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ebooks there's hardly a bicycle brand out there that doesn't have an e-bike in its range usually for different reasons you've got a mountain bike to have you got trails faster the Eero biked helped you go further then you usually could or perhaps is the cargo bike like this that's used to transport kids to school so they're good for your business or move heavy loads from A to B without the need of a car or van the question is just how much can they do our e cargo bikes the future of urban mobility regardless of what manufacturer you're looking at or what style of bike you're going for there's gonna be one name that keeps cropping up and that is Bosch the German multinational engineering firm has been constantly developing its line of e-bikes drive units for 10 years and today I get to show you what one of Bosch is latest motors can do and help demonstrate this another German brand cargo is sent over the FS 200 cargo version a mass 250 litre capacity dual battery system pneumatic stand and yes you guessed it the latest in fascist cargo line motor now cargo has told me that this bike is easy to ride that anyone can do it and well that's just as well because I have never ridden a cargo bike in my life and a lot of people would get put off by them I guess because they're quite big but that's kind of the point this bike is designed for all people shapes and sizes in mind so I guess I'm gonna put that to the test first off I'm gonna get my helmet out and have a practice [Applause] [Music] right now got some practice out of the way I need to put this bike through its paces and to do so I've decided to help out a food cycle now a food cycle is a charity that combines surplus food kitchen space and volunteers to create three-course meals that they can distribute to people suffer your food poverty or social isolation now a court look forward to trying to fill this to the absolute brim because I meet you up with Andy a volunteer to hopefully show that I'm worthy to be part of its team right I better get a move-on [Music] I decide to ride from bath where the office is based to Bristol where food cycle is it's a super scene a true here in this southwest of England between two bike-friendly cities using old railways what better way to start a day thankfully though well I've got a full day ahead and I've got a motor to help me so I'm hoping it's gonna take the edge of any of those steep columns or Hills when I arrived I was greeted by Andy he briefed me on what we were going to get up to today when the other people turn up we're going to go and put some trailers on the bicycles and we're going to go to several different shops around Bristol collect loads of food and take it to somewhere called national food service and they're going to cook it up and distribute it to needy people sounds amazing I've got myself a bike yep but I don't need a trailer you sure yeah oh I'll just show you this I think this could be the perfect machine for the job oh yeah I reckon I could get around for 80 kilos 100 kilos of food in there maybe more I mean challenge accepted right let's do it [Music] we've arrived in the first collection point the celebrity grocery store we're just loading up and I've already got fair but in there some more raspberries I think that's purse load I think we're on to the next one feel like I'm kind of cheating I mean I'm wearing trousers and the others are wearing shorts but it's probably because they're putting a little bit more effort in than I am seeing as I've got an engine to help me thank you buddy now it is worth mentioning that this food has gone past its sell-by date meaning the shops would just can't sell it so instead of it all going to waste they donate it to food cycle all the food is perfectly good to eat just not to sell the shop owners seem to be super friendly and they're doing their very best to find the best products they've got so the exceed as much food as possible is going in our crates to be honest I can get a lot in that vast bucket I've got in front of my bike but Fair Play you see the Jo now I've been hauling things around for a while now so I think it's about time that we take a good look at aspects of this very bike starting with the main event the cargo box now this is a 200-liter cargo box and can carry up to 250 kilograms which is absolutely colossal now a lot of thought is going to design and construction creating a safe and well stable load area the plastic you use is called EPP it's a shock absorbing plastic widely use in the automotive industry for the crumple zones now you can get to child seats in there as well with five-point seatbelts and the great thing is it's being crash tested to so well you know it's safe now ebuy is come in all shapes and sizes with different components and motors to suit some have their motors in the rear wheel others in the front wheel but this boss unit is mounted in the middle low down with the cranks why is that important well it means the weight is kept nice and central helping to keep you well balanced even when you haven't got a load to carry the performance cargo line motor here gives you enough power to not have to worry about hills or pulling away from a shop with all that weight for those who don't know that's 75 Newton means to talk what's more are the batteries which are also mounted nice and low in the cargo hold to keep you nice and balanced if you want to go further you can add a second battery right next the first one like I've got here giving you an approximate range 125 kilometers if you're going at a new ebike with Bosh's latest my 2-1 cargo line speed or performance light speed motors they come with 85 new to means to talk even more oomph for those hills some of the previous generation motors can be upgraded with a software update so check in with your local bike shop for more info as well as more power the update will also provide more dynamic adjustment so this is meaning more power and located so when you're starting off or where you're just getting going but it also boosts that acceleration when you're fully loaded all that will make bikes like these easier and stress-free to ride you might be thinking all that technology would be a bit of a hassle more maintenance to perform dealing with ollie chains and all that but this part uses gates carbon belt drive which instead of using steel and oiled uses carbon fiber and a kevlar belt which needs no oil that's all this means not only is it quieter than a chain but it doesn't wear out as much and it's super clean so you ain't get oil on your clothes or legs it's also got a nice little tensioner which helps keep the belt nice and tight without any fiddly adjustment now something I've never seen on a bike before is cable steering but with that kind of setup it allows the bike to turn at 90-degree angles so for a big tank like this being able to turn in ninth degrees and manoeuvring small spaces was absolute ideal right enough of that I reckon it's time to get this baby back on the road so I would say I'm fully loaded now but it's amazing because actually the waste is treated really well and I'm still able to really control the bike even with such a heavy load right what's the next one that is a lot of food so this is our load we've been to about six shops around Bristol and to be honest I'm pretty happy with it we've got everything from onions oranges pears bananas mushrooms lemons grapes I'm just speaking to to the guys over there just wondering what they're gonna cook out of it but it seems like we're gonna have a lot of fruit cakes banana cakes that kind of thing what I've come to realize is water by fitted with one of these motors cannot allow you to do I spent the day riding to Bristol and back around the city without even breaking a sweat and I was wearing trousers on a hot day the same can be said for a city bike fitted with a motor or an e mounted bike – they opened doors to people and that's just brilliant getting more and more people on bikes is an e-bike the perfect urban utility vehicle well after today I reckon I'd say so I hope we start seeing more and more of them on our streets keeping things clean and green so my days come to a close where I've been helping out food so I just want to say a massive thank you I'm gonna get the names right trust me Sophie Andy and Sharon and it's been absolutely credible learning a bit about how food cycle works and you know let's take this around for the day I'm enjoying it if you guys enjoyed it if you guys enjoyed it and make sure you give this video a big thumbs up and I'll see you well in the next video

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