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Does Eco-Friendly Mean Recycled?

Unlike even 30 years ago, many of us, if not most, find ourselves putting out a recycle bin each week on the day our trash is picked up. In that bin can be newspapers, cardboard, plastic, glass, and probably many other things. Some are very good at it, and disciplined about it, while others have never used these bins for their intended purpose.

Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Food Containers Rapidly Replacing Styrofoam Clamshells Nationwide

Everyone is becoming more eco-friendly these days, especially in terms of eating out and take home food containers. With the Styrofoam clamshells that were the marvel of the 1950’s plastics boom being outlawed by cities across the country we’re finally waking up to the fact that maybe they weren’t as great as we once thought – and we need to make a conscious choice to change. Luckily, many more eco-friendly options are becoming readily available today in the food service industry that are good for business – and good for the planet.

Buy Recycled Plastic Products For Garden Growing

Buy Recycled Plastic Products For Garden Growing. Home vegetable growing has increased dramatically. This is more than likely an eco-friendly side effect of the recession. The credit crunch has motivated people to start to do just that, countering raising food prices and in turn helping the environment.

Obtaining and Recycling Scrap Aluminum Cans

Recycling is an activity that most people are becoming more aware of. The environmental impact of recycling is undeniable. This article discusses about one of the most common recycling activities using scrap aluminum cans.

How Can Al Gore and Politicians Convince Americans to Accept Global Warming Legislation?

It’s getting harder and harder to accept the politics of climate change. Even blizzards are blamed on global warming and we are told that something has to be done now or the world will be in peril. Like Al Gore, I am not a scientist and I can’t debate meteorology. I do have some ideas, however, that will help convince Americans to join the fight to save the earth.

Eco Friendly – Not Just About the Climate

There has been a lot of attention given to the climate change debate in recent times. Both skeptics and environmentalists have been debating ferociously about the influence of mankind’s behaviour on the climate and what should be done about it.

Increasing Awareness of Recycling Aluminum Scrap Metals

Learning more about the benefits from reusing and recycling aluminum scraps can make people realize how important and rewarding it is to become more responsible. This article aims to increase awareness as to how and why people should recycle aluminum scraps.

Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metal

Since elements such as metal are found to exist naturally, it is therefore considered limited resource whereby it will deplete one day. Thus, the necessity to recycle metals is of paramount importance. What many people do not understand is the benefits from recycling metals such as scrap metal copper.

How Eco-Friendly Photo Albums Can Preserve Your Memories For Future Generations

Yes, eco-friendly photo albums can preserve your memories for future generations. In normal circumstances, unless you have one of the ancient albums passed along to you by parents or grandparents, with the black stick-on corners, you’re probably noticing, or will eventually, that the pictures in your oldest photo albums are not quite as rich in color as they once were.

Advantages of Scrap Aluminum Recycling

Having in-depth information about the benefits from recycling aluminum scraps can make us further understand how important and financially rewarding it is. This article aims to provide more information about the benefits of recycling aluminum scraps.

The Importances of Recycling Scrap Copper

Copper, which is useful to mankind for having the best electrical and thermal conductivity of all commercial metals, excellent workability and good corrosion resistance, has no doubt faced great demands as of late. As copper demand is getting greater, recycling it helps meet demands of copper, reduce energy consumption, and conserve natural resources and also decreasing waste disposal.

How to Recycle Copper

Recycling copper scrap may sound easy at first but there is more to it actually. Recycling this material requires various steps that would enable you to get a higher profit selling it.

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