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5 Carpark Tricks To Impress Your Mates | E Bike Skills

(dreamy music) – Oh! The carpark is a great place to warm up before you hit the trails and practice some of those skills. It's also a great area to…

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Electric Mountain Bike Vs Gravel Bike | Which Is Faster? | EMBN Vs GCN

– What is the king of the mountains? Is it a heavy-weight hard-hitting e-mountain bike or is it something skinny, light, and tight? Chris Opie. – Ah, I'm the gravel…

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De-Restricted E Bike Vs Road Bike | Which Is Faster?

– Feeling nervous, very nervous. (tense music) That is absolutely brutal. – That was absolutely insane. I've never dug that deep for such a long time. – That was genuinely,…

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How Bosch E-Bike Motors Are Serviced And Repaired

– We get a lot of concerns on the channel about buying second-hand e-bikes. At the same time, we get a lot of concerns about the longevity of e-bike motors….

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Cheap E- Bike Vs Super E-MTB | What’s The Difference?

– You might recall a time when I took Kevin up to a peak in Wales, Mount Snowden. It wasn't clever and it certainly wasn't pretty. But how did this…

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6 Things To Know Before Buying An Electric Mountain Bike | E Bike Advice

buying an e mountain bike can be a daunting task but today I'm going to take you through some main things to consider to help you make the right move…

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What To Do If Your E Bike Won’t Start | Common E-MTB Problems

– We all love riding our e-bikes but they are pretty complex pieces of machinery and you will encounter some problems along the way. Sometimes they won't turn on, sometimes…

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How Hard Can You Ride A Hardtail E-Bike?

– There's a lot of love out there for full suspension e-bike on the trails. But the hardtail has also got a lot of love too. These things are super…

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What’s The Diagnosis? | Common E-Bike Problems & How To Solve Them

– E-bikes are the pinnacle of technology at the moment, but when we're out and about on the trails mixing electricity with mud and the water isn't a good mix…

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The Effect Of Wheelsize On E-MTBs | E-Bike Wheelsize

– Getting a load of comments on the channel about what if you change the size of your wheels on your E-mountain bike? Well, it's a very complex subject but…