Special chat with Polestar USA Head Gregor Hembrough

Creating Greener Schools

Green is the hottest thing today. Don’t get me wrong. I am not pertaining to green clothes nor accessories.

A Rim of Paper Saves Millions of Trees

Papers are omnipresent. This is a very common fact but something that people do not pay enough attention to. Paper is used in offices and in schools.

How to Sell CDs and DVDs Online For the Highest Cash Payments and Do Your Bit For the Environment

Millions of people own old music CDs and DVD movies that they will never watch or listen too again. All these old CDs and DVDs could be dug out and sent in to be re-used or recycled for cash payments.

A Pond Can Be a Fashion Designers Best Friend

A summary about the current advancement in the green algae applications for the textile industry. Asian countries techno changes for the protection of fabrics.

Envelope Yourself in Sun Power

A team of USC researchers has developed the beginnings of technology that may make solar clothes a possibility. It’s a sci-fi writer’s dream.

Solar Cooking – Harnessing the Sun to Serve Humanity

Solar cooking is an economical and environment-friendly way to prepare food. Solar cooking harnesses the sun through box cookers, and is a healthy and effective alternative to cooking by wood fire or fossil fuels.

4 Ways to Expand the Office Recycling Program

Going green in the office means more than recycling paper, plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Every office should look beyond the obvious targets when implementing recycling programs.

Green is a Way of Life in Canada

These days everyone is talking about going green. But efforts in the U.S. are slow. See how our neighbors to the north are going green and get inspired by their commitment.

Solar Power Information – The Advancements Made in This Green Technology

Solar power information is all over the place these days, and not due to anything new in the field, but more as a result of the dragging economy. The fact is that solar energy has drastically improved as a technology over the past four decades since its initial boom of popularity way back in the seventies – remember those days? Well, before I go dating my age here, let me just say that there are three major ways this technology has leaped ahead since way back then in “the old days”. Basically, advancements have been made in production of photovoltaic cells (“solar panels”), bringing their prices way down for anyone to afford, materials used have made advancements as well, making them much more compact and lightweight, and there have been soaring advancements in their energy output – the amount of electricity that they can produce. Let’s examine all of this more closely…

Printed Pencils – The Importance of FSC Certification For These Promotional Items

In today’s promotional merchandise market, customers are constantly looking for a way to minimise their impact on the environment. People are not going to stop buying promotional items whilst under environmental pressures, so it is up to the supplier to find the best product for the job.

The Building of a Flying Green House Considered

It is widely known that we can make fuel out of algae, and that means we can make various gases, and we can use those to create heat. As those gases burn, they will create other gases, and those other gases can be used and solidified to help grow other biological plants or algae to repeat the process. Therefore if you had a dual hulled blimp-like green house, you could indeed create an enclosed ecosystem.

Successful Solar Installations Around The World

While some lawmakers in Washington D.C. continue to push for refinement of the existing oil and coal industries, innovative companies headed by a new generation of forward-thinking entrepreneurs have continued to press on with the development of practical solar power plants throughout the world. As nonrenewable fossil-fuel stores are further depleted, new technologies such as the concentrated photovoltaic system (CPV) and multijunction solar cells are leading the rest of the world toward the day when the use of petroleum will be limited to the manufacture of some types of plastics – and solar power generation will be the planet’s primary source of energy.

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