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How Biomass Might Help Reduce Global Warming

As fuels like oil and gas run out, alternatives such as biomass are becoming much more popular. Especially in countries like the UK, biomass offers one way to help reduce reliance on fossil fuels – which are obviously very polluting. This article looks at the advantages.

The Threat of Global Warming

Global warming is primarily caused by an imbalance of the “greenhouse gases.” Greenhouse gases in of themselves are not malevolent; in fact, the earth’s atmosphere is essentially a by-product of the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect keeps some of the heat generated on earth from escaping into space.

You Can Be Eco-Friendly – It’s Easier Than You Think

It seems like every time you turn on the radio or TV someone is talking about green this or green that and they’re not talking about Kermit the Frog. What they’re talking about is becoming eco- friendly. We’ve done enough damage to our surroundings and it’s time for everyone to do their part by becoming eco- friendly.

Global Warming – Myths and Reality

Monsoons, drastic change in climatic condition, acid rains, rapid melting of polar ice burgs, increase in sea level and frequent droughts are some grave consequences which we are facing today due to global warming. The sad part of this story is that; we could not still find a workable solution to fix this irreversible effect and our technology is not yet ripened enough to provide such solutions to our environmental problems.

Fighting Global Warming

There are so many other ways people can fight global warming on their own small scale and in their day to day lives. All it takes is a small idea to get the ball rolling into a large movement.

The Easy Way to Recycle Old Furniture

Are you all thumbs when it comes to arts and crafts? If you are, it probably is getting on your nerves to be harped on about recycling, refinishing, and reusing your old furniture. There are simple things that even the klutziest of people can do with their banged up pieces.

The Home Recycling Element Collectors and Assimilators of the Future

In the future each home and business will have a machine, and this machine will take any molecule, and rip it apart back to its original elements. And then each element will be divided into its own category and stored for future use. You could take any chemical, or compound that was in any shape or size, within reason, and this machine would disassemble it down to its basic elements.

Eco Credits – How California Energy Credits Help You Save Money on Your Tax Bill

You will want to consult with a certified public accountant that has a focus on corporate tax planning. Your CPA will let you know if your business is located within one of forty-two statewide enterprise zones. These zones are classified as economically at-risk areas where, if businesses are located there, those companies may be eligible for a number of helpful tax credits, including green tax incentives.

Translucent Aluminum Recycling Trash Cans For San Francisco; Guaranteeing Compliance

I’m not sure if you heard or not but in the City/County of San Francisco each resident is compelled to sort out their trash and put all the recycling items such as plastics, aluminum and cardboard into special recycling trash containers. Failure to do this can result in fines, and they get progressively more, after each violation, worse of all, your neighbors can turn you in to the trash police.

Eco Friendly Water Bottles – Why You Need to Use Them and What’s in it For You

A little while ago I decided to have a paddle up a local creek in my kayak. What l found disturbed me. There l was enjoying the water, birds and trees, then, rounding a bend and under a bridge it hit me…

Computer Recycling – What is Your Business Doing With Old Equipment?

Us Oregonians are known for being ahead of the curve on recycling and green living. For many in the Northwest, our interest in reducing environmental impacts spans to business as well. This article discusses why recycling electronic equipment (computers, keyboards, monitors, servers etc.) is so important to many Oregon businesses and some of the easy ways they can go about doing it.

A Guide to Changing Your Driving Habits to Dramatically Reduce Your Impact on Global Warming

Let’s start with driving habits. First of all, find ways to be able to drive less. Consider the following statistic: Americans drive an average of 614.5 billion miles to and from work. 614.5 billion miles. Think of the amount of carbon dioxide we are spewing into the air as we commute.

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