Review: Gazelle Ultimate T10 Electric Bike


are you a comfort rider a sporty rider or do you just like style hi my name is karen weiner from the new wheel the Bay Area’s electric bike shop and I am joined today by Amanda to talk about the Gazelle ultimate t10 thanks for sitting with me thank you Karen you spent the last few days riding this bike what’s your impression been loving this bike loving how comfortable it is solid grounded and powerful it doesn’t really ride like any other gives a whole before does it it’s a little sporty er the steering on this bike is really interesting it feels really solid stable and really easy to control now there’s kind of a preciseness in the way it handles right mm-hmm the motor so nicely integrated so is the battery as well as the lines going into the top tube their cables integrated this motor compared to previous motors is more powerful has higher torque in handled hills in San Francisco and it’s an awesome climber did you go search out some steep one yes totally straight up no problem up to our Bernal shop every single day and in fact I took I went out of my way to take the steep routes up you wrote in today from the city you rode here what was your journey where did you go mmm started in the mission mm-hmm went to a bakery and then continued over the Golden Gate Bridge had an awesome ride and then ended up in here and Sausalito so a good 15 mile ride not was afraid I wasn’t gonna have enough battery and then I only used one bar what level of assist for you in turbo fantastic that’s amazing you know that it makes sense this bike sports the new Bosch performance line motor and one of the things that it has is increased efficiency so you know I think for me riding that ride in the past it probably would have taken two maybe two and a half bars of power so that’s very exciting just to hear that it’s performing that way I think it’s so cool and inspiring about this bike is that it’s a really serious step through Mike Gesell has taken a lot of things that they know about step through bikes about comfort and about ebike riding and they’ve built this beautiful frame to showcase this new motor well stability is really comes from two places it comes from here and it comes from here okay and they’ve hydroformed those two parts of the frame Hydra form it’s a really sophisticated method of shaping metal and so what you see on the outside is a beautiful sculptural frame and design around the Bosch system right and from the right perspective I think what you hit upon is the sort of like confidence and stable strong feeling it feels like riding a regular bike you don’t have any motor sound vibration you don’t even know it’s there except for that you’re riding faster and climbing hills a lot easier than you normally would like a superhero I’m really excited about this bike because I think it’s kind of part of a vanguard of serious step through bikes the bike industry has such a bad reputation of pigeonholing the types of riders that would ride something like this but what we know about our customers and the people who enjoy these bikes is that they’re all different types of people with all different types of desires but fundamentally they just want it to be easy to get on and off of a bike but now they can have performance they can have a really groovy drivetrain and a groovy motor and a solid stable feel with great brakes mmm and it’s step-through so how cool is that and I I’m happy to see those people who really like me people be taken seriously one really noticeable thing about this bike is the pork and it’s redesigned what I understand from from the designers at gazelle is that they really put a lot of thought into this and what this single shock design does it allows them to give the bike comfort features and can and and safety features associated with suspension without a ton of weight and I think it looks really beautiful like I kind of like the skinny look when I look this direction fundamentally having a bike that looks beautiful and that has really kind of classy details makes you more excited to get on it’s the subtle details even like the rounded front of that fender yeah like I love is this fender mount where it looks like it’s floating is really elegant I’m in love with the fenders yeah I never liked fenders as much I’ve never noticed them as much but it just goes to show how much thought gazelle is putting into this bike it’s the subtle things I think that’s what makes a gazelle like yourself I feel like the details and the experience are finally meeting the performance that I’ve always wanted for San Francisco and so now it’s time to like have a lot of fun on a gazelle not just be super comfortable but like be comfortable and have a rip-roaring time the bike comes ready to be used for really practical purposes what accessories are included and what features do they add what functions do they add fenders are built in front and rear headlight really bright and adjustable a rear light LED that runs across and is integrated into the back rack a back rack that can hold I think almost 60 pounds of weight so great for panniers the ergonomic grips which I’m wonderful love them great Shimano brakes and a kickstand you kick it in the bike stance what a comment the campaign lock is thank you yeah you know it strikes me that the battery is beautifully integrated on this bike how did it function in your life looks like right where you need it the charging port the key and where the battery lifts all happening in the same place totally practical easy to use an e-bike is only great if it fits well and this bike is available in three different sizes fits riders 5 foot all the way to 6 foot for a lot of adjustability in between including an adjustable stem available in two colors champion red and ivory in sum I think what makes this bike exciting and fresh is that gazelle brings their a game with all of their experience in sort of the joy of cycling comfort power stability but then also just this beautiful bike and Bosch brings their a game with this wonderfully quiet motor which just makes the bike feel like magic and the overall feel is just joy and if an e-bike should feel one way I think it should feel joyous but you certainly don’t have to take my word for it come in we would love to see you come on into our shop we have a shop in San Francisco a shop in larkspur and come see why this gazelle is different it’s all tonight [Music] [Music]



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