So findest du den richtigen Reifendruck beim E-Bike!

Hello, I'm Martin and today it's
about tire pressure. There is probably no simpler means of tuning than the correct tire pressure.
The driving characteristics and the range depend on it. Air pressure is measured in bar or
psi. You can find the permissible minimum and maximum pressures on your tire sidewall. What
do you need for optimal air pressure? An air pump, ideally a floor pump
with a pressure gauge to read the air pressure – if you of course prefer a small pack size, want
to have your pump with you on the go , then you should also get
a small pressure gauge. As a rule , the bikes are delivered with a hose with a
presta valve, which means that filling at the gas station is no longer necessary due to the lack of a suitable adapter
. But if you have a gas station nearby or have a compressor, you
should definitely get this adapter called Presta Schrader adapter – it's extremely practical! Why
is air pressure actually so important? With many e-bikes you can see that they are being ridden with too little air
pressure – especially in the rear wheel! The result is a spongy, unsafe and also braking driving behavior
– in addition, the much too high resistance leads to a reduction of the range.
Incorrect air pressure is also responsible for a large number of punctures: Extreme
loads cannot be cushioned , resulting in punctures on the rim
or holes in the tube.

Also pay attention to the payload, i.e. if you have heavy luggage or if you
weigh a little more yourself, you should travel with a little more air pressure in the tires
. Strong temperature fluctuations can also affect the air pressure in the tyre,
depending on the type of e-bike you ride at different pressures: the narrow tires of a racing bike, for example, have a
pressure of up to nine bar to achieve stable running characteristics, with
wide mountain bike tires it's just a matter of the 2.5 bar that is present. With bikes
that can be seen as all-rounders, i.e. touring, city and trekking bikes, you can
achieve an ideal combination of riding comfort and grip with an air pressure of four to six bar. The table gives you
a good indication of how much bar a tire should have: Here is one for a weight of 75 kilograms.
Simply measure your tire width and then approach the correct pressure. The
tire should not be inflated too hard, otherwise it will lose its properties when
cornering and will lose damping.


When it comes to air pressure , you should always be within the specified
parameters on the tire sidewall. It is best to approach your individual air pressure in small steps of around 0.5 bar! Of course, taking into account the table values.
That's it from my side, I wish you safe journeys at all times and I look forward to seeing
you again soon in the next video!

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