RedPed 3 – Bosch CX Gen2 – Tuning Installation E-Bike

Hello eBike tuner i want to show you how to install the BlackPed module into the Bosch motor. You need 8mm hex driver, 20 torx screwdriver and a crank puller. After removing the case. We have to pull out the connectors of the display and speedsensor. And the rubber stud of the rear light jack. Now you see all the 4 jacks. Connect the Blackped. If you have a rear light, then you can use a Y-cable. Before we continue, we have to test the module. Turn on eBike and app. Connect. Turn the wheel. Look if speed is generated on smartphone and eBike display. You should be a little bit creative, because the cable are long.

pexels photo 7018256

Try to place the cables so that you can close the case. Try to close the case. It fits. There is a hook, it must fit first. Fit the speedsensor cable. Don't use too much force. You can damage connectors and cables. Ok… Take the hex driver with you on the first ride, it you hear the crank creaking you have to screw it tight. Thank you for watching and drive resposibly..

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