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Climate Change – Forecasting the Future of Global Warming

Most people agree that the long-term effects of global warming will be disastrous for the planet and its inhabitants. Those who make predictions about its long-term effects are not likely to do so with one hundred percent accuracy.

How Global Warming Could Cause An Ice Age

An Ice Age brought on by global warming was the scenario depicted in the movie THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. Is there any merit to this idea?

Create A Home Recycling Center

Recycling is a small way you can help the environment and is being offered in more cities and towns across the county. Unfortunately, just the thought of recycling can add to the sense of overwhelm and prevent you from making it part of your daily life. Following the 8 steps, one by one, can guide you to make this simple impact into an effortless routine.

The Power to Feed the World? A Tale of Sustainable Development, BioEngineering, and Citizen Activism

Even set against the standards established by today’s behemoths of international trade and commerce, The Monsanto Company is a veritable giant. Since its founding in 1901, Monsanto has advanced through various embodiments, most often as a producer and purveyor of chemicals. Its many mergers and acquisitions have often dramatically altered the scope of its operations, and as the twentieth century came to a close Monsanto began a transition of its principal role from that of a chemicals company into a formidable biotechnologies operation where she remains today.

Recycled Paper is a Cool Idea

Recycled paper can be used for many projects. It is easy to recycle paper on your own or you can send your paper products to the recycling center. Paper is a great product that easily breaks down and can be processed into new paper items. You can do a world of good just by starting to recycle your paper products.

Recycling Plastic Bags and Save Planet Earth

Recycling plastic is one of the important tasks that we have to do in order to save our planet Earth. This article will give you a heads up on recycling plastic.

Climate Change – Climate Changes Due To Global Warming

Earth’s climate has always been in a state of constant change. It is part of a normal cycle of planetary events. Yet, most scientists agree that drastic changes are occurring which are due to unnatural global warming.

How-To Recycle Older, Out-Dated PCs and Laptops

Computer technology advances at a very fast rate. Chances are you’ve upgraded or replaced your computer equipment in the last few years. Instead of throwing away your outdated hardware and creating more waste why not recycle it?

How to Challenge Global Warming

It is almost unavoidable to live in this era and not hear anything about global warming. On the other hand, there are still a lot of people who have not got a clue about what global warming is and what steps they can take to prevent it.

Climate Change – Celebrities Weigh In On Global Warming

Celebrities are using their fame to call attention to global warming. A project called Global Cool is designed to help people become more knowledgeable about how their actions can hurt or help Earth’s climate.

Recycling Program – 5 Things That You Can Recycle

Many of us are becoming seriously concerned about the amount of rubbish we create each day. Even if you don’t believe the evidence is there to convince you that global warming is real, almost everyone will readily agree that they do not want to see even one rubbish tip, let alone an ever increasing number of landfills. The first and most beneficial thing to do with waste to reduce landfilling, is to recycle it. Why not get started now with recycling the 5 things we have selected.

Global Warming – Fact Or Fiction?

Some people who have studied global issues would say there was no such thing as global warming and it is all a big hoax. However, others disagree and believe that since the industrial revolution, we are having a negative affect on our environment. The best place to start is to look at what we have already been led to believe.

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