The Cheapest Folding eBike One Year Later! Foldable Bafang 750W Samsung 48V electric bicycle

{Logo Explosion} Welcome back to BK42 this bike is celebrating
one year and four thousand kilometers of intense use  I’ve been riding this bike almost 
every day since I’ve bought it during the summer and the in the winter as well I'll start with handlebar grips, they are  the only part needing to be replaced so far the rubber is gone…it looks and feels bad  the handlebar is still perfect and 
the stem clamp is still holding tight it is not making new noises whatsoever
the front suspension hasn’t changed as I said in the bike review, this is not 
one of the best qualities of this bike but it works, the travel is too short  I keep it either locked or 
very hard to minimize the bumps  the tires are indeed a good surprise   I was expecting them to be of lower quality but they still quite new, as we can 
see, all the treads are still there  another good surprise is the hydraulic brakes
I was expecting to replace the brake pads after   one year of using the bike, but they are still 
good, I am not going to replace them too soon  the frame is very well-built, I can’t complain 
about it, I fold the bike all the time   and the folding mechanism is still perfect
no noises, nothing loosens.

pexels photo 7018251

A solid build!  the little aluminum pedals 
are like new, with no noises  working like a charm so let’s talk about the batteries most sensitive part of the e-bikes lithium batteries’ lifespan is about 2 or 3 years  I have Samsung cells and they are 
still keeping the charges very well  I can clearly see a small 
decrease in its capabilities something like 6 or 7% less than one year ago it means that the range is a bit smaller but anyway, that was expected I recharge them once per week it used to have a lot of noises in the battery compartment, but I’ve found an 
easy and cheap way to fix it  from what I see it is quite normal 
in such folding ebikes  I'll post the fixing video very soon the BAFANG motor is great very fast and the torque is amazing
problem-free, really! one thing I cannot recommend is the saddle
this is not the original one I bought it elsewhere
it looks good, it’s very   comfortable but makes terrible noises It sounds like an old bike, I hate it! the only replaced part was the rear rack
I ordered this new one from Accolmile   because I wanted to have it bigger 
the original was good though  it is just a matter of the design the lights are great, not much to talk about them  The chains and the gears are 
working very well, I’m very often   lubricating and adjusting the moving parts actually, I keep this bike well preserved  during the past year, I never needed 
to stop the bike for servicing  I’m doing the basic maintenance 
at home and that is all  it is a very good and solid 
bike, I don’t regret buying it  I would buy it again if I have to I have a lot of fun with this bike It is a safe, fast, and problem-free e-bike  with that comes the end of the one-year 
review and you know what to do!  Please comment, like, and subscribe! Ciao! 🙂 ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ Music ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

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