Tern HSD P9 Review – $3.5k

Be Green and Keep the Farmers Happy With Eco Lanterns

Floating lanterns are a fun way to spend an evening but are drawing the ire of farmers everywhere. Choosing an eco lantern is better for the environment and will keep the farmers happy.

The Ice May Hold the Key to Climate Change

A new discovery has recently brought many questions to the future of climate change with the discovery of an ancient ice core that was drilled out in Greenland when a team of international scientists working on the North Greenland Eemian Ice Drilling (NEEM) project hit bedrock. The team achieved this monumental find after a full two summers of work, which involved drilling down more than 1.5 miles to try and assess the risks of abrupt future climate change.

Revolutionary Hand Cleaners

Proficient industrial hygiene application and proper safety measures play a vital role in a working environment. Industrial hand cleaners are particularly formulated for high end cleaning.

Does the Ambitious Desertec Energy Grid Project Spanning Two Continents Make Sense?

Not long ago an acquaintance reminded me of the “Desertec Project which is an effort to install a high-yield solar electrical grid in the deserts of North Africa.” This is where they will set up a grid spanning around the Mediteranian, through the countries of N. Africa, and all of Europe too.

Fight Pollution With Biosphere Tech

For ages energy and pollution was believed to always come in pair; whenever energy is generated, pollution is also created. And since energy is something that has become indispensable, humanity has learned to live together with the pollutants he creates. But as time went on, mankind began to reap what he sowed, global warming has worsened to the extent that it has caused several species of animals and plants to go extinct – us humans could be the next to face extinction.

D Limonene Solvent – What Is It and How Does It Work?

D Limonene is the primary component of oil extracted from citrus rind. It has two primary uses: as food grade D Limonene to add citrus flavor to non-citrus foods, and as technical grade D Limonene to add citrus scent and/or citrus cleaning power to a variety of cleaners. The creation of the former occurs when citrus fruits are juiced and the oil is pressed from the rind, then separated from the juice and distilled to retain flavor and fragrance compounds.

Toxic Degreaser Chemicals – Three Reasons Not to Use Them

If your company works in the industrial sector, industrial cleaners and degreasers are probably a necessity. But that doesn’t mean that you have to endure the effects of dangerous degreaser chemicals. There are thousands of dangerous chemicals found in traditional cleaners and degreasers, some of the most common of which are methyl ethyl ketone, acetone, toluene, glycol ethers, and numerous fluorinated and chlorinated solvents.

Industrial Degreasing – Purchasing the Right Degreaser for Your Needs

Whether your company needs to replace an old degreaser or is shopping for its first degreaser, there are several considerations to make before purchasing a large stock of degreaser. Unlike domestic grade degreasing, industrial degreasing requires a thorough inspection of how particular degreasers will affect a company’s finances, the health of its workers, and its stance toward the environment.

Delivery Companies Use Carbon Offsetting to Minimise Their Global Impact

Many people are trying very hard to reduce the impact their activities have on the environment, using the maxim ‘every little helps.’ But when a business’s operations are so closely associated with environmentally damaging activities, it is beholden on it to do all it can to reduce the scale of that damage.

Degreaser Solvents – Separating the Good From the Bad

If your company has used the same degreaser for years, it’s time to see if it contains ingredients that are harmful to workers and the environment. More often than not, traditional degreaser solvents get their cleaning power from toxic chemicals, which can place a company in jeopardy of damaging its workforce, finances, and the environment.

Aerosol Degreaser – Four Degreasers That Offer High Grade Aerosol Degreasing

When companies buy commercial degreaser, they typically buy barrels of undiluted degreaser for use in spraying, wiping, vapor degreasing, or power washing applications. But there are also times when degreaser is required in aerosol form, particularly for degreasing sensitive parts that aren’t fit for parts washing systems and dielectric degreasing.

New Packaging Technology, Large Shipping Boxes and Environmental Concerns

New packaging technology trends and environmental considerations. Rebirth of paper as renewable resource.

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