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Waterless Urinals: Cut Costs And Help Save Water

Many businesses provide bathroom facilities for their customers. It’s something that the general public has come to expect, although the cost of maintaining public restrooms can quickly add up. Waterless urinals would sound appealing to a business owner looking to cut down on water costs, or an event organizer looking for convenient restroom facilities for event-goers. Creators of this landmark invention claim that waterless urinals can save between 15,000 and 45,000 gallons of water per year. When compared to a conventional urinal, this is assuming that the unit would be used between 40 and 120 times daily.

Popular Uses for Industrial Parts Cleaner

In the world of industrial cleaning products and industrial degreasers, there is no escaping industrial parts cleaner. For those who are new to the industry, it may be difficult to determine which parts and machinery need to have the strength of an industrial strength cleaner and which ones simply do not. Here is a guide that will list just a few of the many uses for industrial parts cleaner for any level of professional.

Everyday Uses for Industrial Parts Solvents

Industrial cleaning products can be hard to tell apart unless you are an expert with buying these items and chemicals. Industrial solvents are no exception to the rule, and knowing what to use them for and when it is appropriate to buy them is crucial. So why would you need to pick up an industrial parts solvent?

Eco Friendly Solvents: How to Find a Suitable Alternative

Eco friendly products are taking the market by storm as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues to increase awareness regarding the effects of using toxic cleaners and materials. Volatile Organic Compounds also called VOCs are solvent composites which get released into the air under normal temperature conditions. The liquid evaporates into gas form without any additional temperature or environmental change.

What to Know About Buying Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

Industrial cleaning chemicals are becoming more popular with buyers and business owners. These chemicals, including industrial degreasers and contact cleaners are more efficient than regular cleaning products and in many cases more effective on heavy machinery, restaurant equipment, and other industry related surfaces. Buying these products can be tricky, especially for first time buyers.

Recycling Clothes Banks – We Can Do Better

Recycling has been one of the buzz words of the ‘noughties’ and domestically UK councils have asked their residents to play their part. Most local authorities and many Hospices, Charities and even private businesses have gone to great lengths to make sure their local area is well catered for when it comes to recycling with the installation of recycling banks, the implementation of collection schemes, the increasing number of charity shops and the good old fashioned jumble sale.

Zero Waste With Biodegradable Tableware

Biodegradable tableware is perfect for every event planner that wants to be zero waste. Anyone with the ability to make a decision within their municipality or business can help make a difference. Going green is easier now with the biodegradable tableware.

Creating a Green Office and Making It Work: 5 Practices and 8 Steps to Healthy (and Clean) Building

Cleaning green in your office building is key to ensuring your building occupants are working at their highest productivity level. Currently 1 out of 13 people have asthma, and the rate continues to increase. This is partly because indoor air contaminants can reach levels as high as 100 times higher than what is acceptable for outdoor air! Green cleaning is a combination of planning and using contemporary cleaning methods. Learn the top 5 green cleaning practices and 8 steps to a healthy and clean building.

Uncovering the Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Are you thinking about solar energy for home consumption? The advantages and disadvantages of solar energy are something that you need to weigh when thinking about installing solar panels. Let us discuss the pros and cons before you decide.

The Many Benefits of Recycled Street Furniture

Recycled street furniture is becoming increasingly popular, and there are many reasons for this. But why is recycled plastic such an effective material to use for street furniture? Here are some of the benefits that it can have.

Solar Power – The Green Energy Source

Solar electricity generated from solar energy is a renewable, unlimited and eco-friendly source of energy. It can be generated easily and directly. In present days, it is a very effective and potential source of energy.

Green Solvents: Why Ignoring These Cleaners Is a Bad Idea

The disposal of industrial cleaning waste can be expensive to a business. It is a necessary measure required by many industries dealing in parts, machinery, and refinishing processes. Green products are one way to reduce the overall cost of disposal when using cleaners in a business environment.

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