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Greener Living With Renewable Energy Sources

With the decrease in the availability of non renewable resources over time, people have become very cautious and have started taking steps to make use of energy more efficiently. By researching the naturally available energy resources, it has been shown that they help a lot in saving money being that is now spent on non-renewable resources of energy.

Effects of Global Warming on Health

A report of the effects of global warming on health published by WHO, has estimated around one million fifty thousand deaths every year due to global warming. Further it declared that each year five million people are suffering from health problems and diseases caused for this global warming. The rising concern over this matter has led many scientists and researchers to take a deeper look and prepare a plan to save human civilization from this onslaught. Global warming has caused changes in temperature, ocean current flow, sea level, ecosystem, economy, agriculture, industry, settlements and related to all these – the health and living. Warmer world has created congenial atmosphere for the breeding and life expanse of various virus, bacteria and carriers of infectious diseases.

Freight Industry Must Become More Environmentally Friendly

Over the last ten years or so worries about the environment and fear of global warming has entered the mainstream. Green issues are at the top of the political agenda and no longer solely the concern of ‘tree huggers’. This is of course largely because the fact of climate change is no longer up for debate.

Reuse Before You Recycle

Millions upon millions of tons of plastic bottles and cardboard boxes get tossed into bins each day to get recycled. It is a great habit to get into to help reduce the need for landfills, and also reduce the number of trees and amount of petroleum we use to create these products from scratch. I was reading a recent article about creative ways people use recyclable products around their house and in business.

Our Environment, Global Warming, and How You Can Help!

Our environment is in trouble and needs your help. Learn how to cut down on your carbon footprint with these simple tips and do it yourself projects.

What is Renewable Energy? How Does it Work? Is it Affordable and Really Good For the Environment?

All good questions, there are many ads in all kinds of media today that shout the virtues of “Green Power” and promise that if you do you will save money, help decrease global warming, save the planet, and just be an all around better person. Are they right?

Solutions For Renewable Energy

Wind energy is generated by windmills, wind turbines or wind generators. Even in the days before industrialization, wind energy was used to pump water. Only recently, it has been used to generate electrical energy. This solution can create a lot of megawatts, making it an excellent renewable energy source.

Recycling – Getting Double Use Out of Products

Whether it’s coffee, milk or cereal, you can come up with creative uses for any product to use it more than once before it ends up in a recycle center or even worse, a landfill. Here are three ideas to get you going.

Office Recycling – 5 Ways to a Greener Business

Recycling has become an increasingly popular activity for homeowners all over the world. More and more families are choosing to go green and help save the environment with easy at-home solutions. From recycling and composting to reducing energy and water, keeping the environment healthy has become a huge initiative for homeowners.

Introduction to Renewable Energy Sources

As the worlds energy crisis becomes more and more obvious, the importance of reducing society’s dependence on non-renewable energy sources like fossil fuels is more and more urgent. Non-renewable energy sources are on the way out. Renewable energy sources, such as a home wind turbine, can put out energy cleanly and without using up rapidly depleting sources.

Recycling Tips – 6 Great Uses For Those Egg Cartons

If you eat eggs you will invariably come across the need to dispose of egg cartons. Before you do though, here are some ideas to recycle and reuse them.

Global Warming, I’m Causing It?

Humans and Global warming. Most of us have heard about global warming and how it is slowly chewing away into the life of our beloved mother earth, about how it has caused several noticeable changes in the weather patterns due to climate change resulting from the emission of green house gases. It has raised some environmental issues as well, both directly and indirectly from the pollution of these green house gases, be it from the rising sea levels due to the increased in the earth’s surface temperature or the susceptibility of the our health factor due to …

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