Review: New 2021 Nevo3 Comfort Cruising Ebike

– [Brett] This one though, I feel
like is kind of the pinnacle. – [Karen] You don't think it
could get better than this? – Nope. This is the end. This is the last Nevo,
the last and the best. ♪ [music] ♪ – Hi, I'm Karen Wiener
from The New Wheel at the Bay Area's
Electric Bike Shop. And I am joined today
by my partner, Brett. And we're going to be
in discussion about the Riese & Müller Nevo3. The Nevo3 is the 2021 version. It is a bike that has been perfected over
generations in the Riese & Müller lineup, and really takes a fresh and serious
perspective on what an electric bike is, what a step-through bike can be. In it they've, you know,
integrated a new motor which elevates the ride experience in
terms of the amount of power you get. – It looks like just a
badass, you know, vehicle. You wouldn't necessarily see it
as an electric bike necessarily. I wonder if Bosch is going to get
nervous now because, you know, you don't see the motor,
you don't see the battery, you barely see the console.

– They're used to that. I mean, you don't see that stuff in there,
you know, power steering motors or the motor that they use to, like, you
know, pull up the London Bridge or the Panama Canal. I think they're quite comfortable
with being behind the scenes. They just want to be the best
player behind the scenes. – Yeah. – You know, year after year, I am
so impressed that the Nevo really holds its own in terms of just the
most sophisticated step-through bike that there is.

Riese & Müller has done it again. They've kind of notched it up
one step higher in terms of sort of an unpretentious sophistication. – We see these bikes coming
back through for service, and Riese & Müller's are remarkable
because every time you see them come back and they get serviced
and then they sit there and they look brand new because the paint
job's perfect, and everything's perfect. – I get so much feedback from
Nevo owners in particular who, like, will get a tune-up 5,000 miles
down the road or something, and, you know, they let us know, "Oh, you
know, my bike feels better than it did the first day I bought it." – Yeah.

– And that is totally, I mean,
that has to do with the guts of this bike, not anything else. – You can only do that
with a quality bike. – Yeah. – …you want it to be. It fits your body the right way. You feel stable. When you're riding it, you
don't even think about how great it is. It just is there making your life better. There are lots of sweet features that
come standard on the bike, but there are certain things that you get to pick. And the big one is the drivetrain. So, there are three different options. You can get the touring setup,
which is really like a regular derailleur that you might've had on your
mountain bike or something like that. It's a very quick-shifting style
and really familiar feeling. The two other options are both
carbon belt drive options, which makes maintenance much lower. There's no lubrication needed. The Enviolo is super simple. It's a non-indexed gearing system,
and it's really, really a favorite among people who just don't want to think
about too much with regard to shifting.

– And you can shift at a stop
too, which is very handy. – You can switch at a stop,
which is hugely handy. Which brings me to the
e-Rohloff which just takes kind of integration of the drivetrain and
the Bosch system to the next level. It's an electronic shifting system with an
internally geared hub that's very well known for being very reliable
and having the widest gear range. So, the easy is super easy for
insanely steep hill climbing. And the hard gives you a lot
of resistance so you can really get rolling on a straightaway. On that system, when you stop,
when you come to a cold stop, the system automatically shifts down. – How's the ride? – Super. – You can choose your gear and have
it shift to it so you can start easily. As far as I can see, every option
that they have available to put on a bike is available on a Nevo.

pexels photo 6587835

– Right. – So, you can get it high speed,
you can get it with a CX motor for really high torque. It has dual batteries. And this year, they really nailed
it with the dual battery setup. They have a single battery
internal up to 625-watt hours. And then they have a second battery
that sits underneath the rear rack. It doesn't get in the way of
getting on and off the bike. – Changing the battery door so
that it just comes right out the top, I think is a really smart sweet
development in the frame design. – They also offer the all three
display options from Bosch, Kiox, Smartphone Hub, and the new Nyon.

And all bikes come with really top
ends front suspension and seat post suspension, so you're
covered on that in that regard. You can get it off-road-ready
with the GX tire setup and you can get it in the heavy-duty
package for like heavier riders. So, the bike has actually been rated
for up to 350 pounds rider plus gear. – Front rack? – Front rack. Yeah, that's true. Front rack. Hydraulic disc brakes from
Magura, they are four piston. There's different lights
on the high-speed versus the non-high-speed bikes. But the high-speed has the M99 light. It also has brake lights. The lower-speed bikes have
the standard supernova. All bikes also come standard with
a rear-wheel lock from ABUS, which you can plug a chain into. And then you have a one-key solution that
locks your battery, locks your rear wheel, and locks the bike to something. A rear rack, it's really designed to
take panniers or MIK accessories can clip onto it.

One of my favorite kind of like secret
details on the bike is just this little bungee cord on the back,
which seems so simple, but it's super handy when you need it. And what was the last thing? – Of course, it has fenders.
– The fender. Oh, and fenders. – Yeah. Of course. – You can't have a Riese
& Müller without fenders. It's just not okay. Their high-quality fenders don't rattle,
give, you know, the nice thick tires lots of clearance. It's just a really sweet setup. – The sizing is another important thing. – Yeah. I will second that because
they make a small one. – Yeah. The small frame, the
26-inch is truly small. It's not just like, "Let's shrink the
frame, but have the wheels be big and everything else feel big." And then they added a 51-centimeter
frame, so now you have just more gradation in the sizing.

The smallest rider, I would say,
if you're comfortable riding, would you say like 4'11"? – Yeah. If you're comfortable riding a
bike, little bit below 5 feet is fine. – And then all the way up to
like 6'5", 6'6" on the top end. – I would be tempted to say that if
you do come into The New Wheel, even if you're just window shopping,
you should try this bike because it really is kind of a horizon expander and
it brings so many people so much joy year over year over year.

Riese & Müller has totally polished it in the 2021 version. And, you know, we're thrilled to have
a bike like this to serve as kind of the ultimate tool to help to get people
to attain our mission, which is to get people out of their normal habits
of car driving and try something new. That's really the magic of the Nevo. – [Man 1] So, come on in. – So, come on in. Sorry. – Why don't we try that again? Let's just try that. – Okay. What did you like about what I said? – I thought [inaudible]. – That was good. Yeah. ♪ [music] ♪.

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