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Renewable Energy Solutions – Renewable Power Solutions

The fuels that are the source of our energy are the non-renewable fossil fuels; they are getting depleted fast and will soon be exhausted. The world is gradually heading towards the dreaded crisis for energy. Alternative, renewable energy sources such as the solar energy, the wind energy and the hydro energy are available. These sources can keep on supplying our energy requirements with no fear of being depleted.

Biofuel As a Renewable Energy Source

Biofuel is not one of the well known types of renewable energy but an important one to understand. The process begins when plants grow through photosynthesis.

Renewable Energy and Water

There is also power found in water and that process is referred to as hydropower. It can create much more energy at one time than either solar power or wind power. This is due to the fact that water is so dense.

What’s Old is New Again – The Magic of Metal Recycling

Americans use 100 million steel cans and 200 million aluminum beverages cans every day, according to the National Energy Education Development Project. Without metal recycling, the country might be afloat in metal. The choices seem simple: The metal can be burned in waste-to-energy plants, dumped in a landfill, or recycled.

You Can Make This Change in the Process of Recycling Glass Bottles For Benefit of the Environment

There is no getting away from it. Stories about global warming and the melting polar ice caps are everywhere. In this short article I am going to tell you exactly how you can help the environment with really minimal effort in the process of recycling glass bottles.

Global Warming Charts

Global warming charts are tools that show graphs or illustrations representing the cause and rise in temperature of the environment due to global warming. You can look at it to fully understand what is happening in the world.

Global Warming Sure – But There is Still No Money in Selling Air-Conditioning Units in Alaska!

Well, by now surely we would have had the ocean covering half of New York City, Boston, Miami, Tampa Bay, Seattle, Los Angeles, Houston and Downtown San Diego; after all, Al Gore promised us a Global Catastrophe called the impending doom of Global Warming. In his “Inconvenient” docu-drama, for which he received a coveted Nobel Prize, Al Gore told of the melting of the polar ice and flooding of our shores.

Pollution Prevents Global Warming?

Are the Global Warming alarmists all washed up in their own acid rain? A couple of new research papers seem to indicate that pollution prevents Global Warming as it prevents the sun from getting through and heating up the concrete in cities which causes Urban Heat. Well, there is much more to the report than just that, you’ll have to read it all for yourself.

The 3 Most Common Misconceptions About Recycled Print Cartridges

Every new idea or concept is usually met with some doubt and concern. This is a very natural response that serves to protect us. Occasionally, this initial negativity leads to misperceptions. Such is the case with the concept of recycled print cartridges. In this article I will tackle the three most common misconceptions and hopefully shed some light on the reality.

What Is Renewable Energy?

There is a lot of focus on finding ways to use renewable energy to fill the vast power needs of the world population. What exactly is renewable energy? Renewable energy means harnessing the forces of the wind, the sun, water, geothermal, and other natural occurring forces to create energy that can be used for electricity and heat.

Simple Solution to Squash Global Warming

Global Warming has become a huge issue these days. What most people do not realize is that global warming and cooling is a cycle that the earth has gone through for millions of years. Right now, the earth is in its warming phase and us humans are accelerating that phase to a pace that the earth may not be able to cope with.

Another Striking Sign of Global Warming

As the world continues to heat up the impacts are becoming more obvious. This week a huge sheet of ice has broken away from an ice shelf in the Canadian Arctic.

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