Tesla Model 3 Performance vs Zero SR/F | DRAG RACE a 6 ruote e 0 emissioni [ENG SUBS]

[Musica] [Musica] What was even unimaginable time ago is now real On a quarter mile distance electric cars and motorcycles are becoming the vehicles to beat, but
how will two different zero emission categories perform against each other?
It has become a regular on each drag race where a high performance electric car is required,
so we also have opted for Tesla,
for Model 3 Performance to be more specific, it unleashes about 383
kilowatt of power, equivalent to about 520 horsepower, thanks to the latest update
over the air, it has about 500 km of battery autonomy
but probably the most important fact about it is the four-wheel drive
system. On the other corner
we have the Zero SRF that has only one driving wheel
but for this zero emission Street Fighter it’s the weight that matters, in fact its 220kg
turn into a strong point that will make it able to unleash 82 kilowatt
kilowatt or about 111 horsepower and also a monster torque of 190 Nm.
Those two vehicles are not the top of the range of their brands
but both put together the prestige of brands committed to
battery-powered vehicles production, with amazing performances great battery autonomy and a reasonable price
for the specific segments.

The two drag racers
have also in common the missing launch control mode, in fact
the Tesla Model 3 Performance will run in Track Mode, while the Zero SRF will be in Sport ride mode.
Our protagonists are both Made in U.S.A. by brands that have been betting all
on electric technology since 2000s growing to become
the main reference in the four and two wheels
vehicles industry. So now we will see how a Tesla performs
against a Zero Motorcycle [Musica] [Musica] [Musica]
[Clapping] [Musica] At the start, Tesla gets the upper hand,
a sensational torque and power together with the four-wheel drive
make it impossible to beat in the first 10 metres
even if the motorbike has had a sharp and clean acceleration with no
lift from the ground of the front wheel.

The first result is obvious the Model 3 Performance
gets to 100 Km/h in 3,5 seconds, while the SRF
needs 3,94 seconds. But the light weight and
the good progression of the motorcycle make it able to catch the Tesla up getting almost
together to the finish line. The Tesla starting advantage doesn’t give the car the victory
that goes to Zero Motorcycle for just over a tenth of a second
as a matter of fact the motorcycle crosses the quarter mile finish line in 11,59 seconds
with exit speed of 184,13 Km/h and right after
Tesla arrives in 11,77 seconds with an exit speed
of 183,97 Km/h.

pexels photo 7018257

So, an excellent performance for the Zero that,
despite the aerodynamics not designed for this kind of measurement
and with an 82 kg rider on, shows the great
thrilling potentials of this battery-powered naked,
at least on a straight track. In the other hand the Model 3 Performance
has confirmed everything exciting we knew about it, Its power and aerodynamics efficiency
are a reference point for the category
and it’s also fun to drive and versatile for the
everyday use. Did you bet on the winner or
did you expect a different result? Let us know on the comments and
if you want to know more about the protagonists of this Drag Race, just go to
Motor1.com Italy and Omnimoto.it Where you can find detailed material
about it.


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