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The Moral Case Against Global Warming Policies

How odd that someone would make a moral case against global warming. The trend is to promote it as a just cause. Global warming is presented as a problem that we should be doing all we can to fix or life as we know it will be no more. The so called “science” that supporters of global warming use to justify their position is anything but settled.

The History of Transfer Stations and Recycling in London and the United Kingdom

Waste Transfer Stations where dustcarts take the rubbish they collect during street collections so that it can be taken to a tip, and more recently to an engineered landfill, are a relatively new invention. Read how their creation signaled the start of the post Second World War disposable, use-it-once and throw-it-away generation. Read how it all started and how it now has to stop. We have to change our habits because resources are finite.

Renewable Energy, Wind Turbines, Solar Power, Etc

Renewable energy is the way forward for the planet, producing your own electricity and hot water will save you money and free you from being tied to the power companies and their ever increasing charges. We are dependent on oil and gas but we could be self-sufficient utilising the free resources of the sun and wind.

How Global Warming Can Affect the Internet

Unless you have been living in a cave deep underground or living in a bubble under the sea a la Spongebob, you have heard of global warming. Wherever you turn, in all different kinds of media, it is “global warming this” or global warming that”! We are told humans are killing the planet because we drive big cars, trucks or SUVs and consume too much electricity. Unless we are vigilant, we will find ourselves one day paying the “internet tax” so curb global warming! You have been warned!

Recycling Household Items

Since he developed the urge to advance his race, man has advanced exponentially in all aspects—culture, society, technology, and religion. Unfortunately, as we advanced, we have also damaged and destroyed our environment just so the world can accommodate our advancements. We have poisoned our oceans, negatively affected our ecosystems, denuded our forests, dirtied the air, and destroyed the scenery.

Some Early Beginnings of Global Warming, Its Causes, and How We Will Yet GREEN Our Earth

Global warming is the result of mankind greed and selfishness. We have known it was going to catch up with us since I was in college in the early 1950’s. We were aware fluorocarbons were destroying the ozone layers, yet we were continuing to dump refrigerants into the atmosphere without regard of how they would destroy the beautiful world God created for us. The Corporations that produced the gases used in the refrigeration and spray can industries, and the engineers that designed equipment and other things, were all aware of the damage they were doing. They and we looked the other way thinking it would be a long time before we felt the hurt.

Effective Ways to Combat Global Warming

The topic of global warming is ever present in most people’s lives today, having been a topic of great amounts of commentary on radio shows, television programs, and the internet community. There’s been an expansion of press surrounding the issue of late. Read more about combating global warming here.

Mobile Phones and Recycling

Are you done with that old cell phone you have been using for a couple of years? Before you throw it away, listen to this! First you should look at the metals inside the cell phone.

Get the Facts About Global Warming, So That You Can Make an Educated Decision and Take Action

Global warming and the climate change is something we all contribute to in a negative way but can all begin to contribute to in a positive way. An understanding of what global warming is and why it is happening is the first step towards making a positive difference in the world today.

MRFS – Materials Recovery Facilities and Recycling

MRFs can be called Materials Recycling Facilities. That is what they do and more besides. Theirs is an essential role in waste management, and a MRF may be plannd for construction in your district.

Criticisms of Recycling

Humanity has advanced so much in terms of technology, society, and culture. It is necessary; we need to advance as we live in a world that has become more complex by the day. Unfortunately, we are abusing nature for this advancement.

Recycle Computers and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Most of us have outdated computers whether we are in small business or not. You can now safely recycle computers so that you don’t need to worry about your computer leaching dangerous chemicals into the environment. Correct disposal of old computers and their peripherals saves on resources as well as reducing landfill and our carbon footprint.

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