She’s 73 and Loves Her E-Lux Electric Bike!

Hello! My name is Linda. I live in Minnesota. I'm a 73-year-old woman who is still trying to stay active. I just bought the new E-Lux Malibu GT. And I'm very thrilled with it and I'm very respectful of it trying to ride safely and learn to use it well. I pick the denim color, which I think is very handsome, and I have it rigged out to accommodate my comfort level. So I always have a helmet.

pexels photo 3671151

I always put my phone in this phone holder. I have a small case up front for the keys, for the battery and my bike car lock or the bike rack lock and I have a bag on the back, which is enough to hold an extra little jacket and keep lunch cool in a case that has insulation. And so far, I am loving my bike. Making life good..

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