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Kids and Toys – Serious Support For Recyclers

One of the biggest mistakes parents make, especially in the time when their family is young, is to over spend and buy more toys than children can possibly play with before just feeling overwhelmed. Help Save the Environment in Easy Steps: resources, tips, secrets. When children are in a play room, overflowing with toys, they often will retreat, feeling there are too many to choose from, and will not play with any of them…

Increased Use of Post Consumer Recycled Material in Concrete

As the economic stimulus packages begin to roll out, especially those related to infrastructure spending, many concrete product producers will begin looking for ways to tap into these projects and gain a substantial high-ground advantage in the procurement of these funds. Two key trends are emerging that will separate the innovators from the followers and establish a new level of leadership within the industry: the green building products movement, and the use of recycled materials in the production of building materials.

How Important is it For the City to Recycle Items?

Almost everyone understands the importance of recycling our byproducts, but in this age of consumption it is more important then ever that cities and municipalities encourage this and provide more easily accessible resources for recycling in order to keep local communities from drowning in a sea of trash. Most households use and discard an incredible amount of products that could be easily recycled every week. Nearly every byproduct we use has the potential to be recycled to some extent or another.

Why Should Industrial Companies Use Recycling Equipment?

Industrial companies have been, and still are in some parts of the world, the biggest environmental polluters of the modern age. Many of the global environmental problems we face today are a result of industry’s irresponsible disposal of their waste products. Widespread dumping of chemical toxins and medical waste in our oceans and unchecked toxic atmospheric emissions have greatly contributed to our current environmental crises. Because of this, it is imperative that industrial companies make heavy use of modern recycling equipment.

Open Fires Needn’t Cost the Earth – Log Makers, Log Stores and Recycling

The flames dancing; logs crackling; smoke billowing up the chimney – there is nothing like a wood-burning fireplace. There are financial benefits too, especially if you use wood-burning stoves as well to cook with. But burning all this wood and pumping it into the environment surely doesn’t go with a modern eco-friendly lifestyle?

Use Renewable Energy to Heat Your Home – Guide to Grain Stoves

Did you know that wood is not the only thing you can burn to stay warm in the winter? There are now grain stoves on the market that work just as well as a wood burner. The good thing is that the fuel (grain) is renewable every year vice the time it takes to grow a tree. Check this out!

7 Eco-Friendly Ways to Save Money

7 top tips on saving money at home the eco-friendly way. Including tips on saving making your heating more efficient, ditching your car & using alternative methods of transport to get to work & switching off appliance rather than leaving them on standby.

Know the Misconceptions About Global Warming

Earth is warming and the sad truth is that humans are the cause of it. Although Earth had its natural cycles of warming and cooling, the rate at which the current warming is escalating is far beyond the normal cycle.

What is the Advantage of Renewable Energy?

The world today has an even greater increase in its demand for energy. This is due mainly to the rapid growth of population, which has more than doubled in the last 50 years. This has caused a strain on our energy supply, which has led to an increase in energy costs as well as shortages in many parts of the globe. Conventional energy sources such as petroleum and gas are said to have been dwindling significantly and has the possibility of running out completely in the future. This has encouraged many people to look for alternative energy sources one of which is renewable energy.

Why Aren’t You Using Environmentally Friendly Goods and Services?

When was the last time you used environmentally friendly goods and services? If it has been awhile or if you have never used them, it is your responsibility to maintain the ecological balance and care of Mother Nature. In order to make sure that these products are actually good for the environment, standards are being placed on them by the international community.

A Slight Majority Thinks the Government Can Either Stop Or Slow Global Warming

A recent poll released by CNN has found that 54% of adults feel that global warming can either be stopped or slowed down by government intervention. 27% of adults recognize global warming is occurring but feel that the government can not do anything about it. And a slim 17% of individuals feel that global warming is not even occurring at all.

Why Recycling Water is Ecologically Important

People today are “going green.” When they go green, they are doing whatever they can to be good citizens and do their part for the environment. They are concerned with protecting natural resources. Around the world there are honest efforts going on to protect natural resources. As the population continues to grow, the depletion of natural resources continues to expand at an increasing rate. Many people don’t think of water as a natural resource which needs protecting. Yet the continued pollution of streams, rivers and lakes, and the need to continually monitor drinking supplies for new contaminants, are the best signs that water supplies need to be protected. But in addition to being protected, the quantity of water used for both residential and commercial purposes needs to be reduced.

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