Swytch Kit Price, Stock and Bike Performance: Key Questions

Welcome to the three most important questions to ask when comparing alternative e-bike kits. So take a seat and enjoy this short journey. So what are the 3 key questions? Just remember the 3 peas! Our first question is price. How much does the e bike kit cost? Smart fit e bike kits come in at half the price of a Swytch kit. So ask yourself, how can I justify the extra cost? Secondly, how powerful is the e bike kit? Check the battery power to gauge how long you will ride for. Easy fit e bike kits come in at 5 point eight amp hours whereas Swytch kits come in at only five point two. That's 10 percent less. Finally, post. When can you have your ebike kit delivered? Swytch kits are currently inviting you to sign up for future deliveries. The easy fit, happily, is stocked in the UK so you can receive your e bike kit tomorrow.

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So, there you have it. The three key questions to ask when comparing e bike conversion kits. Remember the 3 peas. Price, power and post. Choose wisely!.

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