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Are Women the Cause of Global Warming?

It is very important for the public to grasp the essential science which lies behind global warming in order to understand and validate political decisions in this field. This requires that people be critical of what they read and that they do not let themselves be bamboozled by artfully written bad science with a hidden agenda. A piece of science writing is included here which demonstrates several techniques by which unscrupulous writers can manipulate us and distort our understanding of global warming. The ‘mafia technique’, in which good and bad science are thoroughly mixed, is described. Examples are also given of the ‘appeal to higher authority’ and of the assertion of unproven ‘facts’ which are referred to as ‘readily demonstrated’ without any demonstration being given.

THE 3 Rs – Lazy Ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

The 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) is no longer simply a mantra for environmental activists, it’s a ticket to saving you money while you consider the planet. The 3Rs ask you to buy less, reuse more, and recycle products at the end of their useful life-wonderful guiding principles for reducing our environmental footprint and bringing our lifestyles into balance with nature.

Waste Recycling Tips

More and more homes are making waste recycling a part of their everyday routine. Recycling is very important and a great way for families to do their part to help reduce the amount of trash sitting in the landfills. By supporting the recycling process, you truly can make a difference.

Green Tip – Recycle Your Plastic Bags

If you have not given up plastic bag for your own reusable bags yet, no worries, you can still make a difference! Recycle them! How?

Recycling – What it Really Is

Recycling has become the catch all phrase often used in place of the 3 R’s. But in its truest form recycling means taking one thing and changing it, usually chemically, into another. This is not to say that recycling is without value; it is certainly better than putting the items in the bin where they will end up in landfills and leach chemicals into our ground water.

Recycle – Composting Food Waste Takes Care of Two Things at Once

You can become part of the environmental solution and help your soil all at the same time by composting your food waste. Read on to find how and why composting food waste is a good thing.

Climate Modeling Proves Global Warming a Global Warming Alarmist Recently Noted

Many folks have taken to Global Warming, which by definition means the planet is warming due to CO2 from man-made emissions. If the planet were warming from any other source, it would be by definition called climate change. Unfortunately for the Global Warming evangelists the planet may not be warming, in fact, as of late the solar minimum is at a record low, and the planet is cooling.

Electronics Recycling

Society’s technological advancements have grown significantly over the years. Electronics devices such as telephones, cell phones, radios, CD and DVD players, televisions, and computers are products that are used in every household.

Why Recycle Your Second Hand Clothes?

Landfills in the UK are becoming a huge problem. With the drop in the price of recycled products, the issue is what to do with all of the waste that we produce. The breakdown of waste in landfill sites creates huge amounts of the greenhouse gas methane. There are also many products that will not breakdown and will remain in the environment forever with the potential to contaminate water supplies.

Water Efficiency – The Resource Matrix Part 2 of 4 – Water’s Role in Global Warming

Most of my articles focus on green lighting and electricity. (I manufacture lighting fixtures.) However, water use and resourcefulness is an important factor in green lighting. Our “Water Efficiency” series of articles helps you get the big picture and shows you whether your own actions at home make a difference or not. In this part II, we introduce the resource called water, its parallels with fossil fuels, and its role in global warming.

Lets Revisit Some of the Debates For the Global Warming Theory

We have all heard about Global Warming, where the planet’s atmosphere is supposedly heating up. Of course, we as common citizens have no real proof, only what our scientists tell us, along with the Think Tanks and mass media. But how can we trust this when Global Warming researchers have been paid 100s of millions of dollars, and they know if they disagree with global warming theory the money stops being funded and they are out of work?

How to Save Money With Renewable Energy Sources

Looking for ways to save money on your energy bills. Read on to find out the truth about energy consumption in the U.S.

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