque arm right there, kind of leftover from the
higher powered Rad Power Bikes. And that keeps this axle
from chewing into the frame. This is an aluminum alloy frame, right? And as power is being
exerted by this motor, having that torque arm
just keeps it solid, which is really nice, almost overkill. Same thing with the disc brakes here. These are 180 millimeter
mechanical disc brakes.

pexels photo 8798738

We got four finger levers. So you can really grab
that and kind of, you know, bear down and make sure you're stopping. And whenever you're braking,
there's a second wire here that sends a signal to that controller and says, "Hey, turn the motor off. I don't need any more power right now." It's a great override. And it's important to have
that on a cadence sensing bike because you know, there's a
little bit of a delay sometimes or maybe your feet are
moving just a little bit this override. So it's a great safety. And there's one other feature
that they offer if we hold the mode button here for a second.

Press up and mode. We got the lighting. So you can see this that, it's kind of a glowing LCD. There's the rear light. And there it is, brake light activation. I love that. So between the reflective tires and the rear light and everything, they've just done a great job. So other things, let's see. Got the suspension fork. It's got compression adjust, right? All the way to lock out. So let's say you're on
a smooth section of road and you don't want to lose energy or you don't want that bumpy feeling.

You can walk this out. And it's got pre load. So you can pre load the spring if you've got like a heavier
load out front on a rack or you just a heavier person and that way, you're not using up the travel. 100 millimeters of travel, just kind of wasting it going up and down. It's nice, it's a pretty nice
fork considering still trying to be a little bit more affordable. It's not an air fork. It's not like super high end. It gets the job done. And then back to that battery pack. Just good positioning. It's got a little LED
charge level reader on it. You can charge it on or off the frame. You might need to take
the saddle off or twist it when you remove the battery because otherwise it could get in the way. And this is the European charger.

It's same one they use in North America. Pretty lightweight; weighs
roughly 1.1 to 1.5 pounds depending on the additional
cable you've got. So they have C 13, Type G, Type F. And since they sell this all
over the place in Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands,
France, Belgium, it's really cool that they
were thoughtful about this. And I only have two of the plugs here. But it's kind of neat to see. And this charger puts out two Amps. So it can take a little bit longer, roughly six hours if your
battery's completely depleted, just because it is such
a high capacity battery at 672 watt hour. So keep that in mind. Now they do have three
locking positions for the key. So you can leave this
battery on and lock it and disable the display.

That's something neat. So they're three positions:
unlocked to slide it off, locked, but on the bike, and locked and active. So right now we're in locked in active. The display is ready for us and so is a little USB
charging port down here. I love this thing. It's a full size USB Type A. So it's probably going to work with all your accessories and stuff.

You can put a phone mount
and Rad actually sells one. You could put lights, maybe a music player
or something like that. So a bunch of cool accessories
like the phone mount, but they also have a suspension seatpost. So if you have a sense of back and neck it's just going to take the edge off, which would be nice on
this kind of terrain where it's a little bit rockier. It really pairs nicely
with that front fork. It does cost a little bit extra. The same thing with all
the racks and stuff. The rear rack is great
because it's compatible with the Yepp child seat. It has the window, but
it's also compatible with the side clamping version. So I feel like they've done a good job just making this bike
like ready for anything. So I might hop on, I think I've you know, I've gone around. There's a lot to say about these bikes. It's really cool to see
them back to back like this and to be able to look at the colors and enjoy riding them
around and trying them out.

Yeah, I also want to call out that they've got this Rad Mini and this is the European version. It's kind of a little bit of
a higher stand over height. The smaller wheels actually
give it a mechanical advantage for riding and it folds
and it stores nicely. So, you know, maybe you're traveling a lot or you live in a loft and
there's just not a lot of room, you can put it in a closet. It's cool to have options like that. And then the batteries are interchangeable between all of them.

So if you're a family, you can,
you know, loan the batteries or maybe put it in your rack
and go for an extra long ride. Yeah, they've just,
they've really nailed it. Okay, so here's the display. We've got a charge level
indicator at the top five bars. It'd be nice if there were 10
or maybe a percentage readout would be more precise. Odometer and if I press the mode button it goes to trip distance. And then down here we've current speed. If I hold the up arrow,
it goes to average speed and then max speed. Down here we have pedal assist. It starts in one and the walk mode kind
of thing is available. If we go to zero,
nothing's really available. It's just like a bicycle with a screen with a USB charging port and lights. So still not bad. But if we go up to one, we're going to get that nice, subtle, really easy 50 watts. That's what I was saying before. We go up to level two, we get 100, 150, and then 250 all the way at five.

So a lot of really good feedback here. The lights you hold up
and mode to activate. Walk mode you hold down. And I think that's kind of it. There are a couple more settings
if you hold up and down, you can go and adjust the backlight brightness of this display, which is cool because sometimes at night as it's getting to be evening here, this could be a little too
bright for some people. So it's nice that you
can kind of turn it down. I think that's about it. The display does not remove
but it does swivel a little bit if you're getting some glare. I like that the saddle matches
the grips and the brown and they've got the the handle. Everything's black on the black bike. So that you know they kind
of they color matched it. This is full leather. So you know if you're
sensitive about animals and stuff like that. I feel like they checked
a lot of the boxes here. Yeah, I might just hop on this thing and go for a little ride. I'm at the highest level of assist.

So I'll just leave it there. And I'm in a middle gear so should work just fine. There we go. Cruising up the path. You can actually start to see the light lighten up our pathway with those trees down there. This is no hand shot. It's a pretty stable bike. And I have lowered the tire
pressure just a little bit to make it more comfortable
and I only weigh 135 pounds. So for me going over the rocks and stuff, I want it to feel really
smooth, if possible. Do some gear shifting here. Beautiful, one handed breaking, no problem. So even though it's a
bit of a heavier bike, most of these bikes are heavy. Like I think it's 67
pounds for the RAD Mini. This one's 71.5; it's the heaviest because they kind of had
to reinforce that frame. Make it extra stiff. And I've done some tests, you know, trying to shake this thing around and see if there's any speed wobble. And it really rides
well, it's really smooth. That could change a little bit
if you have racks and stuff. But I get on some bikes where you know the weight is too far
back and it just wobbles and it's not very, not very stable.

So I feel like Rad has done a good job engineering this bike. Okay guys, we're gonna
go for a little ride. You can check out that 42
tooth chain ring in action. Listen for the motor, right? See how quickly it starts
and stops when I pedal. I'll switch the gears a
little bit and everything and just get some fun shots. Nice, always good to do the brake test. I have noticed sometimes there's
a little bit of a squeak. And also noticed that
if I'm in a high gear the chain bounces around a lot
more and you kind of hear it sometimes even banging on that guide. But otherwise, you know it's pretty solid, especially without any accessories. And these fender's plastic,
they're not going to rust the way that maybe steel would. A little bit lighter than
aluminum and more durable. You know that you could get
some vibration sounds like that but it's not too bad.

And go for it. It actually climbs pretty well. Like going up the rocks and stuff. It's still pretty zippy. And when you're climbing
and you're off road having that 25 kilometer per hour cutoff is more than enough. I find myself going like 15
to 10 kilometers per hour just to try to be safe and the tires and everything feeling very, like stable. And that's important,
especially if you aren't like an actual mountain biker. There's the light. You kind of see the beam
there on the side of the bank. Nice. Guys, I think that's about it. Enjoying the sunset at the
end of a fun day riding bikes.

For the full written review
on any of these bikes. I'm kind of reviewing all of them. I'll see you back electricbikereview.com. I've got a pretty cool
tool so you can take the RadRhino Step-Thru and
compare it to the high staff and look at the different weights. There's really not a whole lot difference besides the frames. I should point out that
this has taller steer tube and fewer spacers. This one has a shorter steer
tube and a lot more spacers. So the geometry ends
up being very similar. The minimum saddle height
is actually fairly close.

This one just has a
lower standover height. And the bottle cage bosses are
right there on the down tube instead of way down
here under the downtube. Not quite as accessible. And then we don't have
any bottle cage bosses on the little Rad Mini. So that's one of the trade offs. You can go through. Check them out and everything. I measure this all by hand. I do my best but I welcome your feedback and suggestions and requests. Love you guys have fun out there. We'll see you next time..

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