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Why Renewable Energy Is So Important And How Do We Find It?

It is, or should be, common knowledge that sources of electricity, gas and coal are all resources which will eventually run out. Unfortunately, these are all non-renewable sources which are heavily relied on today and actually considered vital for day to day living.

Global Warming Scientists Dispute Man-Made Greenhouse Effects

There is an on-going dispute among global warming scientists about the so-called Global Warming Swindle Hypothesis, but most of there assumptions seem to be a misinterpretation of scientific data. One example of the complexity of climatic simulations is the prediction of potential greenhouse effects like future storm events. According to a recently published and controversially discussed study, global warming isn’t to blame for the recent jump in hurricanes in the Atlantic.

What is Reduce Reuse Recycle?

The Environmental Protection Agency wants you to learn the three “R’s” when it comes to your trash. Those three words are very important if you want to continue living on a clean planet and one that is not overflowing with yesterday’s garbage. Reduce reuse recycle is your mantra to repeat to yourself each time you go to throw something away.

Recycled Plastics – Dangerous For The Environment And Your Health

This article examines recycling plastic: it may reduce waste in landfills, but what is it doing to our health? Compelling evidence that glass beverage containers are the better choice for our environment and our endocrine systems.

Environmentally Friendly

What is it to be ecologically minded? Are you being thoughtful and respectful to all that makes our world whole? Do you reduce, reuse, and recycle?

Iceland – A Global Leader In Renewable Energy

Iceland may not be top of mind for many but they do have claim to some very interesting statistics. Not the least of which is their dominance in the area of renewable or green energy utilization for energy production.

Playing a Part in Recycling Programs

Does the number 32.5 ring a bell? No, well it should because it is the percentage of waste that is recycled in this country. That is up fifteen percent in the past few years, which equates to over 1/4 the amount of waste that is no longer headed for the trash heap. What does that mean to you? It means that recycling programs are truly getting their message out to the public and that some people are doing their part to help save the environment.

Disposing Harmful Elements Safely By Recycling Computers

75% of obsolete computers are just lying around. A study conducted by National Safety Council has found that almost 75% of the computers purchased by corporations, companies and individuals are lying obsolete in some attic, garage or store room. They are disposed of and are not being recycled. Many people aren’t aware of the hazards of disposal in land fills.

You Should Learn About Recycling

There is no denying that you only have one true home. It is not your house, apartment, condo or shack. It is this Earth and it is more valuable to you than you will ever realize.

Aluminum Recycling is Getting Popular These Days

The vast amount of soft drink cans that are sold each year would suggest there is a huge potential for recycling. This is true now and has certainly been growing in numbers in recent years. For a good while, most of the cans have this recycling ability marked on them.

Do You Have a Recycling Guide at Home?

In recent years, with advancement in technology, many products available today can be recycled. This means that a far greater percentage of household waste can be recycled than ever before. One problem from this arrives in people being unaware of all the products that can be recycled.

Do You Undertake Home Recycling?

The basic idea of recycling looks at dropping bottles or placing newspapers. However, it isn’t all about going to these regimented places. Home recycling is one area that we have neglected and I believe it can be done and it is not a boring task.

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