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today i'm excited to show you our latest ebike the fifth generation of our electric folding fat bike the radix fan five we listen to the 400 000 plus riders in the rad community to develop a folding bike that's lighter it's more refined and it's more accessible all at our lowest price point hundreds of rad employees came together to set a higher standard for quality comfort utility and of course power with a bike this innovative we thought it was only fitting to give it an all new name so meet the radixpand 5 the ultimate folding electric fat bike designed to expand your possibilities now i'm excited to introduce you to lori from our product development team she's going to show you the details of this rad new bike take it away lori thanks mike hey there i'm lori with radpowervice whether you're storing it in a small apartment or loading it up on an rv the radix fan folds to save space and to make it even more portable we reduce the weight by nearly five pounds for best in class comfort fit and handling we improve the frame geometry the handlebars move forward and back and equip the bike with even larger rugged fat tires upgraded saddle and aluminum low step frame the radix band comes complete with a high quality rear rack rugged front rack mounting points ready for a lineup of racks baskets and bags enjoy a seven 7-speed drivetrain twist grip throttle four levels of pedal assist and a 750 watt continuous power motor designed in-house by our team of engineers rest assured you'll be riding with the industry leader in quality and innovation see you on the trail

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