Terrifically Powerful E-Bike Made By Myself / 100 km/h Crazy Speed!

I've been waiting long for this Today you will see us making this not-expencive but terrificly powerful E-bike! this one will reach 100 km/h! that's superb! 100! my gosh! the simple 1.5 kw chinese hub motor is going to be the heart of it we've bought this one second hand just for 100$ I've got it finally I had to go Moscow to get this motor I've made this bike frame myself out of an old soviet bed (metal) this front fork and the chainstay we've taken from Zongshen bike, which is also chinese the seat, pedals and the steering are from a regular bike by the way, about the brakes now we've got two.

The front and rear and they are disc brake so, don't you worry now and finally I've ordered a normal twist throttle for the bike I'm over the moon! this is crazy! omg… he even freaked me out this is so awesome! I'm so excited! I was feeling like I'm on a bicycle but at the same time this thing has a power of a real bike it shows the speed of the real electric bike! that's sweet! you may think that it isn't that simple you are wrong all the controller wires are marked and almost all ot the wires are not used at all here I only connected three thick phase wires to the motor 5 thin wires to the idle speed all of the wires are marked with certain colour, you can't mix them up there's the connection for the twist throttle and the starter we've got here the cheapest controller in the whole China but it's good quality and the accumulators…

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You know about them, don't you? the E-bike is rapid and fast, for sure but it isn't enough for us that's why I've got the second accumulator. we are going to increase some voltage and we are going to have 84 volts! this much of voltage is a real thing. it even can be dangerous the accumulators are open now, because it's a test ride soon we will make a proper protection for these batteries so, do you feel the 84 v energy? let me try do you feel the pulsation or it's just paralyzation? yeah, there's some pulsation don't do this these 84 volts are not that dangerous in the end to make the records better we are going to use this plastic shell from a retired sport bike I will ride it and break the e-bike speed record! now it doesn't look like a bicycle anymore.

It's a grown up bike! looks elegant you keep grumbling about safety all the time and so on and here you are, some safety stuff there comes the speed test we've been waiting for! all's ready! the shell's installed, Stas is secured and the engine eats 84 volts what a sound is that! well, let's see how many seconds it will take the bike to reach the maximum speed go holly molly that's the real speed! 60 for 10 seconds! look at the speedometer almost 100 almost- almost 100. -It's 100! it's a hundred! for 29 seconds we've got a 100! holly speed! we've got 100! that was scary! I can't believe we really did it! oh my! that was really frightening! when the bike goes fast the wheel starts to wiggle hard -non-translatable- that's just… I have no words. and that hole has freaked me out, I thought I'm dead the tires got all burned it's hot! omgsh! why it's so damn black? that's because the tires get heated of the speed and torque we should have pumped the front wheel, it's little pumped so you it was pumped just a little, and the bike has got the 100?! that's just a self made E-bike and it reached 100! what a hell?! are you crazy people?! I'm selling my car and make another one for myself, that's for sure the new fuel taxes aren't a big threat now, right? I need to pay a couple of cents to go 100 km that's much cheaper that pay 50$ for 100 km if we get 1.5 million views here we will buy 6 kw motor attach there 3 accumulators and we will squeeze out of it 150 km/h and we will check out it's maximum speed I'm talking about 6 kw! it will look like a nice custom bike! but on batteries, because the fuel is in the past now I'm so excited! that was a real prophecy this bike was assembled out of the most cheap components we didn't expect it could possibly accelerate up to 100 km/h you can make an E-bike just like this yourself! don't waste a fortune for the brand mark!

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